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Allergic to Iodine

As a young child, I was in the hospital under going tests for extreme headaches. I was about to be given a "cat scan" and I was injected with the amount of iodine that would be given to an infant for the test. I had a extreme allergic reaction and swelled up like a balloon. This has been over 20+ years since this happened and I never had another reaction since with anything else. My question is, " I want to take a detox program that contains up to 225mcg of iodine (from kelp) per tablet. I imagine I'll be taking up to ten tablets a day for ten days. Will this cause a reaction or is this such a small amount that it won't have an effect on me?"
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Those people who are allergic to a particular allergen may show an allergic reaction even to a very little amount of allergen.The best way to find out whether you will now show an allergy towards this small amount of iodine is by allergy tests.Skin ***** tests can be tried.In this a small amount  of allergen is introduced in the skin of the forearm.Then a positive reaction consisting a red erythematous patch is noted.If it develops,then that person is allergic to the allergen being tested.

Confirmatory diagnosis is by blood tests like RAST.

I feel that you should consult an allergy specialist and get yourself tested for allergy to iodine.If positive,then pls avoid taking the medicine as it can cause life threatening anaphylaxis also.

Hope it helps.Take care and pls do keep me posted on how you are doing.

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Both my parents had to have  a catscan and MRI.   The first time my father had it done, he had a reaction to the substance (IODine) that they  injected.  That  all the doctors in the facility had to assist him.  My mother had a more severe reactions when taking a catscan of her kidney.  They also injected the substance ( claiming to be  IODINE) She broke out in these huge hives, red ears, and claiming that she didnot feel good.  The techni. told her to wait alittle longer that the feeling will go away.  She then went into shock and was put it intensive care, monitoring the heart.  These 2 incident happened in the late 80's.  Now speaking to my fellow co worker this same feeling happened to her, but the had given her allergy pill and a shot.  Why does this happen. Is it old dye or dirty Die?  Please explain.  If, I should ever need any test I am very reluctant in having this substance inserted in me.  Which It may lessen my chances of finding out what is ailing me.  With exclusive machinery, pictures.

confused til this day
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