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Allergic to Blood Pressure Meds

I've been going thru quite a time - turning up allergic to 5 BP meds as of today... scared to take next one prescribed!! I've been to an Allergist this past week for skin testing... but, does anyone else suffer from BP med allergies? I get itchy all over, cheeks swell, face puffs a bit and face and neck turns bright red...Help!
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I would speak to my pharmacist and see if he/she had any suggestions. I hope you are taking Benadryl after you have these allergic reactions.

Also, you may consider working on what is increasing your blood pressure. Stress ? Diet ?

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I was put on prednisone for 6 days after I went into shock from the first med. The 2nd thru 5th meds took anywhere from 2 days to 2 weeks to rear its ugly head and make me have similar reactions that if left untreated would have put me back in the e/r.  I am a very highly stressed individual! Hence, the high BP. I run about 140/90 but, I am watching my BP now since off meds for that during allergy testing. I'm about 150/92 in the morning which is usually a higher reading time...I am very much against having to take ANY meds what-so-ever. I've always been that way...I cannot believe how much BP meds ravage your body when going off them (feels like it's ravaging anyway!) I flat out asked my doctor if the BP meds decreased my morbidity rate and was met with a blank stare. Asked if there was a 'healthy' or holistic way to treat high BP and again - met with a blank stare... I knew I should have gone into medicine!! dang it!!
I think my bodies so out of whack now - it's rejecting stuff just to spite me.
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by the way...I had asked the pharmacists and they offered no help or advice. The allergist did say he wants to test the meds and see what they have in common. (ie:Dye, Filler) I was just curious if ANYONE else has gone thru this?
Yes.  Lip swelling, tongue tingling.  I'm scared
Hi Sesi99.  Welcome. If you fear you are having an allergic reaction, please call your doctor immediately for guidance. You may need medical attention. Please let us know how you are doing.
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"Asked if there was a 'healthy' or holistic way to treat high BP and again - met with a blank stare."

I definitely can relate to your sentence and this is one of the reasons why when I had health issues, I visited my regular physician and a Naturopath physician. The Naturopath physician spent 1 full hour with me and in that one hour, taught me so much about why I was experiencing what I was.

As far as lowering your blood pressure... they say to cut the salt, limit your alcohol and caffeine intake, eliminate the bad saturated fats and exercise. If you smoke, consider quitting.

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I don't drink or smoke. I have been to the allergist - still going thru testings... I started taking garlic (odorless) to keep my BP down until we can find out what is causing my allergic reactions. I was even allergic to "Singulaire" which has now left everyone puzzled!  I am only taking the garlic pills and a benedryl when needed. I'm still thinking it's a dye or additive but, I am having a hard time gathering info provided by the drug companies who manufacture the meds I turned up allerigc to... Next step is having a chemist take the acutal pills and dissecting them.. was hoping someone else would come on the forum and say "HEY! I'VE BEEN THRU THE SAME THING" and thus, give me the magic answer to what's causing my reactions! I was sooo overloaded and reacting from everything that they even had to do the sinus scope without any numbing agents - this is SO not fun!!
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I was going to tell you about a great lab that tests for not only allergens, but chemicals as well. But looking at their website, they have temporarily shut down. (ELISA/ACT) They use your blood and mix it with the suspected allergens and see if your lymphocytes (white blood cells) respond, indicating that you are allergic. You may want to google and find their website (I'm not allowed to give URL's here) and call them. See if someone is still there and can refer you to another lab.

Good luck !
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You are looking for an alternative which works without medicine.Have an open mind.
Breathing will definitely help you.You know so much about your body that you will feel the difference from day one and will be able to discuss how your body responds. Do the following breathing exercises known as Yoga Pranayam and let us know the effects. .

Bhastrika - Take a long deep breath into the lungs(chest not tummy)  via the nose and then completely breathe out through the nose.Upto 5 minutes daily.

Anulom Vilom - Deep Breath-in through left nostril keeping right nostril closed
then  - Breath-out through right nostril keeping left nostril closed
then   -Deep Breath-in through right nostril keeping left nostril closed
then   - Breath-out through left nostril keeping right nostril closed
and repeat this cycle for 20 minutes twice a day.
Kapalbhati -(Do it before eating) Push air forcefully out through the nose about once per second. Stomach will itself go in(contract in). The breathing in will happen automatically. Establish a rhythm and do for 20 minutes twice a day. Not for pregnant women.
Tips : Breathe into lungs not into stomach.  Do not hurry. Do it slowly. Rest whenever needed (in any pranayam).Can be done in sitting position, standing or lying in bed(if bed-bound).Keep tissues handy, as a lot of mucous from lungs will be coming through the nose.Monitor blood results to see the improvement. Do the pranayam before eating.
Pranayam is about getting more oxygen into the lungs and sending it around the body via blood to aid in body repair. With extra oxygen more platelets and red blood cells are formed to build up the immune system.Extra fat is burned to reduce weight. All this happens naturally without side-effects.People with all types of ailments including incurable ones will benefit. This has been practised by sages, but has been simplified and brought to the masses.
If you write down all your symptoms you will be able to tick them off one by one as you continue the pranayam.
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ya know...it's kind of scary because now I am off everything and I still have an 'all over' itch. No one would be able to tell...it's not always 'visible' unless I stop the benedryl! I get some hives on my face, my upper arm starts to itch and then it progresses.  Someone mentioned it could take a while to get the BP meds out of my 'blood' and system. I've always been such a busy and athletic person but, this is keeping me down. Also, thanks for the breathing exercises - I will give it a go! I know I don't breathe like I should...I tend to hold my breath a lot... not sure why...I am aware of it...mostly because I grew up heavy into sports and always had to count my breathing ((like while jogging)) and of course, swimming...I used to do a 5 count breath in and 5 count breath out...I'm thinking I need to strap on the running shoes and get the count back!! I've slacked in that area!! Of course, looking out the window at all the SNOW! I'm thinking I'll need snowshoes!!!!!  thanks for ANY advice!! I appreciate it!!  Thanks! Deeds
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I'm jealous... I want snow ! LOL ! But fortunately it is raining here (I'm a desert dweller... I'll take what I can get)

The reason why you are itching (in my opinion, but of course), is because you are still getting that medication out of your system. It seeps through your pores and since you are allergic, your skin itches or your skin is just dry. From what I've heard, good ol' baking soda can help with the itching.

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okay...baking soda...um...mixed with water or in a bath??
or like - Gold Bond Medicated powder?

Thanks :) 8 inches of snow so far today...
this is 5 weekends in a row!!!
Gotta love Colorado!
((we are in the foothills))
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Good Bond will also probably work. And you don't need to mix it with water.

Send me some snow !!!!! I'll get off your hands... LOL!

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It actually snowed here a little bit tonight !!! And there is a snow advisory until tomorrow afternoon.  Thank you! LOL!

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Well everyone!!  Now the itching has stopped...I was almost ((almost)) feeling human again...until I broke out with tonsillitis (negetive strep) !!  It's horrible... I don't think I've had this in 15 years!!  If this goes away and the itching comes back...I'm not gonna be a happy camper!  I had a sinus scope 4 days before this 'infection'...I'm thinking - someones equipment may not have been too clean?? am I wrong here?? UGH!
I guess I'm not totally out of the 'woods' as I was still taking benedryl twice a day for the 'itch'...if it all comes back then ... back on the benedryl.  I will also be meeting with a biofeedback Ph.D. who will dissect the BP meds and see what ingredients I am 'reacting' to...sounds a little 'out there' for me but, I will give it a 'go'... anyone else have that testing?
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Perhaps you are allergic to yellow#5.  It's a food color that is found in things such as Doritos, Cheetos,Thousand Island Dressing, Mello Yellow, Mountain Dew and some mixed drink mixes like Margarita.  
I've just discovered that many people are highly sensitive to this food color including myself.  I had to change meds because some of the pills had yellow#5 color added.
Check it out.  You will instantly feel better if this is the problem and it's eliminated from your diet.
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Well, I go for food allergy testing Monday followed by "bio-meridian" testing of excipient ingredients in BP meds to see what is the cause of my allergic reactions!! I had been 'itch' free for the last 3-4 weeks (being off any and ALL medications) so, I thought I would try the last BP med given to me to try - that was said to be "the one I'd be least allergic too.." well...I took it Friday at 7am and ended up itching at 8am and still itching now (Sunday)... I am so upset, mad, depressed and ticked that this is going on....It's not to the point that I am having anaphalaxsis again but, it's VERY annoying!! I'm now 'overly' sensitive to certain things - like pledge spray!! I cleaned my office Thursday at work and sneezed the entire rest of the day - even with trying to open my door to let in outside air!!  HELP!
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wow..we thought it was just mom....she has tried 3 kinds of bp meds and has reactions like, wildly fluctuation in bp extreme high,200/103, to lows like 110/55. or she'll have bad swelling in her ankles, rapid heart rate, nervousness, weakness, headache...doc says she's allergic,,doesn't know what causes the bp flucs...all within hours...HELP.  she's had echo and nuclear test on heart,,all ok...
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I really did think ALL this time that my health was failing!! I'd have skipped heart beats, rapid heart beats and the doctors would scouff it off and say I must be stressed... I was so, I became MORE stressed thinking something was really wrong with me. What was wrong?? I AM ALLERGIC TO THE BP MEDS!!!!!!!!!!! All along!! for SO long!!  I have been OFF all BP meds for about a month now - I have NO anxiety, no skipped or rapid heart rate!!  It's UNREAL!!!!!  I also have a lot of what I thought was "seasonal" allergy responses subside!!  I'd get horrible ear pain!!! HORRIBLE! not an infection - just real PAIN! and the doctors back then STILL wouldn't listen to me!! It was my sister who mentioned an article on vertigo caused by Benicar (a BP med) that I found MY ANSWER!!!! I read the article and couldn't keep from crying when it mentioned the ear fullness, and pain!!
the long suffering on those meds lowered my vitamin and mineral counts in my body. I am on B12 and B vitamins along with minerals and feel SOOOOOO much better!!!  Granted, my BP is about 155/96 but, at least I feel better!!  Fill me in MORE about your Mom!! Best of Luck!
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I am allergic/sensitive to EVERY BP medicine.
I am going to diet, and eat all high potassium, magnesium foods.
I am trying to wean off of 200 mg Metoprolol daily.
I am down to 75, with tinnitus caused by this med.
I cannot live with this tinnitus, would rather have a quality life, albeit shorter.
I shall just have to risk having BP , nothing else I can do.
My internist was a pharmacist, so he knows the meds, and my reactions.
Would love to talk more about this.
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I have tried BP meds twice now in a period of four or so years....Cozar, namely since my Dr. says they have the least side effects.....after I cant stand the side effects maybe two or three months into taking, I quit....and then have about three months of horrible after effects, namely anxiety, ear problems, head pressure etc., I am now going to go the holistic route and see what if anything I can do to get back to normal. and of course my blood pressure went up when I quit the meds. Im with the thought.....give it up.....
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I found your post about lung breathing verses belly breathing interesting. My last therepist was teaching me to belly breathe and it felt wierd, and sometimes made me feel worse and more hypertensive. What's the yoga explanation for the breathing in the chest and not the belly?
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Please ask your doctor if your BP meds have a diuretic combination.  You are most likely allergic to the diuretic.  Have them give you meds without it and it should clear up in a week (itch)  Also remember to talk to your doctor about getting back on a diuretic (potassium sparring) and see if that helps.  You may ask about taking them separtely due to the fact you need it to flush the sodium that raises your BP.  Hope this helps and good luck.
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Yes, I am allergic to all BP meds but one.  I am also allergic to pain meds and some other things.  Don't know why.  But I have a variety of reactions to all of these things.  Don't stop taking your BP meds.  I stopped and I almost ended up in the hospital with extremely high BP.  I can't find any BP meds that work and I was just to the doctor again today. Not good! He wants to send me to a specialist for a kidney test.  So make sure you let your doctor know. Oh, sometimes it is more than stress that causes High BP.  Listen to your body!    Good Luck! If you find something that works, let me know!!!
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Yes, I am going through the same thing now! I have just finished my 4th BP Med and have had the same allergic reaction with all 4. My eye lids and under my eyes turn bright red (as if they have been burned) then peel. My lips are doing the same and I swell in the same areas that look burned and peel. Why are we doing this!
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Yes, I am going through the same thing now! I have just finished my 4th BP Med and have had the same allergic reaction with all 4. My eye lids and under my eyes turn bright red (as if they have been burned) then peel. My lips are doing the same and I swell in the same areas that look burned and peel. Why are we doing this!
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