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Allergies and Exhausted!

Hi Everyone,
October 2013, I had anaphylactic shock to the flu mist. The Allergist I was seeing said I couldn't have been allergic to the flu mist. My family and I have been living in Columbia, SC for a year now. The Allergist did the skin test, and blood work. Then, come to find out I am Allergic to most of the trees, weeds, and grasses here. I continue having allergic reactions, and anaphylactic shocks even after being on a bunch of medications, and steroids to help fight the allergens. Now, I am being sent to another Allergist, because the Allergist I was seeing has no idea why I continue reacting even after being on all the medications for November. I can't seem to leave the house without feeling itchy, dizzy, lightheaded, nauseated. My husband is in the military, and we might have to request to move back to the southwest so the Allergies I have will hopefully minimize. My fear now is this is permanent no matter where I go. I just feel I need to get out of South Carolina. It feels like no one understands what I am going through, and it has caused me to have anxiety. My husband is frustrated, because when I have the anaphylactic shocks, or severe allergy attacks I can't seem to function. We have 4 young children, and they are starting to act like they are sick all the time. I just want to be normal again, and be active with my family. It breaks my heart my kids are seeing me like this, because I have always been active and on the go. Now, I don't even want to leave the house, and I don't want my kids to come home and ask me if I am ok to go outside so they can play.

Thanks for allowing me to vent!

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I just went to see a new Allergist, and he diagnosed me with Idiopathic Anaphylaxis. I am still on all the medications I was previously taking, but he said it could take a long time before I am better. It doesn't mean that I can't have anaphylaxis again in the future after taking the medications. He explained it is a disease, and it just depends when my body wants to react. I can go for a few months to years before I can have reactions again. I can have times when it is in remission, but medication, food, or insect bites can cause it to the Idiopathic Anaphylaxis to attack again.
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I know your pain I have been hospitalized 3 times and to the er over 100 times because of allergies it got so bad at one point I was at the er 3 times in less than 2 days time before they admitted me. it may sound strange but have the doctor pull some labs and see if your white count is high and check for infections. they should also check to make sure your immune system is not malfunctioning mine had started to attack itself and when they figured that out and got the meds in me to straighten it out I was ok.  For 4 years straight I was in and out of the er and it has been 2 years since I had an allergic reaction for no reason.
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