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Hello everyone! I should first appologize for the length of this post. I'm really hoping someone can help me. I've been suffering from inflammation of the nose, throat and ears for several months now. It all began in April. I went to my doctor for a routine exam and had him look at my right ear and throat as I had woken up that morning with slight pain. He said I had an ear and throat infection and e-prescribed me an antibiotic. Well, that evening I went to pick my prescription up but the pharmacy didn't receive it. I was leaving the next morning for a business trip and didn't have time to deal with it. Since my symptoms weren't too bothersome I wasn't too concerned. By the time I returned from my trip the slight pain was gone and I really didn't think much of it.

Several weeks later, the pain returned with some swelling in my throat. I called my doctors office and they called my prescription in this time. I picked it up and took it as prescribed. About 2 weeks after finishing the antibiotic the symptoms came back and were worse. The fluid in my ear was extremely annoying. I felt as if I had a ruber band around my neck. It felt somewhat restricted. Not difficutl to breathe, but restricted while swallowing with constent pressure in my throat. It was the weekend, so I went to urgent care. The doctor there told me she didn't see any infection. She said I had a lot of fluid in my ears and that I had allergies and gave me a prescription for flonase and told me to take Zyrtek D twice a day. With in 45 minutes of taking the Zyrtek D, my throat didn't feel as tight. But when I took the flonase, the tightness would return. I decided not to take the flonase anymore.

I continued with the Zyrtek D for 12 days. I still didn't see any great improvement, so I went back to my doctor. He looked at me and told me I had a serious infection and needed to hit this infection hard. He prescribed a dose pak (steroid) and 875mg of amoxicillon BID. I was to continue taking the Zyrtek D BID and begin using a saline nasal spray QID. He felt I did have allergies but I was also suffering from an infection. I took all of my meds and felt A LOT better. The swelling in my throat began going down within 48 hours and continued to improve throughout my treatment. Once finished with my treatment, I was able to decrease my Zyrtek D to once a day. Here's my problem though... It's been 3 weeks since I finished my medicine. I still have nasal and throat inflammation. Not severe.. but annoying. I do NOT, nor have I ever had, any of the "normal" allergy symptoms people complain about.. runny nose, watery eyes, ect... all I have is this inflammation with a little post nasal drip. When I was at my doctors office, he said if this doesn't take care of it, then I want you to go to an ENT. But if the problems is allergies, shouldn't I go to an Allergist? Has anyone else ever had this problem? Any advice would be appreciated. At this point this is where I stand..

I switched to Claritan D a couple of days ago, to see if the "dry throat" the Zyrtek D was causing will go away. I am taking 1, 12 hour pill a day. (the same amount I had been taking of the Zyrtek D for the past 3 weeks) I perform the saline spray when I remember. I'm not sure if it's the switching to the Claritan D or if whatever I'm allergic to is coming back, but it feels as if I'm more inflammed today than I have been recently. I've never been tested for allergies. The only thing I know is that the mold count in my area is extremely high and has been all summer. PLEASE HELP
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I have very similar symptoms ...I also have a dry cough that never ends, sore itchy eyes , scratchy throat ..nothing helps dont waste your money...I have done much research and I am sure I suffer from environmental allergies ..caused by the aerial Spraying they are doing .chem trails ...look up .check out 'What on earth are they Spraying' and What on earth are they Spraying "
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Sorry I repeated myself the First Video is called "What on earth are they Spraying' the second one out last week is called "What in the World are they Spraying'  a member ginger899 cl of the dog community has a journal up about it ...
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Hello and hope you are doing well.

If you haven't undergone formal allergy testing, that might be beneficial. Consult an allergy specialist. First he may do a blood IgE levels to see if they are raised. Next, he will do skin testing. This test is painless, in which a very small amount of certain allergens are pricked into the surface of your skin. If you have allergies, just a little swelling will occur where the allergen was introduced.  Reactions occur within about 15 minutes.  If needed more sensitive intradermal tests will be used in which a small amount of allergen is injected within the skin. Based on this he may plan for immunotherapy.

Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
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