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Anaphylaxis to Ranitidine

Over a year ago i was given ranitidine for the treatment of GERD. I took my first dose and i started to feel nausea so i went to bed, during the night i started vomiting and not like any vomit i had ever experienced before. i thought nothing of it, until my heart began to race through out the night. the next morning i thought i might be allergic to one of my medication as i was prescribed 2 medication all at once. i thought it was the other medication ( citalopram) so i didn't take that and i took the ranitidine, within 30 min of taking i had more and more problems breathing, i felt like i was suffocating. i rang my doctor as i didn't know what to do and she put me through as she could tell i couldn't breathe even through she couldn't understand me. By the time the ambulance arrived my lips and neck has swollen, i could barely say a word let alone a sentence. i had a rash around my neck and my oxygen saturation was low. i arrived at the hospital and was put into re suss and given adrenaline by injection and i was given prednisone. i was given oxygen and i recovered well, spent the next few days in hospital recovering. This would never have happened if my doctor had not prescribed me to medication at once. I feel lucky to be alive as later the ambulance officer and he said he thought i was a goner. I never realized how serious it was before and when I arrived at the hospital the doctors where shocked i was allergic to ranitidine as it can be given for allergic reactions.
I don't want to be the only one as it makes it harder as the doctors are always amazed.

So what i want to know if you or any one you know also allergic to ranitidine weather mild or serious?
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Hey freddie8605.

Do you live close to Christchurch?
I hope your family and friends are safe and well.

You probably belong to the "rare side effects" group!
Sorry to hear about your ordeal with this medication.
Even more common side effects are not exactly very common.
The main thing is that, this is all behind you now!

However, there are other concerns with taking certain medications,
as people do not understand the mechanisms involved.
Please take the time to read my latest post to "imalerie" titled MedMigraine in the Depression community, dated Feb 24 (my latest reply), as it relates to this.
You will also find information on possible causes of excess stomach acid production.

Please post again should you have any questions.

Wow...that's awful!  While I never had a reaction like Freddie's....I do believe Ranitidine made me persistently nauseous for an entire year straight.  I've had GERD, a hiatal hernia and stomach problems for years.  After a long stint with Nexium, I decided to get on a non-PPI and something more minor.  Ranitidine was the suggestion.  Though I've always struggled with nausea here and there....for a year of my life I struggled with nausea constantly.  Almost every single day.  (Even on my wedding day, I felt sick!)  If it weren't for ginger candies (I SO recommend)....the Prince of Peace kind from GNC, ginger ale, local honey and DoTerra peppermint oil, I don't know what I would've done.  The bad thing is, I didn't realize it was the ranitidine for the longest time. I just thought I was having an extra bad year.  After my Dr. arranged an EGD, I had to not have ranitidine for a few days before.  Oddly, I found myself feeling somewhat better and not having nausea.  I began experimenting after the EGD.  Sometimes only having 1 a day and not having any for a day or two.  Oddly, my symptoms lessened.  Our conclusion:  Ranitidine really does cause nausea for me.  I don't like or trust the drug.  I'm done with it for good.  For now on, I'm going to just try to watch what I eat (as I've tried for years) and do natural approaches whenever I don't feel good. I KNOW these kind of issues are no joke....and sometimes natural alone just doesn't work. I may take a tums or an over the counter antacid drug when feeling really bad. I hope to never even take nexium again, but I'd take it again before ranitidine.  The side effects of this drug seem to be a very real thing.
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I take Ranitidine for my allergies, I never heard of somebody having a allergic reaction to it but it must be a rare side effect. But nobody belieaves when I say what Im allergic to, and almost die from it, and Im one in 260 million who has this allergy, Im deadly allergic to WATER of any kind even my sweet :S
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Wow yeah i have heard of that. when i was younger i watched a documentary about this lady who couldn't have showers etc without a lot of pain. I guess in a way i am lucky because i can easily avoid Ranitidine but you cant easily avoid water as it is a essential need for life. How do you deal with it? how do drink enough water to survive and shower etc?
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Hi yes i have been affected by the earthquake in Christchurch. but i am well and so are my family. Thank you for your post.
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Hi there

I experienced the same allergic reaction to this drug but not as severe. Lips throat tongue and face swelled up! It happened slowly but I was taken into emergency for treatment as well. It was a couple of years ago and haven touched ranitidine since. Just went in to speak to my doctor about it again to see if they could look into it more to make sure. He said it was almost impossible and that I had to have had something else in my system to have a reaction like that since it is used to treat allergies. He said I was fine and not to worry about it and sent me on my way. Is it worth looking into with another doctor or will I keep getting the same response??
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I took one Zantac (ranitidine) and began experiencing itching all over.   I formed welts that grew together in large masses.   We poured caladryl all over and then used cool air from a blow dryer to cool the burning.   My face puffed and I experienced shortness of breath.  It was not a good experience.   I found the Zantac which I bought at Sam's Club is the highest dose you can take.  I was surprised that something this strong could be purchased over the counter.  My doctor told me to take it for gerd.

I had taken this years ago with no problem.  
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GET ANOTHER DOCTOR.  You need someone who will listen.  Allergic reactions REQUIRE attention.   A year ago, I had an ear infection.  The doctor asked if I had allergies.  I said I was allergic to penicillin.  It was also on the record he read.  He came back in 5 minutes with a prescription for penicillin.   He acted shocked at what he had done.   Yes, they get tired, they make mistakes.  Find someone who will listen and work with you.  Communication is two way when it comes to your health.  
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I had a reaction of taking two Zantac (ranitidine) tablets. My lips swelled and I and then I broke out in hives. I went to a Med Express where they gave me adrenaline and two other shots with a script for Prednisone.  I was out of work for three weeks because I did not react well to the Prednisone and the hives wouldn't go away.  I finally took Claritin D which eliminated the hives completely (I found this advice on the Internet and not from my doctor).  I'll never take ranitidine in any form again.
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