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Lemon allergy - anaphalaxis

Hi, i suffered my 1st anaphalaxis reaction to lemon a yr ago and was given an epi pen. in the past three months despite being careful with my food i have inadvertantly touched a product that contains lemon or a lemon derivitive.
i now have to use an epi pen then go to hospital fro hydrocortazone  and anti histermine injectionsand nebulizers and afterwards course of steroids for a week. this reaction is growing more servere with each attack. the symptoms are within minutes of contact with lemon and include tachacardia, vomiting, rash swollen face, numb lips, tingling tongue, metalic taste in mouth, diahoria
are there any other people who have this allergic reation to lemons or anyone who understands what causes this. im waiting to see an immunologist.
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thanks for the kinesiologist information, i had never heard of one until you replied. i have now emailed two for information to see if they can be of any help. what exactly did they do for you ?
since the last attack in dec 09, i have had constant itchy mouth and lips whatever i eat. my system seems to have gone mad thinking im reacting to most food and drinks. i have daily anti histermines but it still hasnt stopped the symptoms completely.
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I used to have allergies to citrus and, much to my surprise, vitamin C. A kinesiologist cured me in jig time. It certainly beats running around with an epi pen an ingesting all sorts of medicines. (Kinesiology is something allergists don't talk about. Allergy means steady business. Cured patients don't return.)
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