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Am i allergic to sunblock!!plz help!!!

by naughtynally, 4 minutes ago

hi iv just recentily returned form a sun holidays, last year was my 1st time on a sun holiday i broke out in a rash, my skin went red and itchy, my eyes were sore, red and itchy and i burn very easily so this year i was given heat rash tablets by my gp. The rash cleared in most areas of my body but i still had a rash on my hands and neck. My face felt all lumpy and sandy, my eyes went very sore, red, and itchy and watered alot. My skin all over my body went very red and itchy and i burned in patches. iv tryed lots of different sunblocks spf 50 nd stil get all of these conditions. Could i be allergic to sunblock????its very annoying when u spend so much money on a holiday nd get all of these symptoms i just want to be able to go on a holiday where i can actually open my eyes, not have to scratch myself, not to be burnt and red skined the whole time IF ANYONE CAN Help ME PLZ DO TANKS:)
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Welcome to the forum!
It is difficult to comment without examining the skin. If you live in a country where the Sun rays are not very strong, then if you go to a country which is very hot and expose yourself to the sun, you skin can get sun burnt as it does not have to ability to tolerate the rays of the sun. Hence there are two possibilities. Either you had a sunburn or you were allergic to the sunscreen lotion you used. The only way to know for sure is to take an allergy test.  You will have to tell the allergist the ingredients of the cream or lotion you used.
Hope this helps. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!
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Probably has sulpha laureth something - I am allergice to any lotion with that stuff in it.

I think they need a warning on the - have to find shampoos that say "no sulphate" on it.

Just getting into this.  
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