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как быстро пролистать форум до нужного места

занимает 2 часа пролистать переписку
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I didn't have a dental implant, but a cervical one.  I was sick for two years until it was removed.  I believe that there is a Facebook site under this same name that can give you the answers to questions you have.
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Hi ksandr99. MedHelp makes its site so impractical to use that I don't use it for the same reason that you are having trouble. There is no way of avoiding scrolling through 10 years of posts on the same thread in order to find the most recent entry or to Reply. This is why I was unable to answer your main question. Unlike your second question, I was not able to bring up a page to which I could reply directly.

To get here I clicked on the View New Activity button and then on your question heading that was in Russian. The page it brought up is in the folder New Activity (which again is old activity). I clicked on the folder next to it that says Questions for You and it brought me to this page, where I could respond if I remember the question, which in this case was short and to the point, but also in Russian, a language I cannot read, however I read the translation in another link.  MedHelp website needs some serious Web Help. It is the most primitive site I have ever encountered. Your best bet might be to start a new thread with your main question.

My general reply regarding health problems that arise after implants is that most non-acute but debilitating health problems are not caused by allergy but by medicines or non-acute but chronic complications of the implant placement, or both. Immune reactions to titanium implants are not unknown, but are rare. Immune reactions to vaccines are common, and immune reactions to medicines and supplements are not unknown. The antibiotic Levaquin, given to some people who have had implants, has had very serious, lasting health effects.

Some people choose ceramic implants because titanium implant allergy, though rare, is known to occur. But they too can run into problems, some of which are identical to those that arise with implants in general. I experienced three:  one from poor placement, causing chronic inflammation around adjacent teeth. I believe it is also causing or contributing to systemic inflammation and exacerbation of pre-existing autoimmune symptoms for which there is no safe treatment. This could have been avoided if I had been advised that there was not enough bone and that bone augmentation would be required prior to implants being placed.  
A second problem was breakage of the 2 bridge implants after restorations had been placed. This was caused by a poor choice of design made by the surgeon and is unheard of with titanium implants. A poorly fitted bridge probably contributed to their failure sooner rather than later.
The last problem had to do with an anti-inflammatory steroid I was given during the surgery without my knowledge or specific consent. Again, the surgeon's fault since I had filled out an extensive medical history prior to the surgery that should have alerted hi to my sensitivity to it because of autoimmune issues. The long term, progressing complications I experienced from this were avoidable even after the fact had I known what I was given at the time, but it was more than two years before I learned I had been given this medicine.

Not every implant surgery--associated health problem can or will be diagnosed by tests used by allopathic western medicine, and it's not unusual in the US to be told the symptoms are "coincidental" and "unrelated" to the surgery or the implants. One reason is that the worst symptoms are not acute or immediate, sometimes taking weeks or months to fully develop. In most cases it is up to the individual to research each of the medicines involved in their surgery or those they have taken since, any supplements (some of which can contribute to autoimmune symptoms for those who are sensitive), the implant materials and placement, and sometimes to ask for specific tests if they are not offered. Sometimes a hard choice has to be made on the basis of guessing, when no specific cause for ones deteriorating health can be determined.
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I agree entirely that if you have questions about your implants, you should start your own thread. If you post in the super long thread, your questions will get lost.

The "New Activity" for you, PT105, will not update often, as you are a member of only one community. If you were in more than one community, your activity feeds would reflect those communities.

We're sorry you're not happy with the site.
Thank you my american friends ) But i don't understand how do u answer to each over if u have to scroll all the posts ? I got answer in the main thread, but i can't even read it unless i csroll 10 years )) Who made this site ? Putin ? ))
Still.. i saw very interesting people here.. I cant read answers, but i want to say THANK YOU for your work here and to wish you good luck !
And one more qestion.. I think you should know.. is there any site where i can talk about titanium implants ? Like this one, but with visible answers and qestions )) And where the thread has a pages to easy finding the begining and the ending ))
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Hi there -

I used Google Translate to translate your post - "how to quickly scroll through the forum to the right place, takes 2 hours to scroll through correspondence" - and I'm not sure if I understand your question. Are you asking if there is a quick way to scroll through all the posts in a thread? Unfortunately, there is not.

On a computer, you can continually hit the "end" button, but it will still scroll through all the posts.

If you are asking about something else, please let us know.

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Thanks. That was exactly what i meant. But this thread lasts 10 years...  It takes hours to scroll. It's a joke ?  ))
Which thread are you referring to?

Titanium/vanadium/aluminium dental implant..
Ohh yes, well that has 1500+ responses. That's going to be a long read. The best I can tell you is to press and hold your "end" button on your keyboard until it gets to the end, and then scroll back up to find a post you may be looking for. If there's a specific post, and you know the username of who wrote that post, you can load all the posts, and then use the Find feature on your computer to search for that username.

I'm sorry for the inconvenience this causes. :(
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