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Agonizing Allergies

I deal with horrible seasonal allergies and HATE every otc anti histamine I've ever tried. They all leave me feeling drowsy and give me headaches, and I just want something that will help me deal with these allergies for good and not just mask the symptoms....Please help!!!! Any and all suggestions are welcome, thank you :)
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Usually, most anti histamines cause drowsiness,and dry mouth.
You could talk to a doctor, concerning immunotherapy, whereby injections containing minute quantities of the allergen which you react to is given.
Alternatively, you could take nettle, {a plant}, making a drink from it, allowing it to stay in hot water for a short period of time.
It inhibits the release of histamine, which is responsible for the allergic reactions which you are experiencing, and reduces allergy symptoms.
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Sorry you are so uncomfortable.

I would recommend that you see your dr.  There are several things that a doctor can do for you.  First determine if your allergies are severe enough for allergy testing and possible imunotherapy.  Second, there are several forms of prescription meds that might be helpful - prescription antihistamines have less of a drowsy affect, nasal steroid sprays work at the source to reduce inflammation and allergy symptoms, and nasal antihistamines like Astepro or Patanase.  All of these are very effective treatments.

Also, you should consider saline nasal rinses.  They wash the allergens out of your nose before they have a chance to trigger reactions.  Be sure that you are taking exposure prevention measures like keeping doors and windows of your home and car closed, showering and changing your clothes immediately when you come in from outside, and showering before bed.  If you suspect dust mite allergy, get allergy proof covers for your pillows, mattress and box springs and wash your bedding weekly in hot water.  Fianally, keep all pets out of your bedroom.

My favorite allergy treatment is the nasal rinse.  I absolutely love it.  

I hope some of these sugestions help you.
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Thank you both so much for taking your time to respond:)! Your answers were very helpful, and I'm going to look into a few of your suggestions. I'm also going to continue to do more research on my own! I'll keep you updated on what I find, if anything (fingers crossed!) :)! Thanks again!

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