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Allergic reaction and tinnitus

Hello. I am in my early 40's. This will seem very odd I am sure. This past summer, I got this rash on my right palm. It started in the center and grew outward. It was red and very itchy. The next day the same started in my left palm. It lasted about 5 to 7 days. During these sleepless nights, I started hearing this buzzing-cricket sound from my right ear. A few weeks passed and my right palm started itching again and I can see the rash growing by the hour. The next day, the left palm started again. I tried antihistamine and cream. I doubt anything helped. For the last 4 months, I get these blotchy spots on my body. Some small and some huge. The skin is red and raised. Also my tinnitus has gotten a lot louder. I have asked an ear doctor, who suggested I forget about the ringing. The skin doctor tells me it's something I'm eating causing the rashes. The last 3 days, I ate almost nothing, and the reaction continues. I have not changed my eating habits in many years. I was taking something called ATARAX to help me sleep and it was supposed to help with alergic reaction. I didn't help, actually the rash seemed to get worse. 3 days now, just enough bland food to survive and no medicine. The rash on the body continues. The ringing in the right ear continues. can the allergic reaction and tennitus be related?. I was diagnosed 10 years ago with allergy to house dust. But nothing has changed in the house for the past 7 years. These problems began 6 months ago at the same time.

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Although your diet hasn't changed in years to your knowledge it may have changed considerably without your knowledge.  Begin reading and paying close attention to labels.  You can pick up 3 of the same food item by 3 different food processors and find different ingredients and additives in all 3.  This means that the snack food you are eating although of the same name are chemically different.  This also applies to something you may have been using for years from the same producer.  They all compete for better taste and that means changing the recipe.
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I am florida,  some three months ago, i experienced  itching from my boths palms  and it was very serious till right now.... i dont know what are the causes of all this
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