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Im allergic to everything from milk to peanuts , shellfish, cats ,dogs ,and dust. Ive been taken allergy shots for ten years and they seem not to work. I was told that there is an oral steroid that I can take to fix my health problems. Is this true?  
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Unfortuantely oral steroids are helpful in an allergic reaction once they have occurred.Like for example if due to an allergic reaction,hives have surfaced,then steroids and antihistaminics are the mainstay of treatment.Oral steroids are not useful in prevention of allergies.Pls do not take any steroid without your doctor,s prescription because they have plenty of short and long term side effects.

Hope it helps.Take care and pls do keep me posted on how you are doing or if you have any additional queries.Kind regards.

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I have gone through almost the same thing you have described for years. I have been to over 7 Demotologists and 10 Allergists and been tested for every known illness to man. I have tried every med they have and got no results.  That is till about a month ago.  I came across a video about a food additive called Aspartame.  The video is called " Sweet Misery".  This additive is in over 6000 of our food products we consume everyday.  Do you use any sugar substitutes? Do you chew gum? Do you drink or eat anything with "No Sugar Added, or Sugar Free" on the label?  

This additive, Aspartame, is a technical word for  Methonal.  Methonal is a neurotoxin.  The same toxin that is found in the Black Mamba bite and the bite of the King Cobra.  Once this Methonal enters the body it goes straight to your intestines and turns into Flomaldihyde.  Yes the same thing we embalm the dead with.  Then that is converted into Formic Acid that goes straight to the brain and suppresses Saratonin in the brain.  There are 92 "symptoms" associated with Aspartame.  

You can do a yahoo or google search by looking up the word Aspartame and you will learn more about this poison and all the 92 symptoms that go with it.    I have stopped using any product with Aspartame in it for over a month now and I feel great.  I don't take allergy meds anymore.  I have no more itching, burning skin, no hives or Angeodema.  

I am not saying this is your problem or that this is a cure for you, but I do think it may be worth a shot for you. Check the labels on all your food and discard anything with that word for 30 days and see if you feel better.  The worst that will happen to you is you miss out on some junk food, bu the results may suprise you.
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