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Allergy Hypochondriac??

I think my husband is a hypocondriac. He has been tested twice for airborn and food allergies and has came up neg for both. He complains that is ears are constantly "stuffed up" and that he is dizzy. The ENT has told him that he just has a sensative nose since all kinds of testing have came back negative.  He now has an Air Rite person coming to our house and doing testing for "bad air" in our house because our house is too energy efficient. This has been going on for over 7 years and it's driving me crazy. I would be willing to stick behind him but doctors and I have done everything we can to help.HELP!
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Get him to ask for a heavy metal bloodtest see if he has any toxins, he isnt a Hypcondriac .. they can detox him once he knows .
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Whenever a doctor can not come up with a diagnosis, the patient is either suffering from anxiety or is a hypochondriac. I think there are a lot of people out there with undiagnosed ailments who are called hypochondriacs.

I was undiagnosed after slews of tests. By accident I discovered I had candidiasis (yeast/fungus infection). This causes allergic symptoms and and infestation with this pathogen is not at all uncommon. What is uncommon is diagnosing it. He can be tested for this. Candida feeds on sugars, starches, corticosteroids and antibiotics.
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