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Allergies, sinus infection or other?

Ive had some uncomfortable symptoms for over a year now. I have constant mucus in the back of my throat( postnasal or combined with other mucus?) a very stuffy head like its being boiled, my left ear feels clogged or like theres liquid inside, im always tired, and my eyes feel dry and like theres pressure in them, especially the left. I have a sore throat as well that feels swollen sometimes or narrow. On top of that, I have a dull pain on my upper left side of the nose sometimes and my lymph nodes on my throat and arm pits have been swollen before (not now). Ive taken so many otc mucus medication and painkillers for headaches and sinus rinses and now taking patadol for eyes, but my symptoms continue??? Its very frustrating ! Should I take an allergy test at the doctors?? Why would my lymph nodes be infected? My teeth dont hurt but can it be due to wisdom teeth coming in?? I just want to feel normal again and continue my life. I dont have energy for much anymore. Thanks for any help.
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I'm sorry for your symptoms. I would ask for allergy test as you seem to have a lot of classic signs. If you've had for a year I would suspect that it would be something in your house causing it... Pet dander or dust mites?
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I know how you feel. I have been dealing with the same for over 25 years now. I suffer year around. A kenalog shot every 90 days clears me up but now in new area and cant find a doc to do it. Good luck to you!
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