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lump in throat

I have been having a lump in my throat for several months.  After thinking I was getting food caught in my throat and even getting an endoscopy I've begun to think it may be food allergies.  I do not find it hard to breath though.  Can a food allergy symptom be a lump in the throat or chest without feeling hard to breath?  I usually feel this just after eating and I feel very nauseous some of the time.  I have a bit of a feeling of pins and needles in my throat sometimes.  I can eat and drink still (no blockage) but my throat and chest feel sore especially when swallowing my own saliva.  I also have a rash on my stomach, but only this once have I gotten that so that could be something completely seperate, like a bug bite.  Does this sound like food allergy symptoms??  If so I'm guessing milk, nuts, or wholewheat.  I've only been getting this since I started eating more healthy.
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After what appeared to the Doctors to be Thyroiditis, Glandular fever and a tonsillitis throat infection. I was left with a lump in my throat and problems swallowing. The antibiotics cleared up the infection but the problem swallowing would still be there. It was bad most days with the occasional good day. No problem swallowing when drinking water...
Could eat OK but food did get stuck..
Based on the information in this Website. I told my Doctor I thought I had acid coming up from my stomach.
He said that this could be correct and worth a try, Doctor said about silent reflux and prescribed Omeprazole 20 mg capsules twice per day.
Within 1 hour, I could swallow quite normally and over the next 2 days the improvement continued. I still have a bit of a sick feeling and will have to go back to the Doctor to get this diagnosed.
My only symptoms of acid reflux was that I had a bad taste in my mouth and my taste buds were not working very well. Also, it was sore one day in the back of my nose passages.
Many thanks to everyone posting on this subject.
I hope this helps someone.
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My daughter had the same along with laryngospasms and 6 mos of Prevacid did the trick .. oh, she also had bilateral vocal cord polyps that also went away with treatment of the Prevacid!
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I recently had the same problem.  At first, I thought maybe the lump was from congestion caused by my office building being very humid, so I began taking 1/2 doses of Benedryl during the day.  One evening (on my birthday) I was driving down the highway and suddenly the lump felt like it was obstructing my airway & I couldn't breath.  I happened to be near a hospital & went to the ER.  They diagnosed me as having a panic attack and sent me on my way (never even examining my neck/throat, mind you).  

A few days later at work the feeling was worse, and I left work and went to Mass Ear & Eye (part of the Mass General system).  There, a doctor did a Laryngoscopy (basically, he put a camera up my nose & down my throat to check for lumps & bumps in my throat) and said that I have Larngopharyngeal Reflux (LPR) aka Silent Reflux. He said he saw no signs of acid damage (scaring, redness in my vocal cords), but all the symptoms I had explained to him were classic LPR.  Essentially, it is heartburn that rather than stopping in your esophogus goes right up on into your throat and vocal box.  I was prescribed Omeprazol and within about 2 weeks felt much better.  I've been on it about a month and 1/2 and the lump feeling is barely there.  I've had to watch what I eat, so that I dont trigger the reflux, but its definitely a relief.  

Additionally - the LPR, as it turns out, was also what caused my nearly constant "seasonal allergies".  I used to live w/ a box of tissues by my side and was constantly swiping @ my nose.  However, it turns out that LPR causes acid build up into your sinus cavity, which causes post-nasal drip "symptoms", sore throat, ear aches, and runny nose.  

Perhaps this is something you could bring up with your doctor, if you're experiencing any of the other symptoms that go along with LPR.  I was shocked that 1 diagnosis could clear up so many things that had been bothering me for months.
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It could be a food allergy reaction. Try avoiding all the foods you mentioned and see if this clears things up.
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I have had an endoscopy once when the lump felt very painful and I thought it was something stuck.  He found nothing, and I assume he would have seen scars if I had anything like acid reflux, and he would have seen a goiter I would think.  So my guesses are globus or allergies.  

I have had other neurological problems before (once on my knee from a bike crash, and also from child birth) Can one be prone to neurological problems?
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I would think it maybe a food allergy if you are getting a rash. However, usually not swallowing properly also can be a sign of somethin going on neurologically. Not to say you have something like that. Also I have heard of a goiter of the thyroid causing swallowing problems. I hope this kinda helps. Do you have any other symptoms?
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