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My IGE level went from 550 to 880 since Jan. Dr wants me to get shots, I was told this is very dangerous level.  I am against any shots.  I tried singular, my level went higher during that time. I was told once that if level was1,000 and over the dr could not help me or give me shots. I feel like I don't have an evidence of allergies except some sneezing in the morning and heaviness in my eyes and head. I don't feel this justify s shots. What is the normal level and can you tell me if these shots are the right thing to do. Perhaps I am just use to living this way and never noticed severe allergies
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Several thoughts:

One: You definitely could just be used to the missery.  It has become your life, and you have lived with it for so long that that you really don't know what feeling good is.  I know that is the way I was.  It was such a pleasant feeling to realize that air is actually supposed to move through my sinuses.  I am sure that you WILL feel an huge difference 6 months to a year after you start shots.  It depends on what method your dr uses as to when you will see improvement.  A RUSH tor cluster reatment will get the shots to effective doses much faster than the normal method.

Two:  What is your objection to shots?  Immunotherapy shots are small amounts of allergen.  There is no medicine in them.  The object is to teach your immune system that these substances are acceptable and to stop reacting to them.  If you fear shots, the nurses that give the shots give them all day long.  They give hundreds of them a week.  They are very good at it and most of the time you don't even notice them.  

I have never heard that about the IgE level reaching 1000, but if I were you, I wouldn't wait.  It looks are you are becoming more allergic quickly.  Another thing to think about is that as your allergies increase, you might start feeling worse or even start experiencing anaphalaxis.  Then with your doctor not giving shots if your IgE level reaches 1000, you would be stuck.

Of course, a second opinion might be a good idea, especially since your doctor has some thoughts about IgE levels that I have never heard.  I have heard of people with much higher IgE levels - even reaching into the 3000 range.  Usually they have a lot of eczema problems and other issues.

I hope that helps some.  You have a hard decision to make.
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Hi, I am a Gulf War Vet. My diagnosis is 30 % Astma  asthmaticus with IGE levels raging from 2800 to 4500! My VA allergist said I am allergic to Everything! So I am also diagnosed with RHinitis. An IGE level of 500 - 700 is considred an avg high level. Anything over 700 Does not qualify for shots your dr offered to administer. You should refuse shots if your levels reach 700 or more. Hope this helps!

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