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For the past couple of weeks my ears have been blocked.  I thought it was a wax blockage so I went to the doctor to have them cleaned, but she said it was fluid behind my eardrum which can be caused by either allergies or just having a cold.  I don't really have allergies (the occasional stuffy nose during allergy season) and I had just gotten over a cold, so I figured that was the culprit.  It's over a week later, and the feeling of my ears being blocked is still there and now I have a stuffy nose.  I don't feel like I have a cold though because I'm not sneezing and not very much mucous comes out when I blow my nose, it's just this feeling of stuffiness.  Could this be allergies since I live in New England and it's definitely that season?  I just got over a terrible cold and I don't want to be sick again!
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