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Alchohol Intolerance/allergy

I was an alchoholic four months back. I used to consume 300 ml to 800 ml per day for the last 4 years. After leaving alchohol I devoloped high blood pressure.15 days ago I went to a party and had alchohol. After taking the first glass I was surprised to note that I was having alchohol allergy. I had a red flush on the upper body as if blood will pour out from my my skin,it was ichting and was having breathing trouble. After few hours it went away. I tried again 2 days ago and the same thing happend except for the itching. How can I overcome this and be a social drinker?
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Hello there,

If you're an alcoholic, you can't be a social drinker. Give up alcohol
entirely. I used to be a social drinker in my twenties. As I get older,
I really don't drink alcohol anymore nor do I desire it. I never drank
enough alcohol to make it a problem. I used to have the occasional
glass of wine. Now, I'd much rather drink some delicious fruit juice.
It's much healthier for you and your liver will thank you. Eve
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You overcome an alcohol allergy in the same manner that you overcome any allergy. I had this particular allergy and it was cured using an alternative method. The process took 25 hours. I got rid of food allergies in the same manner.
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Can I know the alternative method or how will I go for it? thanks
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Thanks. I have left it 4months now. But I want to know why & whats the remedy.
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Hi again,

I offered my suggestions. Perhaps Allmymarbles can share with you what
her alternative method is. Good luck. Eve
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It was an MD practicing kinesiology that got rid of my allergies. This was some years ago and the results seem permanent.
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I still suggest abstaining from alcohol if you know that it's a trigger.

Just like all allergies, abstinence is the best solution.
You could always just drink pop, soda water, or other non-alcoholic beverages when you go out with friends.
They have "near beer" which is sold at supermarkets in Canada. It's usually in the pop or water aisle.

Good luck.
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You say that, "Just like all allergies, abstinence is the best solution." I strongly disagree. A serious allergy can put you six feet under if you are not prepared and, in any case, who wants to check menus so see what they can eat, or not eat. It does not make for a fun dining out.  I got rid of my food allergies - totally - and am free to eat whatever I want, without carrying around Benadryl or an epi pen.
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