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Allergies and second-hand smoke

Now that a lot more is known about second-hand smoke, I'm really curious if when I got married to a smoker if that didn't bring on my allergies.  Within 1.5 years of being married and living with a smoker, I all of sudden developed severe allergies where I was waking up every 30 minutes because my nose was completely closed up.  I became allergic to the world, there's no place I can move to alleviate it.  I'm allergic to dust, grass, mold, cat and dog dander, just about any pollen, as the major ones.  When I finally went to get diagnosed and start treatment, there was so much to put into the injections I had to get 2 shots each week, one in each arm.  These are things I was exposed to all my life before that being the outdoorsy tomboy type with cats and dogs as pets, so it's not like I was being exposed to anything new.  We lived in the same city, we didn't move to another climate or even a suburb.  I never was around cigarette smokers much at all until getting married to a smoker, no one in my immediate family smoked.

It's always occurred to me that living a smoker was what brought on my allergies somehow, and I'm wondering if that's a possibility.
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I married a smoker 29 years ago.  I started having allergies once we were living under the same roof.  

Things got a little better when my husband volunteered to smoke outside.  As time went on even this didn't work.  

My husband stopped smoking when his mother. Who was a smoker since age of 12 got lung cancer.  

Unfortunately,  I was stuck with over 30 allergies.  Tried shots, did solve all the issues.  

Finally,  tried alternative medicine NAET with a chiropractor.  

This is a higher form of accupunture without Needles.  

There is a DETOX PROTOCOL to clear allergy groups from the system.  Once the DETOX PROTOCOL is completed the chiropractor will be able to help you with specific issues.  

My husband and I have used this method for over 10 years with EXTREMELY good results.  

Another technique also with a chiropractor,  is BRT, body restoration technique.  Very similar to NAET.

Also,  these techniques can help to stop smoking. . However,  it will take the dedication of the participants.

Both NAET and BRT can help with much more, thyroid,  CELIAC disease,  arthritis. Information,  lung and cough,  blood sugar,  ETC. both methods help the body build a tolerance. Your health will improve.  

Good luck
Sorry made a mistake.  Meant to say the allergy shots  DIDN'T  solve all the   issues. This is what lead me to alternative medicine, NAET and BRT.
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