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Allergic to titanium?

Allergic to titanium? I have had three knee replacements, one a cement/antibiotic one. I am in constant pain and my leg has red spots on the aria of the knee replacement and is always wormer then the other leg. Now I have developed a severe allergy in my sinus, with the tubes plug and water on one ear. No one can tell me what I am allergic to. I read many people having the idea of allergies to titanium and I have read that the medical community say it not possible. The last two night I have had a temperature of 101, that comes and goes.
my meds are:
Mometasone Furoate 50 mcg 120d nasal
Loratadine 10mg
Rifampin 300 mg cap
my Gatofloxacin was discontinued by the VA
replaced with ciprofloxacin 500 mg twice a day.
Are you sure that there are no allergies to knee replacements  jeff graham
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For everything natural or manmade, there is someone out there that is allergic to it.  It is very rare to have an allergy to titanium, but it has been know to happen, especially if you have allergies to any other metals.  See an allergist and get tested just to make sure. Since the metal is on the INSIDE of the body, don't do the skin tests, but have the blood test done.  You may need to call around to see who in your area does this type of allergy testing as not every office does.  good luck
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I know a lady who had a knee replacement and she was allergic to titanium. I believe this product has been recalled. Many people are allergic to titanium. She was part of a national law suit against the company.
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I had cervical surgery on August 28th.  8 screws, 2 pins and bone fusion on 5 of my 7 cervical discs.  I am on no meds but I have this really strange feeling that I might be having a reaction to the titanium.  At no certain times, during no certain functions I get like this brain fuzz/fog (sort of electrical buzz) that lasts for only a second or two.  During some of them there is a chemical/metal type smell that only I smell.  Has ANYONE else had this.  I am very unsure of telling my surgeon because he may want to do more surgery and I have had enough of the neck surgery's.  This was my second one.

Can anyone help.
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I am beginning to wonder if I'm allergic to titanium as well.  I know I have an allergy to the metals that "cheap" earrings are made with, and can't wear silver earrings for very long either.  The only metal I seem to be okay with is gold (14kt etc, not overlays).  About a year ago I started developing pain on the right side of my head only.  No doctors have been able to tell me what's wrong as I have experienced swelling in various areas and an incessant clenching of my teeth with most of the pressure being exerted on the right side.  Headaches come and go, and I've been experiencing mild dizziness from time to time.  I have also had a fever of about 101 that never seems to exceed that, but comes and goes as well.  My PCP asked about the eyebrow piercing on the right side of my face and I informed her it was made of titanium.  She then concluded that it's probably not the issue (being that I hadn't had any issues with infection at the site of the piercing).  She's the only person that brought it up, and now it's got me thinking.  I've have this piercing for over 3 years now and just realized that it was probably about a year ago that I changed the piercing from a gold bar to the titanium one.  Today I decided to change it back to the gold one and see if there's any improvement over time.  I wouldn't have thought titanium would be an issue as it's used in various forms of surgery, but based on what I've read about the possibility that there are people that are allergic to titanium, I'm beginning to wonder if this maybe the root of my problem.  Has anyone else experienced this type of problem with something as menial as a piercing?  I'll post again if I see any marked improvements over time.
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Hi Khryce. I recently bought a couple of titanium ear studs (surgical grade) which I've worn twice and each time, after about 30 minutes, my throat would become increasingly sore and I would started feel like I was getting the flu or something. After removing the studs over night and going to bed, I would feel fine in the morning and my throat would be almost 100%. I don't know if it this is coincidence but I'm certainly very suspicious of titanium now. I've never had to my knowledge any other reaction to metal.
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I had my gallbladder removed about a year and a half ago .  I still have sharp pain in my right side almost every day. It's taking over my life . I heard that they clip arteries with titanium clips. I wonder if this is causing my pain. anyone with answers?
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I had a biopsy on March 11, 2008 (which was benigh thank God) in two days after my biopsy I started with a rash and itch that drove me nuts.  The Dr, told me at the time of my biopsy that they were going to place a titanium clip in me to make the spot for future mammogram's.  I explained to the Dr. that I was highly allergic to any kind of metals and was deeply concerned about the clip and my reaction to it.  He stated that one, they wouldn't do my biopsy and two that there was NO CHANCE of me getting a reaction from the clip.  I trusted his professional expertise and had the clip put in.  A month has gone by and after steroid packs and anti itch medicine, I am still suffereing with a constant itch and trouble sleeping at night.
My primary Dr., had referred me to a Vascular Surgeon to have the clip removed as I have a rash all around the breast and upper part of my chest.  The Vascular surgeon states that it is NOT from the tituanium and he will not take it out as it is a difficult procedure.  He wants me to now see a Dermatologist.  I am being bounced around from one Dr. to another and nothing has been resolved.  I am extremely concerned as how this is effecting my body and my breast as it is in the blood stream.
Can anyone tell me where to seek medical advice to resolve this problem once and for all!  Clearly, there are LOTS of people out there that are having numerous reactions to titanium in one way or another..
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I spent 2007 listening to conventional doctors tell me there was "no way".  I proved on my own that I was extremely allergic to the cobalt used in the base on a cap on my teeth.  I am still having residual problems and my whole family knows that even if it is a case of life and death that I will not accept an implant of any kind of metal.  I am sincerely sorry that you are going through the reactions.  My best advice is to be persistent.  You know your body better than anyone else.  Stick to your guns.  I found my dentist through the advice of a holistic nutritionist.  Holistic medicine is much more supportive of the belief in allergic reaction manifesting in differnt and unsualy ways.  You don't have to go head first into holistics but there is valueable insight to be gained by being open minded.
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My wife had spinal fussion, three level, which included the use of a titanium plate. She has developed severe eye problems (styes, redness, swelling). She has been to eye doctors, skin doctors, and they are just trying different meidications with no luck. She is alergic to some metals in jewelry, and that this might be an allergic reaction to titanium. Is there anyone else with this possible problem. Any feedback would be aprreciated, Gary from Illinois
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Do a search on MELISA test.  Lots of info on titanium allergies and a test for determining if you are allergic to titanium.

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Allergy to the metal parts of the implant has occasionally been reported. People who know they have metal allergies should be tested with extracts of the various metal components of the implant prior to surgery. You should notify  your doctor if you believe you have a metal allergy. Metal allergies are rare and the tests are not completely reliable, so they are only performed if a metal allergy is suspected. Allergy to the plastic parts has never been reported. Small particles of plastic or metal from the implant may cause a reaction in the bone but this is not a true allergy.
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I purchased some prescription frames recently.  The area the frame inserts into the ear, developed a bad rash, skin broke & bled on both ears, it was pretty disgusting.  My allergy symptoms went into overload.  

I visit the Optomotrist office, I was allergic to the titanium frames purchased.  Changed frames, and used Neosporin recommended by Opt office, and the issue disappeared.

I am allergic to Titanium.  Opt tech, said Titanium frames are commonly known to cause allergic reactions.  


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I'm Shelly from upstate NY.  Two years ago I had broken my shoulder cracked off my humeral head(shoulder). I slipped on ice and tried to hold onto my SUV to break my fall. Neeldess to say my arm went behind my neck and there's the story.  But, it goes on for a while.  I was told I had a cartlidge tumor.  Nothing to worry about, it just was bone that did not develop.  Well, now said tumor was taken out and supp. low grade bone marrow cancer was the diag. for now.  Lucky with no chemo/rad. treatment. But, MSK installed Titanium rods (2) of them and used this cement.  I've had installed over 15 mos.  Now, since May 15th. I've been having fainting spells.  My nose is numb my hands get ice cold.  My blood pressure drops and my breathing in very shallow and slow and your heart just feels like it's not doing well. I've had EEG/MRI/CT and nuclear heart stress test/ Tilt Table Test and passed everyone with flying colors. To top it off I noticed on this sight. (Goozy) refers to a smell on they can smell. I have that same smell and it's almost metallic or a dusty(old attic)smell to it.Then you are very dizzy and want to pass out. Then I've had some lost of taste and smell all together.  I've since June 14th, 2008 have been in Rochester, MN.  I'm being seen now daily at the Mayo Clinic. Everyone is wonderful.  But, since day one I've been complaining about a titanium allergy. My Dad and sister have known allergies to titanium.  They look at you like you have 4 heads.  They(Dr's.)also tell you becasue these (Titanium)allergies are not really documented.  They really don't know what to do.  Well, thank God I ran into this lady allergist here.  Who when I told her about the cement type they put in my arm or anchor the titanium rods.  She called my intern. Dr. and said wait a minute this cement causes partial anaphy.shock.  Gee, one month later after a many tests now, some Woman believes me!!. So, I'm off on Mon. to see the ortho/oncologist here.  Hopefully they will get these awful things out of me.  I have 2 small boys at home (6 & 4) and a wonderful Husband and I want my life back. One month away being this sick and ill is not fun and I want to go back home and start my life over at 45!!! Someone (Dr.) needs to realize this is a true allergy and it does happen to nice people. It's been hell on earth and it's time for a change and Dr's. need to open their eyes and help people like all of us with this allergy to metal.  Is that not why they got into medicine in the first place to help.. Well, let's figure this out so families can have their lives back!!! Thanks, Shelly
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I was advised to get titanium zygomatic and dental implants.   within a couple of weeks I had incredable itching all over my face and neck.  The Dentist as well at the oral surgeon deny that it could be the implants.  This symptom has had no or little relief over 1 1/2 yrs.   The dermitologists say that it is an onset adult ecxema...right.......
I will be much more addiment on having these removed as well as tested.

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Titanium allergy exists - the problem is that skin/patch testing which is usually used to diagnose allergy to metals is not properly developed and standardized for testing of titanium allergy and therefore most test will be negative. However the MELISA blood test can diagnose allergy to titanium and other metals found in implants. If your doctors don't believe you, please bring them the following two articles which can be downloaded for free:

The link to the articles are here

Hypersensitivity to titanium: Clinical and laboratory evidence

Clinical and laboratory evidence and LTT-MELISA® is clinically relevant for detecting and monitoring metal sensitivity

You can also email the MELISA Medica Foundation if you have any questions about testing. Contact info can be found on www.melisa.org.

Linda Nelson
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Question:  What was the time frame that your "allergy" showed up after you were exposed to titanium?  I think that I'm allergic as well, but my doctor says that "I'm Crazy".  "Allergy to titanium is impossible".

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Would you please tell me how you were able to "prove" that there was Cobalt in your cap?  I found that I had mercury in my fillings and am losing my teeth.  Ironically a capped tooth fell into my hand and you can see the metals used, but I don't know what they are.
Mercury does not stay in the blood, so I will have a soft tissue biopsy, but Cobalt isn't routinely tested for Heavy Metal Toxicity.  Can you tell me what I need to ask for?

Thank you,
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I find this so interesting...I started doing research on Titanium allergy because my mom has been so sick since she got titanium rods implanted in her spine about 7 years ago.  The doctors have told her that the metal could not cause her symptoms.  She has had extreme fatigue, dizziness, brain fog, tingling in her legs, lately her heart has been racing.  I am pretty convinced that it is the titanium.  
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Thank the good Lord I found this sight. Like others I too have been allergic to metals, never been able to wear ear studds made of anything but gold, (not overlay) and like button1 I too have a titanium clip in one breast, and that area has been itching for the last year..I never put it together...but now I was going to a dentist for implants. He started with some bone graft to build up the sight. and tacked the area with a titanium tack to hold whille it healed. Well guess what swelled up twice? I was takling antibiotics because they thought it was an infection. Another dentist thought I might need a root canal in the adjoining tooth. You could see the spot on the gum where the tack was, looked like a big pimple and was sore. Yesterday had the tack removed. (swelling is down and feels better already) The dentist talked about the next step being the titanium implants for the teeth., He too stated nobody is allergic to titanium...I think i'm putting everything on hold until I have some allergy testing done.  Thanks to all of you I've found this out beforehand.
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I had back surgery in June /08 , i had titanum plates and ball put in my back. It has been four months and i am still not healed. Ihave had to go through surgery again in Sept./08 for a infection. A week later i have another infection on right side of my body. Can someone tell if this a allergy to titanum.
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Wow, I can't believe that this thread is still going.  But, I have news for everyone.  Way...... back I wrote the the questions about the possible allergy to titanium - I was the one with the 8 screws and 2 pins in my neck.

Well, I went to an allergist and asked him.  Let me go back one more step.  I too, am allergic to cheap jewelry (it's the nickel in it) and I am allergic to aluminum.  I looked up on line what metals are used to make titanium.  What do you think I found?  Nickel!  So, that is when I presented my question to the allergist because my surgeon (being the ego maniac that he was said that I was crazy).  The allergist said and I quote "They were supposed to test you for allergies before they put the titanium in you".  Which means the possibility does exist!  I asked how I can be tested for it now.  He said I need to confront my surgeon and ask him for a sample of the screws or pins inserted in my neck".  He could then test me for the allergy.  He also said that I would develop weakness, redness and warmth over the area that they were placed in.

So, If any of you REALLY think that this allergy is a possibility then get a sample of the metal from your surgeon and take it to an allergist and get tested. Do not go to your nearest machine shop and ask for some because it must be surgical grade, not industrial (two different animals altogether).

I hope this helps.  I have not gotten my sample yet but I am working on it.
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Yes, there is such thing as an allergy to "titanium" but you are actually allergic to the .2% of nickel in the titanium. If you have ever had reactions to costume jewelry, then titanium is not the one for you. Make sure you have the MELISA test down, it is a blood test that can test all different types of metal. They have several types of surgical panels they can run on your blood. DO NOT get the skin test done, it is inconclusive. The metal reacts differently in the body, screwed into bone than it will on skin. Furthermore, like myself, it didn't react right away or even within a month or two, but rather five to six months down the road. Hope this helps everyone who questions the allergy to titanium.
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I had a tooth implant done Jan 2006. May 2007 I was hospitalized with symptoms of numbing tingleing of arms and legs,feet and the sides of my face. When standing, after laying down or sitting down I would feel lots of pressure like my feet were swollen. I felt fatigue and no energy. I even had a urn/track infection. I was in the hospital for 7 days running 150 blood test. They came up empty. It could of been stress... so they say. March 2008 after living  with all of these symptoms... they have gotten worse. My entire body is itchy and I have chronic hyves.  I get urn/track infections.I welt up just looking at my skin. Iv'e been living in hell! My entire body needs to be scratched at all times. I block it out... but it's exhausting. My energy is still very low. This is and internal allergey and the only thing that I can think of is the titanium inplant. Kaiser is my health care provider and they do not test for titanium. I've been bumped back and forth. I contacted member services looking for a referrel outside of Kaiser and they tell me to contact my doctor.. when i did she said she spoke with the allergist(who has not seen me at all) and he told her that I don't have a titanium allergy. Wow, how does he know that when Kaiser doesn't test and most of all he has never seen me. I will test with the Mellissa Institute. I'm getting the name  of the type of titinium that was used with the implant from my dentist. If I find out that it is titanium... watch out Kaiser !!!!! I just want my health back.
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Like Bird45 I too have been experiencing chronic hives for the last nine months.  Nothing seems to control it and I am on some serious medication trying to get it under control. I am now being seen at the Cleveland clinic and have a new dermatologist that believes there is something internally going wrong. My immune system is being attacked with no explanation other than my Ige(allergy level) is continually climbing.  I am allergic to nickel, don't know about titanium. I have two markers in my breast. I am having a lumpectomy done sometime this month and I am going to make the request to the surgeon, to please remove the markers. I have always been very active but my life has changed drastically since these hives started. I have muscle pains and my lungs are staring to fail.  I have never smoked a day in my life. Praise God! I found this site and hope this is the anser to my prayers.
Thank you to all of you for posting.
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