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Anaphylaxis gets worse and better?

I have a long history of IGE food allergies. The top 8 plus more.
I avoided them for a couple years and added them back in with minimal issues or so I thought but I was overlooking mild ana that was slowly progressing. I used to get hives and have had to go to ER twice to get a steroid after benedryl didn't stop them, along with GI symptoms. Now what I have is anaphylaxis symptoms. My tongue and lips swell and I can see my throat close up. I struggle to swallow and feel my esophagus close multiple times, and I wake up wheezing at night. Also my lymph nodes were swollen and painful so I didn't notice my throat hurting and didn't realize it was allergy related. I just kept saying that my neck hurt and swelled.
My throat at the time felt very dry and I kept drinking a ton of water with the neck pain I didnt feel the throat pain. I used a nasal antihistamine and my lymph nodes went down. After that I realised the lymph node swelling was a new symptom of food allergies again. I googled it to confirm that lymph nodes are a symptom. Then I added a second claritin. Morning and night. Also added pepcid and took it 2-3 times a day. I was taking benedryl as needed and picked up an epi pen and steroid in case but never used them.
Well now it has improved. It lasted a week or two. I still get bad gas and other GI symptoms, sometimes my lips itch and I got a strange rash. I think it's allergic dermatitis. I also get asthma after eating sometimes and my mouth and throat still feel dry or hurt.
I'm just wondering if ana can get better and worse and if you can just stop having hives and switch to ana. Feel like I'm losing my mind a bit. I would expect hives.

I know now that this is ANA but I don't understand why it gets better when I stop eating the allergens and then go back to eating them. I did have a book about food allergies that said you need to rotate out your foods but the huge change in not having hives and going straight to ana symptom is confusing. And now it's better. I know a ton about food allergies but this is new and strange. I'm worried a doctor won't believe me. I have positive test results over the years though. I just keep feeling like this isn't real. Allergies getting better and worse is so hard. I go from being terrified of eating and reacting to being able to tolerate (aka I wont die if I eat it) the foods. Not sure if I have any options for treatment. Over the years doctors tell me to just avoid them. You have to eat.
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