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Anal Itching


I'm 19, and I've been suffering from anal itching for 7 months.
7 months ago, i had a really bad constipation, and there was some blood on the toilet paper, but it didn't both me so much, and the bleeding went away after 3 days, but then it started to hurt A LOT. It was hurting me for like 5 weeks, but then everything was fine. a month after, I bleeded again, only for few days, I went to the doctor, he said I had an anal fissure, so he gave me some cream. After 3 Months, the pain of the fissure went away, however the skin around the anus itches a alot. I went to the doctor a week ago, and he told me that my skin got sensitive because of one of the ingredients of the creams I was using (I used it for 3 consecutive months, which is pretty stupid from me). So I stopped using the cream, but now the pain is a lot worse with-out it. My skin feels very dry, and VERY itchy, I can't even walk normally (I usually do a lot of sports).

Any tips?

Thank you
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Hi, welcome to the forum, there are many causes of anal pruritis (itching) which includes fecal soilage, Anorectal diseases like abscess, fissure etc., Dermatological diseases like atopic or contact dermatitis and more commonly worms infestation like Entrobius infection.

Fecal soilage is seen due to abnormality in the internal anal sphincter mechanism. Certain foods can be associated with anal pruritus including coffee, tea, cola, chocolate, tomatoes, and citrus fruits. You need to limit such foods.

You have not mentioned the name of the cream.  A protective ointment, such as zinc oxide can be used with steroid cream (if not used before) against prescription.

If it is due to entrobius, Anti-helminthics are very useful. Otherwise you need to consult a surgeon to rule out the cause and appropriate therapy. Take care and regards.
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The name of the cream that damaged my skin is called Scheriproct Salve. It contains cinchocaine hydrochlorid..

I've stopped using it for a week now, but I went to the pharmacy and they gave me a cream called Travocort creme... they told me it's good for ezcema and anal itching.
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Btw, I do not have any kind of other disease around the anus. It was just the anal fissure as I mentioned, but now the skin around the anus is damaged because of the stupid cream.
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I had itching similar to what you described for years and years. I tried everything. I've been "back to normal" for the last year or so, and here's how I did it:

I went Gluten free, which seemed to help a little bit, and in my main bathroom, I use a bidet. As much as practical I try to use that bathroom for BMs. I bought a very inexpensive device on Amazon (about $30), and it installed under the toilet seat lid. It took about 30 minutes to install, and only required minimal skills.

I take about 3 or 4 minutes to clean after a BM. When I first got it, I tried it , and I was suprised at how much came out, even thought I thought had throughly cleaned myself. I think the way I use its more like an enema - probably not quite as powerful.

Now I have normal function. I use public restrooms if I have to, and regular toilet paper doesn't bother me in the least. I have no idea whether my symptoms would return if I stopped using the Bidet. I did go on an 8 day vacation, and I only just cleaned carefully when showering once a day, and I seemed to be fine. Good luck, I hope this help.s
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The "bidet" advice may be a good answer.  You can test this, at least at home, if you use something, I used a worn out white sock and soap and water to wash after a BM - or even later, much faster than taking another shower - another way to test an see if extra clean helps.  

I didn't have any such trouble during my younger, even middle age, years. It seems in my case the problem is aging and I have more hair in the way and the old anus just doesn't "slip" off the **** the way it once did.   This is not a medical diagnosis, just how it appears to me.  

Given the popularity of the bidet in Europe (and elsewhere - I used to travel on international business, there must be a need by some younger people to take special steps to wash after a BM.  Some of the real tight pants some (usually women) wear could make it necessary to wash after a BM.  I used to wear boxer shorts so nothing was pulled up into my crotch.  Another idea, try boxer shorts so more air can circulate.

Good lucki
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