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Any adults with food allergies?

I am 47 and have just been tested for food allergies. I am allergic to soy, corn and canola oil. I don't have much in the way of recipes and was wondering if anyone else out there has this problem and would like to share or swap their recipes with me?
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I am allergic to soy and also struggle with what to eat in restaurants and what recipes to use.  I searched "soy allergy" on line to learn the many different names for soy in food, make up, shampoo/conditioner and household products. (I printed the names on "word" and don't have the websites saved) I now read the labels before I buy anything I put on or in my body.  I also carry an epi pen after learning from my dr. that I was in danger of anaphalyxis.  I had no idea that the symptoms included nausea, headache itching... all symptoms I'd had at one time or another.  I also didn't know that newspaper ink had soy in it until I had a reaction after packing my kitchen to move.

When I cook, I don't use processed foods.  I cook with olive oil or butter not margarine.  I don't use bottled salad dressing, I make oil and vinegar dressing.  Bread is tough; you just have to read the labels.  Hagen Daz chocolate, vanilla and coffee ice cream doesn't have soy...it's the only ice cream I've found that doesn't.  Perdue organic chicken isn't injected with broth, tuna from Isreal (I forgot the brand name) isn't packed in broth.  Dannon vanilla yogurt (not low fat) is OK.  Cheerios, Frosted mini wheats, fritos and ruffles are OK, too.  I use matzoh meal instead of bread crumbs.  I have not found chocolate candy without soy.  I buy organic free range chicken broth (read the label) and Tom's of Maine toothpaste.  I avoid "natural flavors" and "artifical flavors" since they are often soy.  MSG, monoglycerides and diglycerides are also soy.

Bare Minerals make up does not contain soy.  Shampoo/conditioner is tricky...read the label.  Eucerin for sensitive skin is OK.  Dove soap is soy free.  Be careful if you use anti-aging creams (I do and many contain soy), or moisturizers.  read...read...read

McDonalds has soy in everything!!!  Wendys has some soy free choices.  Both have the info on their websites.  So do Pizza Hut, Dominos, Pepsi ...

My local grocery store has allergy info available for their bakery products; maybe yours does too.

I hope this helps.  I have found this allergy to be a frustrating experience and information has been hard to come by.

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Allergies can be of varying severity and intensity and can increase or decrease with time and also come and go.

But still, it would be best to avoid the substances which you have known allergies to. You should also keep antihistamine and antiallergic medications at hand , in case of a sudden allergic reaction.

It would also help to consult an allergy specialist about your symptoms, and discuss whether an allergy testing should be done in your case. You should consult a nutrition specialist or dietecian to chart out a diet plan for you that avoids these substances. Also, talk to the doctor about prescribing an epi-pen that you can carry with you and use in case of an emergency.

Let us now about how you are doing and if you have any other doubts.

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