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Allergies and Increased Heart Rate

Does anyone know if allergies can cause increased heart rate?  I have severe allergies requiring 9 allergy shots weekly and I noticed that on the days when my allergies are really bad my heart rate increases.  I have had all the cardiac workup and other than showing periods of sinus tachycardia my heart is fine.  Could allergies be doing this?
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Yes, allergies can increase heart rates. This can happen as when ever an allergen enters the body, it tries to throw this out. This results in a series of reactions which can increase the heart rate too.
Hope this helps. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!
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Im 28 year old male my symptoms are a consistent spot of hives on my right shoulder were the ball an socket area. (everday) i have aniexty but take ativian for that. i don't have any known allergies but know that i have allergies i take bendyrol to much it i wanna stop takin it, i was on a heart montior for 1 month  an said that it was sinus tachcardia  they have given me flonase nasal spray but that didn't help what did work was univert pills which settled my heart rate down to a healthy level but was told that was for a ear infection i did have vertigo but i think swimming had an impact on that i still have the increased heart rate. my guess is that i need allegra over the counter pills. plz i need any information
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