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Allergy or not?

Hello, 1 year after having a baby ,I started getting burning sensations on my face which have been going on now for 6 months . My  skin also became very oily ( with large pores) and my eyes started to burn as well (crusty in the morning).  I  went to dermatologist who told me I have sensitive skin with some broken capillaries and prescribed metrogel , which did nothing for me.  Metrogel is prescribed for rosacea , but I never had any serious redness,  just the normal flushing sometimes like everybody else  in the world.   Right now I have burning face pain and very oily skin , but no redness at all.  Could I be allergic to something or is it something else?
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Hello Samar2014,

Welcome to the allergy forum. I see you joined Med help this month.
This does sound like an allergic reaction to me. What product do you use to wash your face ?  Do you use a product called Noxema by any chance ?
I used Noxema only once a long time ago. I will never forget how greasy my face felt after using it. I ended up throwing the whole jar away. I think I was a teenager or in my early twenties. Can't remember how old I was.
Secondly, do you use a skin toner ?  If do, what do you use ?  Do you use a skin moisturizer ?  If so, what do you use ?  The fact that you say your face feels like it is burning makes me think allergic skin reaction. Do you use a sunscreen product ?  If so, what do you use ? What shampoo do you use ?
Do you use bath soap or shower gel ?  If you answer these questions I may be able to make some suggestions.  Also do you wear make up ? If so, what make up brand do you use.   Eve
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Hello evewisewoman, thank you for your response,
Right now I just use water on my face. I do use makeup from l'oreal (nutri lift gold). It contains pro-retinol ,pro lalyt, hyaluronic acid, pro xylane, vitamin c and collagen. The mascara I have , I' ve used for years, so that's not the problem.   The only thing I know I ' m extremely allergic to is metals, especially Nickel.  I also started taking supplements months ago like calcium and vitamines, is iT possible to react to that?
The shampoo I use is head and shoulders, I  have greasy hair which started the same time as my oily face. The soap  for  my body is dove, but I dont think that's the problem since I ' ve always used that soap.  Thanks again!
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Hi Samar,

You are very welcome. I have sensitive skin too so I have to be careful
about the products I use. I use dove bath soap too. It is a good and mild soap.You should probably be using something other than water on your face. If you are using make up, you need be using something to take the make up off your face or it builds up on your skin.  I have used goat milk soap on my face with good results and it smells good too. By make up do you mean moisturizer ?   You mentioned that the L'Oreal ( Nutri Lift Gold ) has hyaluronic acid as one of its ingredients. Perhaps the hyaluronic acid is
the ingredient that is causing the burning sensation in your face and
maybe you should switch to a different moisturizer. Have you ever heard of a company called Yves Rocher.  You can order items through the mail.
Yves Rocher makes products for women and men with sensitive skin and they are terrific. They also sell skin moisturizers, toners for sensitive skin.
Their prices are very reasonable and they have really good sales. I have bought a lot of their products over the years and as I mentioned they have excellent products for sensitive skin. I would goggle Yves Rocher if you are interested.  I hope you find my suggestions helpful.  Eve
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Thank you eve,
I' ve heard about Yves rocher, didn't know they had makeup for sensitive skin.  I will look iT up right away. Hopefully it Will help .
Tanks again!
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Hi Samar,

You are very welcome. I think it will help you. Yves Rocher products are reasonably priced and they are very good. I wish you well.  Eve
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