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Allergy to sunless tanner?

Hi everyone, a few months back i used some sunless tanner on my legs. Since, i have noticed itchy red blisters, some of them are large, on my legs & ankles that have spread to the bottoms of my feet. Some of the blisters are filled with a clear liquid, all of the ones on my feet are and it can be very itchy. they are also on my wrists, maybe from putting the tanner on? i was told it was an allergy to the tanner, but i am not sure how or why it spread to my feet. the doc gave me a steriod cream but it is not clearing up, any ideas? thank you
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I have the same problem! First I thought it was alergy to sunshine, but it happened 1 week after return from holiday at seaside. I have used mild self-tanning lotion to keep brown color on my skin, causing same kind of reactions. Currently I am on anti-alergen pills and cream, but the rash does not seem to go away so fast... it does help not to scratch of course. good luck.
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I'm having a reaction when using self tanning lotions. Its a very itchy rash all over my legs. Can anyone tell me of a self tanning lotion that is missing the ingredients that seem to cause this sort of reaction.
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