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4 year old with dry cough.

Hi, I will try to be brief.  

My family is getting ready to put in hardwood floor in our living room.  ON Sunday we were moving some furniture out and noticed under our fish tank there was some mold on the carpet.  My husband and I pulled back the carpet and padding and discovered mold on the plywood.

We talked to a floor company and they told us to rip up the whole room and see how far it spreads. So we did to discover that where the fish tank was and 4 spots where the dogs had pee'd and we cleaned it has mold growing.  

So the floor company told up to bleach the entire living room floor and paint it with Kilz Primer.  We did.  

My PROBLEM is my 4 year old has a dry cough.  NOW mind you I don't remember if her cough was before we pulled up the carpet or after.  My husband thinks it is just a cold she caught from going swimming the friday before.  

I don't know what to think.  It seems though that when she wakes up in the morning it is worse, it takes her a little while to stop coughing.
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Oh and I noticed her eyes watering.
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Keep in mind the time of year it is, hay fever.  My children all have it!  Every year without exception.  Try some benedryl.  Should help even if it was the mold.  It's still an allergy.  And the benedryl has always worked better for us than prescription meds, although different people, different reactions to meds.  Good luck and I hope she feels better soon.
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i hve allergies to my pets my doctor told me. I have tried all the allergy medications but i will try benedryl. do you have any advice .
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