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Allergy Test

My daughter just went for an allergy test but was unable to complete it...(she has a large fear of needles and got worked up over the test)... however she had four 'pricks' left...does anyone know what these test for? Need to know whether to rebook.
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Hey courtneyfox.

My opinion is that this is beyond extreme! It seems that the answer for anything these days is to pop some pill.
To give a young person valium for a skin prick test for allergies?

Should you opt for this test though, then there are many safe ways to alleviate her level of anxiety without resorting to such a drastic and potentially harmful measure!
She can try a few drops of "Rescue" sub-lingually to take the edge off, or
to do EFT (emotional freedom techniques) which I have used successfully on many on people- totally non-invasive - for anything from fear of dentists to agoraphobia!
It takes only minutes to do and very easy to learn.
Just search online for the free basic EFT manual and tutorial.
For more complex matters, one may seek an EFT practitioner.

While skin testing may be more accurate than blood testing, it is
not specific enough, to be efficient for practical purposes and to warrant the
administration of valium in your daughter's case, in order to take the test.

At the end of the day, the most important aspect of this investigation,
has been totally ignored!  The cause of her allergies!
So, fine. The allergies are identified and a drug is prescribed and avoidance of the offending allergen is recommended. What if the causes are:
Intestinal permeability-Leaky Gut Syndrome- or Celiac's or Chron's
or Candida? What will the antihistamine do or avoidance to correct her leaky gut syndrome, should this be the cause?

I hope I provided some useful stimulating alternative ideas.

Wishing you and your daughter well!

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This is a Prick test and a very small amount of an allergen is introduced to a patient's skin and then the prick sites are assessed for a reaction.  

I would say to try to rebook and get this completed if possible.
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Hey courtneyfox.

Look into alternative non invasive ways of testing and treating allergies.
Dr. Coca's "pulse test"- free download.
NAET (Dr.Nambudripad's Allergy Elimination Techniques)
or "Allergy Antidotes"- search for Doctor's or Practitioners who are trained in these methods. Holistic, drug free and very effective!
Hope this helps.
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Brilliant - thanks so much for this
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Allergy blood testing requires only one needle stick (unlike skin testing). This may be more attractive for people who are afraid of needles. Allergy blood testing is the preferred test for infants and very young children


Disadvantages of allergy blood tests include:
1. More expensive than skin testing. Many health insurers do not cover allergy blood tests.

2. May be less sensitive than skin tests.

3. Takes days or weeks to get results because the blood sample must be sent to a laboratory for evaluation. Skin testing provides immediate results.
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Yes, we went to the GP today who said similar in the field of blood testing, as well as saying that the test isn't as accurate as skin testing.
She recommended my daughter take a valium which she was happy to prescribe, but I'm just worried as I feel that is a very drastic measure. Obviously I would like to get to the bottom of things and don't want my daughter to be anxious, but I associate valium with much more severe circumstances?
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What is the dose of valium?  I will agree this is pretty extreme, however, the Skin testing provides accurate results in the end.  
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Niko and Londres70 thank you both so much for your help. I definitely agree re valium. I have never heard of the other methods of relaxation apart from Rescue Remedy which doesn't seem to do the trick.
What is Candida?
Thanks again - I really appreciate this help.
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Well....perhaps numbing cream may be used.  I am not sure if this will interfere with the testing though.  I have used this alot for pediatric patients and for adult patients who cannot withstand needle pricks.  

Ask the physician about this.  This may be a good solution for your child.  The valium route just seems so extreme.  

The Skin Testing is investing what could be the CAUSE of her allergies.  I have had this done myself and it was EXTREMELY helpful.  

Definitely discuss other options to this problem with her physician.  
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. Candida. There may be a significant Yeast component in the causes of Leaky gut Syndrome, gut dysbiosis  and allergies.
Candida is a fungal/yeast infection which left uncontrolled can lead to a major systemic infection and a major causative agent to a number of serious diseases.
To test: leave a tall glass of water by your night-table. Upon waking up spit generously into the glass.
After 20 minutes if spit becomes long & stringy, or
sinks to the bottom of the glass, you probably have Candida (yeast infection).
Sinking spit is worse than stringy and floating, I believe. Do a YouTube search for more details.
To remedy:
a.Coconut oil (extra virgin organic) in place of cooking oils 2T daily, work up to 4T daily, based on 150Kg body weight.
in 2-3 weeks. Greatest antifungal-much better than ANY anti-fungal drug! I've seen the studies.
(I have read 3 books on the benefits of coconut oil)
b. Anti-candida diet. Avoid sugars(including artificial)
carbs, alcohol, fermented foods, dairy (some people are OK with yogurt).
c.  High quality prebiotics and probiotics.
I have taken the Progressive Nutritionals HCP®Synbiotic kit, which I found to be one of the best ones on the market. Not sure if availalable in the U.S
It's made in Canada
d. Lower stress levels! Stress and yeast infections
go hand in hand (stress on its own is a factor that
may contribute to the development and exasperation of disease).

Hope this helps.
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Did the allergist suggest a valium?  Mine suggested I take a small dose for the skin prick test as well.  I think a small dose, one time, of anything for calming should be fine.
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Thanks so much for all of your help - its really appreciated.
Kkat1, my GP suggested the valium, as she said that the emla cream would disrupt the test.
Did you take the valium? Did it work? I'm very hesitant.
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I am taking it on Monday.  I can let you know.  I have taken Ativan in the past for medical anxiety and it works like a charm.  It does not make you sleepy or "drunk."  It just takes the edge off.  Your daughter will still be able to be perfectly functioning she just will feel as though she can take a deep breath and calm down.  These meds, when used in moderation, are very safe and why not take the edge off if the MD is there and suggests it.  Also, the Ativan or Valium will wear off quickly  -- within hours so after the test she can go home and eat and relax....as can you!
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I understanf that this is not the Alternative part of the forum
but if you were to do a search for NAET Doctors and Practitioners,
your will return dozens of pages of results. There are thousands of doctors
and health care professionals who are certified in NAET and "Allergy Antidotes"

The point that I'm trying to bring across is that this not some passing fad, nor is this based on some exaggerated claims from practitioners.
As a matter of fact there are many medical doctors, in various specialties, who are using these highly effective methods for many years, not only to eliminate allergies,but to treat conditions connected to these allergies and a lot more!

All drug-free, non-invasive and very effective at a reasonable cost.
Let me know if you need any more details, send me a message.
Take care.

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Niko and Kkat thank you so much for your advice! I will keep you updated on how things go.
Really, really appreciate the help.
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How did it go?
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