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Allergies or Bronchitis?

About 4 weeks ago, I developed symptoms that resembled bronchitis or some form of viral infection. I have been through a lot of different things the past 5 months - anxiety, stressed to the gills, etc- so I'm almost waiting to get sick because I imagine my immune system is fried at this point.

So, I went to the doctor concerned about bronchitis and he did a COVID test that came back negative. He said my lungs sounded clear. No fever whatsoever. The one thing that has me confused is this occasional feeling of having phlegm in my chest or the very back of my throat. The only time I cough is when I feel theres phlegm there and I try to get it out. The cough isnt painful.

Some days are better than others. I have suffered from post nasal drip for a long time now and I notice that I've had plugged ears and a stuffy nose for the past month simultaneously.

I'm wondering if this could be related to indoor winter allergies ? I just find it weird that it came on suddenly a month ago after nothing for 35 years....

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I had a bad cough for many months - ended up on antibiotics for 6 months as they thought that it was an infection of some sort.  No improvement. I also have very bad allergies so thought it was allergy related.  Went to an ear-nose-throat doctor and had my sinus scanned.  Doctor found nothing.  However, he heard me coughing when I was checking out and said that he thought that I might have acid reflux (I had none of the typical symptoms).  Went to my normal doctor who prescribed medicine for that.  My cough went away.  That was several years ago and I am still taking the pill for acid reflux and haven't had that type of cough except when I actually do get sick.  You might try talking to your doctor about that.  Good luck
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That is a little strange that it was a sudden onset but it does sound like an allergy.  What has happened since?  Any further information?
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