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Sudden Onset of Multiple Food Allergies

I have developed multiple food allergies within on month of taking a Methypredisolone 6 day dose pack October 1 - 5.  I didn;t finish it since I had a bad reaction to it, sending me to the ER with an anxiety attack that mimicked a heart attack... I didn't take the last two pills.  In November, I have noticed I have become allergic to almonds, and went to an allergist, and I was diagnosed with a Cashew and Shellfish allergy and was prescribed an EiPen. (I wasn't allergic to anything before).  Now, two months later, I am down to about 15 to 20 safe foods I can eat, and I am starting to react to those as well.  (Luckily, My reactions have been mild, with very mild facial swelling and tingling... and praying they stay mild). I am even reacting to tap water, and I can't eat anything, or drink bottled water, since I react to anything wrapped or in plastic.  It seems like my immune system in on overdrive. On top of that, I am nauseous every morning, am depressed, have anxiety, and have sleep problems; not being able to nap during the day (And I try!) and only getting about 5 hours at night, waking up every hour.  The last Dr. I've seen was an Endo, and I am awaiting test results.  Depending on those results. he told me to bring my EpiPens if I need to take the ACTH Stim test (No anxiety there), since I have also had allergic reactions to medications... even Benadryl.  I know it's not that unusual to pick up allergies later in life (although NO ONE in my family has allergies), But.. to almost EVERYTHING!! Within two months!!  Please, if anyone has any ideas.. HELP!!!   I am afraid I am going to run out of foods to eat!!  I have lost almost 25 pounds, 18 of those in October.  I can't afford to loose any more weight!!
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