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Allergic reaction to gin thats lasted 3 months

This may be a bit long, but please hear me out, I'm thinking about ending my life over this (it may seem stupid but 'not knowing' is driving me insane)

I'd like you guys to help me do the impossible and aid me in finding out what this problem is. It started on June 6th, 3 months ago. I went on a drinking binge and had 3 hard drinking sessions, one at night, one the next morning, then the next night I tried gin for the first time.

After drinking about half a bottle of gin, I got short of breath, so I stopped (keep in mind I've drank more alcohol than this, so likely a reaction w/ the gin). I wokeup the next day, still short of breath and with a cough sensation near my trachea, like a constant tickle.

Since that day I've been from doctor to doctor. I've had an EKG, lung workup, Chest X-Ray, blood tests, an barium swallow test, an endoscopy, a laryngoscopy, a naturopathic assessment, acupuncture, and homeopathic treatment,

Everything came up negative, and the alternative medicine is giving me ideas but they aren't curing me.

Let me make it clear that, no, I do not have the new fallacious title of "GERD", that is a condition created by the pharmaceutical company that basically means "acid indigestion". I was thoroughly tested for it as I tried Aciphex, Zegerid, Protonix, Zantac, Pepcid AC, Prilosec, and tons of OTC and home remedies for "heartburn", but what I have is not heartburn, as it was unresponsive to all of these things. Also, the endoscopy showed no inflammation or irritation, and the laryngoscopy showed nothing as well.

The symptoms are an extremely intense throat tickle that is persistent throughout the day, regardless of what I eat, when I eat, or how I eat. It does not hurt to swallow at all. Often times the cough will subside and turn into a heat that goes around the neck, even to the back of the neck and shoulders that spreads to my arm at times.

At this point, my doctors are pinning it on psychological factors, however, I have no history of having psychological symptoms. This just happened overnight, and I'm open to the idea that I may be "manifesting my own symptoms", but I feel that it is physical.

I've became severely depressed, feel like my life is ruined, and get nostalgic for when I didn't have to deal with this. I feel like a completely different person because my well-being has been torn away by this mysterious intense tickle/burning that never ceases and has no explanation whatsoever aside from "gin" possibly bringing it on.

I have tried the spiritual route, people telling me that I have to "let something out" or "accept it", that's BS, I tried that and it didn't work. I changed my diet, stopped drinking, etc. it's still here.

The only 2 other things that my doctor(s) can think of is a thyroid problem or allergies. I've never had allergies to anything ever, and the mostlikely possible allergy would be the birds in my house that aren't mine (staying temporarily, been here for 6 years).

I'd like any help I could possibly get, I am losing my mind. My doctor (who is a very good doctor and an expensive one) has basically told me she's seen cancer patients with less mysterious/odd symptoms and that my problem was beyond her expertise and likely psychological.

It's stopping me from functioning, I had to leave college for the day twice because I got so anxious/nostalgic and didn't feel like myself. I even got scammed by a fake naturopath until I found a real one, that's how desperate I am.

I 'd really like some advice...thanks.
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Some of the possibilities for this type of symptoms are laryngopharyngeal reflux disease,chronic sinusitis,barret’s esophagus,scleroderma,panic attck and sjogren’s syndrome.
Pls discuss these options with your doctor.

Hope it helps.Take care and regards.

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i'm kinda having the same issues. visit the thread about allergy to beer. however i dont want to end my life over it. i can certainly understand the anxiety. its like "what the heck is wrong w/me". my advice is to go get a good bible, (meaning a version ur comfortable with) and read it. if u've been to doctors,had all the exams, which i personally would love to get, then ur on the right track.. go the spiritual route. If there is a God, and i do believe there is, then u'll be able to find Him, no problem. He loves u. He understands Exactly whats going on. He created u. He knows Everything. He knows whats "wrong" He can give u peace of mind. There is a verse is the book of Phillipians that sez , . Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.
7And the peace of God, which surpasses all comprehension, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.
Seems like u've tried everything.. try that. Just go to HIm, go get a bible or go online, they have bibles online, read, then go to your room, close the door and poor ur heart out to HIm. and c what happens. wait for the answer.
I mean, what else is there? who else is left to turn too? for all we know, the whole reason this is happening is because Jesus Christ is allowing it so u will go to Him.
But u do whatever seems best to u. I'm no judge, i got more then enough problems too, but thats ok.  When u come out of this..u'll be able to help, cause u'll know what its like.
Ur not alone, no problem is new really. Hang in there. I know its tough.


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not every thing is related to god you ******* moron so please die and rot in hell you pathetic excuse for a human being anyone who is so ******* that ignorant that they believe in god is better off ******* topping themsleves anyway the only reason people believe in your retarded lies is because they have to die. if people didnt have to die they wouldnt give a **** about god. think about that you ignorant ****.
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your symptoms sound like a) anxiety and b) an initial irritation of the throat and/or stomach due to alcohol.  I recently had similar stomach symptoms, and it was after a night of heavy drinking (it was also gin).  It takes a couple of weeks for your stomach lining to recover from the damage you can do in one night.Ive also seen several people have panic attacks out of nowhere after drinking heavily, you drank HALF A BOTTLE OF GIN. That is a ton. you are affecting your brain, and your brain can and will exhibit anxiety when you put it to this kind of shock. also, as we get older or drink different things our bodies react differently.  I have also had serious anxiety in the past, which everyone can get if they are scared of something. GERD is real, and lots of my friends have it when they drink alcohol or eat spicy foods.  Anxiety can also aggravate or even cause small ulcers in the stomach, which are easily treatable. All your other symptoms could very very easily be anxiety, ive felt some truly strange things due to panic and worry.  For your sake trust your doctors, they are not stupid and they would know if something was seriously wrong with you. Anxiety will go away over tim if you stop giving it creedence and give up the idea that you are seriously ill.  And know that you sound very young and silly when you speak of suicinde due to this, there are people with horrible diseases that deal maturely with their illness.  Drinking is pervasive in our culture, but you have to know that it can have serious effects. A 3 day binge is enough to give anyone anxiety, temporarily affect your stomach lining, and really hurt your brain for a while.  Please go to alcohol counseling if these continued binges are common for you, and i reccommend seeing a psychologist about your anxiety, it will help, trust me.  Don't rely on the bible, it will do nothing for you except maybe ease your mind of some of the anxiety, which i guess could be a help, but realize that it is YOU doing the healing, and not some external being.  For real, half a bottle of gin is already a ton of booze for anybody, and gin especially is abrasive and strong liquor.  I've had way way way stranger symptoms from anxiety, my father was a schizophrenic, and i've had HIV scares, so imagine the **** that ive put myself through thinking i was sicker than i really was or i was going to inherit my dads illness. We all have to deal with intense fear sometimes, just give up your search for a different cause and accept that your brain just panicked a bit, and it will all go away.  In my case it took years to learn to control my anxieties, get real help. i hope this will help put you on the right path.
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If you say there is no god and then say go to hell you are admiting that there is a after life and a god. Dumb ***
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Just a thought, but you could have killed off or eradicated a quantity of your intestinal flora by drinking the gin. & yes disrupting your gut microbes will play havoc with your WHOLE body, in fact your gut may be the last thing to show symptoms. I also have very a bad reaction to Gin, wine & cider. Shortly after drinking any of these, my nose blocks up & then streams serus fluid, within a minute or so I will suffer a full blown asthma attack. I also get itchy eyes & intensley itchy throat. I gave up drinking four years ago. I'm not sure how much you used to drink, but if you were a heavy drinker you could have done some damage to the lining of your gut & killed of a whole bunch of essential microbes. If you have for whatever reason done serious damage to your gut (anti-biotics, alcohol, high sugar consumption, stress, chemo, drugs or prescription meds) then there is a diet that can repair the damage: the Selective carbohydrate diet - it takes two years tho', to heal the gut & repair it. You should start to see improvements after two to three months, if this is your problem. But you will need to follow the diet & not cheat (sugar or alcohol binges) & the SCD yogurt is essential because it contains three particular strains of bacteria, one of which heals damaged gut lining - It is used for cancer patients who have had to endure chemo.
Presuming you have gut damage, & if you didnt want to do the diet you could try using a shop bought yogurt or buying supplements with high levels of Streptococcus therophilus in it - this is the "magic" bacteria that heals gut - you can google it - dont just take my work for it. (look for the scientific pages, not just the quack ones)
I had been trying for over two years to get someone to tell me what is wrong with me, I was so ill with all sorts of bizarre symptoms. I saw five specialists & been given several diagnoses, one is which is a mental health disorder. They are ALL wrong, I keep a food diary & have discovered that due to a damaged gut I have exceptional reactions to all sorts of food & drink. I'm not suggesting for a moment that you have the same issues as me (mine was caused by 64 courses of antibiotics, high sugar diet, alcohol & stress) however I know that when you mess your gut up even slightly - it throws up all sorts of weird symptoms that appear to baffle the doctors.
Happily, but with no thank to the medical profession I'm on the mend now, but cant eat/drink many things for at least two years & maybe never again. I also have to keep a food diary so I can back track if I get ill. some things wont make you ill immediately but have a cummulative effect.
Anyway I seriously hope you find some way out of your suffering & not sure if this helps you at all. there is loads more stuff Ive unearthed over the last three years as well - but too much to put it all here in one go.
Good Luck, hang in there. :o)
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