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Allergy Test?

I have been having trouble with allergies. I have been having severe sinus trouble. I also am having trouble when I drink milk I feel like throwing up for 30min.-200 hours after I drink it. Well I did the allergy test and it had about 10 things I am allergic. Not dairy. One thing is geotrichum. I looked it up and it said it was found in dairy products ect... I am moderately allergic to it. Does this have anything to do with me feeling sick when I drink milk and sometimes when I eat cheese on stuff?

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I don't know what geotrichum is, but I do know that many processed milk products have sulfites in them, including powdered milk, yogurt (which has powdered milk in it) and cheese.  Then, of course, there is the fermenting process necessary for making things like cheese that gets into the various mold varieties that make cheese bad for people with migraine issues.  A lot of products that are sulfited don't have to declare that they have sulfites if there is only a certain amount of sulfites in the products or if the end product doesn't have sulfites added to it.  
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I'm not familiar with that item, BUT I would say yes if it's in most dairy products and you are having a reaction.   A reaction can be delayed and not life threatening yet it can cause mj. distress to your GI track.

Have you tried soy milk or rice milk if they don't have the ingredient and see if that is ok.

Also, yogurt and cheese may have it too

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Does no one have an answer?
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