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Allergies causing swollen lymph node?

I've had a swollen lymph node on the left side of my neck for several years now.  It is mostly painless (only hurts when I press hard) and it seems to be fixed.  It basically feels the way my neck nodes always get when I have a bad cold, only without the pain.  The node doesn't seem to get bigger or smaller.  It's located behind my jaw and below my ear.  My old doctor was aware of this, but never really pursued the issue.  I didn't think it was a cause for concern until recently.  I was told that the node could be swollen due to allergies.  I have constant sinus congestion, frequently with post-nasal drip, and I typically get two nasty colds (or sinus infections) each year.  When I do get sick, the left node is always the most swollen and most painful.

Does anyone else have a node that has stayed swollen due to allergies?  I have made an appointment with a new doctor and I will have him check this out, but in the mean time I'm freaking myself out thinking about lymphoma (even though I don't have any other symptoms that would indicate that).
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Lymph nodes are small (1-2cm) and bean-shaped nodes. They are very important to your body keeping you healthy. Lymphadenopathy (swollen lymph nodes) is usually caused by a viral or bacterial infection. Other causes include allergic reactions, arthritis, cancer, metabolic diseases, and an overactive thyroid (hyperthyroidism).It is not always lymphoma that causes lympadenopathy.Allergies are more common.

Treatment for inflamed, swollen lymph nodes, also known as lymphadenitis, depends on the cause. In some cases, over-the-counter (OTC) pain relievers and warm compresses may be all you need. For more serious cases, treatment of swollen lymph nodes involves treating the underlying cause.Also take some precautions like do not poke or squeeze the swollen lymph nodes.

Hope it helps.Take care and regards.

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hey i would just like to ask i have an itchy throat and sore throat for 1 year but i doesnt coz pain i have enlarge lympnodes my cbc are ok and normal my hiv test in one year is negative what is this?
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Your Eustachian tube is located approximately in the location you describe. You might have a chronic infection that is non-bacterial.(Not treatable by antibiotics)  It could be preventing drainage of your middle ear.
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I have similar swelling of lymph nodes below my right chin close to my ear.  I can feel it swelling and getting a little bigger.  At the same time, my face gets warmer.  I have been dealing with a severe allergic reaction (cause is still unknown).  Whenever I take 2 tablets of Benadryl, it calms down a little bit.  I believe it is related to my allergic reaction.  
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Hi, I have this exact same thing and was wondering if you ever got any resolution?  I have had chronic sinusitis for many years now.  My lymph node right under my ear, behind my jaw bone has been hard and fixed for over a year now and aches usually anytime I get a cold. However, this last month all of my neck nodes have been swollen and I've had a sore neck and jaw.  The doc says I may have a bacterial infection so he put me on antibiotics that did not do anything to resolve the issues.
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I have had allergies for years and when they seem to be bad my neck has pressure just below my ears. I get the sensation like someone has their hands around my throat and neck when I bend over, when this is going on I can feel my heartbeat in my head and face. This is a very uncomfortable sensation, and tends to make me anxious. Also when this dynamic is in play, when I turn my head to left or right I feel dizzy. I guess this is a intense reaction to some allergen.
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Hi everyone...have any of you thought about having food allergy testing done??? I truly believe that all of us, myself included, are suffering from food allergies...which, by the way, can be DELAYED!
You can begin getting symptoms of food allergies 3 days after eating a food than your body has a sensitivity to.

You can order food allergy testing kits online, and have the blood drawn at your Dr's office.
Try this site...www.NutritionallyYours.net

Let me know what happens with everyone!
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I've had aswollen lymph node for about 1mo. Just to give you some background I've had a trach for 11yrs. from a gunshot to the neck. I also have allergies and to make matters worse I work in a dusty environment. One morning I woke up with a swollen lymph node that was actually painful that went away after about 10 days. But when that went away I got nodule in my neck not noticeable but there was a dulled pain and when I touched it I could hear a squishing sound. I went to Dr. had a CT scan but he couldn't find anything. He gave me meds for my allergies and told to suck on lemon juice and pickle juice. I have also ben taking ACV(apple cider vinegar). Anybody else with these symptoms?  
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I've had this small swollen lymph node right beneath my right ear, and behind my jaw line since the beginning of spring. Just over a year ago I had an allergic reaction (cause unknown). I went to the doctor once and they said it was nothing to worry about, probably just seasonal allergies. It is a little scary knowing that I've had it for months now. I also recently discovered a small bump behind my left ear. I have itchy ears (on the inside), and an itchy throat, I guess that is the seasonal allergies....I just need more of an explanation.
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By process of elimination, I found that the node under my ear swells after eating anything with CORN in it. Almost everything contains some form of CORN (as in corn syrup, corn starch, corn oil, etc.).  It swells a little almost immediately and stays swelled about 3 days.  If I stay off of all CORN products, I do not have a problem.
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I actually for years have had a swollen lymph node on the side of my neck on the right side directly below the back of my jaw line.  No pain or anything unless pressing hard.  I actually have never really noticed it its normally pretty small and obsolete but i woke up this morning and it was a little harder and more noticeable which i think it has just swelled up a little.  I was not sure i get allergy shots once every other week and it is also spring time and i get bad allergies and sinus infections this time of year...also i just had my wisdom teeth out and i hear that can mess with your sinuses and some times cause infection...i am hoping there is no cause for worry i was just hoping this sounds normal and its seeming like it does.
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I've had swollen gland around ear and jaw too. Its on the same side every sprin/summer and it also happens to be the same side of an old neck injury. I have bad allergies. Im also pregnant and my wisdom teeth seem to be coming in. I also have horrible jaw pain on the side of the swollen glands. I've been on antibiotics 3 times and its still there. Idk what this is!
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my oldest is 8 he has swollen lymph nodes in his neck.  My 2 year old has many swollen lymph nodes in his neck (large) and also in his underarm and groin area(small like buckshot).  I also have a 5 month old.  I am trying to pinpoint my oldests food issues. The 2 year old and 5 month old have severe food intollerances and from the research that I have been doing this past year it seems that food allergies/sensitivies/intollerances can absolutley cause this.  My 2 year old just had a surgical lymph node biopsy (taken from his neck) done and we are waiting for the results just to be on the safe side to make sure he doesn't have lymphoma or anything we are missing.  I am concerned but not overly stressed he has a very hard time digesting dairy, wheat, soy or gluten.  Hope this helps.  He does well as long as these foods are avoided.  My 5 month old is breastfed only and his gut will bleed if I have dairy or soy in my diet.  Avoidance of these foods has helped so much and they are now thriving.  :)
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My daughter has experienced swelling glands under her left chin/neck immediately after eating recently.  It is worrisome because two years ago her tongue also swelled.  While the latest episodes now two weeks apart are less intense, i administered benedryl and the Doctor prescribed pregnisone.  Cold sweats and headache were a part of her night last night (as suddenly I am putting all things together) and seems to have a rash on lower part of body - which could be from pool?  I noticed tonight it decreased after 20 minutes and then appeared again after eating once again.

Doctor at Urgent Care seemed not at all concerned.  Any thoughts?
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I have 9 enlarged lymphnodes from1.9 to 2.8 cm they don't hurt I've had an ultra sound being I'm. 4 months pregnant. The dr. Sent me to a cancer dr to get a biopsy who said there not fixed and with me having fibromyalgia he rather wait before doing one being it can worsen my symptoms from the fibromyalgia. I am looking at this tho and about 5 years ago my sinuses callapsed from allergies to mold and after a test found out I'm allergic to a lot of things. They told me I would have to live in a plastic bubble just about to protect myself its discuriging and i ve ignored them and took allergy meds here and there when I feel my head exsploding. My lymphnodes have been enlarged for 4 months the same as my pregnancy and the cancer dr thinks that I have reactive lymphnodes to the pregnancy. Should I be seeing the ears nose and throat dr too? Oh and I've had 12 surgeries on my ears for tubes reconstruction on my sinuses and a deviated ceptom also tonsils and adnodes removed also had surgery at 22 to have my teeth removed from the surgeries and antibiotics for 12 years had destroyed my teeth both sets first set before I was even 11. My enlarged lymph nodes are everywhere on my neck from the back to the front some are into my throat which causes anoying tickling but they don't seem to hurt. I am only 25 and these surgeries and illnesses are driving me nuts it seems like all the rare diseases and things happen to me. My life is full of drs and appointments. I see a specialist for each symptom makes me wonder if there all from the same thing? What are your imputs and should I worry or is there anything I can do?
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i suffer from the same season allergy issues i got a upper resperatory and along with it was my lymph node on behind the left jaw under the ear got it mid august 2011 still had it sep now oct with my cheek swelling  due to the same issue I'm hoping its because of my allergies still have allergies.
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I actually for years have had a swollen lymph node on the side of my neck on the right side directly below the back of my jaw line.  No pain. When Doctors drains it with needle a yellowish substance comes out and becomes flat, but after few day it comes back again.
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have you ever figured out what was causing this? i feel the same way like blood flow is restricted by enlarged lymph nodes
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Take Burdock Root 3x daily and your swollen lymph nodes will usually go away.
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I have fibromyalgia and anxiety disorder but a lot of my "side affects" from those hav e gone away because I pinpointed a trigger. It is perfume. I was wearing it everyday and I havent now for about 2 1/2 weeks and my lymph nodes no longer feel swollen or tender, my head doesnt hurt and the anxiety when I get in my car and drive is gone. I used to put on perfume before I left the house and then all these side effects kept happening for years and it was the perfume all along. I am very sensitive to other things as well but the perfume was #1.

If even just you r lymph nodes are feeling swollen almost daily, stop wearing perfume and see if it gets better. Also, any perfumed or scented moisturizers, body wash..
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Hi hope you are well but what ever happened ?
did you get further tests ?

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Wow, way to much for a young person. What the heck, check out , read about nematode therapy. Hope something helps.
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I know this was from almost three years ago, but from my experience I want to help put peoples minds at rest who are recently reading this.

I'm in almost the exact same boat. For the past 5 months I've had a swollen lymph node at the base of my neck just behind my left ear. When the lymph node enlarged I went straight to the doctors without hesitation (trust me this is the best thing you can do even if you think it's nothing) due to the high levels of cancer in my family. I was told it was probably a reaction to a recent cold and would shrink in a couple of weeks.

Well a month went by and it was still there, during this time I noticed an increased nasal discharge, blocked nose and strangely an influx in spots inside my nose. I did press the issue and saw two more doctors and had blood tests before I eventually saw an ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat) specialist. The ENT's instant reaction was that it was a reactive lymph node (due to my lack any other symptoms), I did stress my concern with it to him who referred me for an ultra sound (basically he explained to me that they would do an ultra sound before even considering a biopsy) so they could take a further look.

The results of the ultra sound were that everything looked normal and I was told that no further action was required, but keep an eye on it and if starts to enlarge or I start noticing additional symptoms get back in touch asap. I have since seen another doctor about my nasal discharge and blocking (due to some discomfort with it) and I've been put on a steroid nasal spray and antihistamines. I was also asked to keep a journal of when my nose becomes blocked or when it gets really runny as to help identify what possibly is causing it.

I was worrying myself sick (mainly due to my family's history), but what I have learnt from it is if you are worrying GO SEE A DOCTOR AND GET OFF THE INTERNET! The internet is the best way to scare monger yourself into thinking you're going to die. You read something and instantly think "OH MY GOD, I THINK I HAVE THAT!" which is probably complete nonsense. That and life is too short, don't waste your life worrying, just go enjoy your life and share it with your friends and family.

I hope this helps someone!
All the best!
So did u ever find out what it was?? Was it just allergies?
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I am dealing with a similar thing.  A few months ago I suddenly had a very sore left ear and tingling in my jaw.  I had not had a cold or anything that would cause an ear infection, so I saw a dentist.  They said I needed a root canal.  After the root canal, the pain mostly went away, but I was left with my left ear sometimes feeling hollow or wet and a bit of jaw tingling.  The root canal was many procedures and I had a lot of novacaine in the back of my mouth and such.  The whole time, the glands inside my cheek were up and down, my ear felt weird on and off and my left sinus in the cheek hurt badly on and off.  I mentioned it each time and they shrugged it off.  After getting my crown, my left lymph node in my neck puffed up as did the one right in front of my ear.  I went to the urgent care and she said it was viral (even after describing the above).  Two weeks later I saw an oral surgeon who could feel the paratoid gland in my cheek was hard and sore.  He treated me for a deep tissue infection.  It did help my cheek, but the ear feeling lingered.  It usually starts off fine and then is triggered by being around a lot of people - work, Target, the mall (walking by Abercrombie is the worst!).  I have always been scent sensitive and it seems to be smells that are triggering it.  I went back to the doc and now have an ENT appt. set up.  When it gets really swollen my whole left ear, cheek and throat pulse a little.  It isn't super painful, but is uncomfortable, especially in my neck/throat.  My regular doc said allergies cannot cause swollen lymph node.  The oral surgeon thought there is likely an issue with the Eustachian tube, and told me to head to the ENT.  I will let you all know what they say!
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