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Anyone allergic to polyester? I am and can help!

Sorry the topic is not right. But closest I could find for polyester and some other allergens cause skin eruptions. I am allergic to polyester, vinyl, some plastics, vinere, The clear coat on boxes, and more. And after 5 years of studying myself closely and control environments etc... I finally live with only mild symtoms. This is done strictly through knowing all I have to do, and avoid.
I have also studied extensively the immune system, and other related health issues, and believe I have a higher knowledge than doctors on synthetic allergens now, for lack of studies being done in the medical society on this.
Pardon my spelling please. I had severe adhd growing up and spelling was a weak subject for me.
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This allergy is also known as contact dermatitis. Actually it is Allergic contact dermatitis.
Want to see if it is what you have? here you go.

I am going to help you more with this one link than you have ever got for this!
And you would think after all these years one of these know it alls in here would think of it. I been here 2 days and I did.
This link has 1000's of pictures of people with this allergy. And so go and find someone that it looks like yours there. Because it looks a bit different of many people, and different body parts. Find your body part here and one that reacts exactly like you. A picture is worth a 1000 words!


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Thanks for the link.  I don't think polyester is my allergy.  Thank God, because it's everywhere.  I am so allergic to wool, though, that I feel something like static zapping if someone else is wearing wool and comes into contact with any exposed skin.  I know that means I have to get away or I'll get an itchy rash.
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Well some people can be so mildly allergic to polyester, that the skin never erupts for years and years. Often times these people only have tiny tiny red dots on upper legs, and back of upper arms. Or both. Until one day the immune get low from some illness, or they go through a very stressful time. And all the stress and thus not sleeping well, runs the immune down enough that they can then break out from polyester, and often times it is where the skin is thinnest. Like inner thighs, and groin. Or lower legs from polyester socks. Or hands from contact with synthetics. And then when the immune grows stronger again, it goes away. And the body can keep it at bay again. This can happen even if someone doesn't even have the tiny red spots or goose bump like dots.
So the only way for some people to know is to take 100% polyester like the filling for pillows, and hold it tight to a thin skin area for them.
I know it's been many years since your post on polyester but I have just come across it now and have need of your findings.  Anytime I come in contact with polyester or polyurethane my skin burns like a severe sunburn.  It lasts for days and typically is accompanied with awful sinus pain. My question is, we have just received a new mattress which claims to be 100% organic cotton.  My first night on it I had that old familiar burning skin sensation.  So I double checked their site and sure enough it contains the Poly's.  My husband loves the bed.  The first bed we got from this company I did not have a reaction to and this is supposed to be the same one.  How , or what, can I do to stop the reaction?  Would a 100% cotton blanket as a bed cover work or make no change?  The pain is unbearable to keep going through and I can't get a decent night's sleep.  Can you help?
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I began a skin allergy 11 months ago - itching and sometimes with rash - I had blood tests etc all negative. My barber spotted the rash on the back of my neck caused by the nylon chair-apron. So light at the end of the tunnel, I was allergic to NYLON. Then I noticed the rash affecting me when wearing t-shirts matched the seaming, and of course these *cotton* t-shirts have POLYESTER stitching! So I think I am allergic to both polyester and nylon. Have begged my GP to send me for testing now that there is a reasonable probability that the causes of my allergy can be isolated, but that was over 2 months ago and they have left me to suffer it out :-| Am desperate - is there anyone further down the road on this than I am, what should I do, how do I cope and **what should I wear**!?!?

Virually all clothing is stitched with polyester - despite "cotton garment" claims. All socks give me irritable feet and sore shins / ankles. A lot of clothing I now wear insideout to escape the stitching. All labels I remove since the majority are synthetic material, and cause a rash.

Advice and help please!!!

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I am allergic to polyester and synthetics. It is sever i have welts that grow the size of a softball. They appear to pop and run down all under my skin. I do not have to be wearing it, it just has to be near me. My breathing is obstructed and enough exsposier my blood presure rises to dangerous levels. Benydrl helps with the blood presure and controling the welts. Was hard to figure out in the begining cause if i was exsposed to polyester it could be over an hr until i would be breaking out..the breathing always came on sudden. I did find after i had a hysterectomy i went 4 months without a reaction. Not suggesting getting one..just finding what is wrong that is dragging your immune down. No doctor knows our bodies better than we do, it is a shame they dont listen to us more. Unfortunately for me i was in a vehical accident at work and my reactions have come back. So i believe it is our bodies telling us something is wrong. Just saying..
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I have nylon allergy contact dermatitis.  Pictures on the web site you recommended had images EXACTLY like the large goose bump-like blisters and red, irritated skin in many photos.  I was prescribed Benadryl and a topical corticosteroid.  It worked and further exposure at later times reproduced the same rash and goose bumps.  Thanks.
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It's not an allergy! Its an autoimmune inflammation response aka autoimmune disease. It is where your white blood cells attack your skin because of what is in contact with your skin. This inflammation can also be caused by some antibiotics and synthetic colors. My doctor just cleared me of cancer. He say's "the cells I found in you are benign". In other words, It could be a symptom of something worse! Everyone! Please go have blood work done, make sure its just a sensitivity!
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My 7 yr old daughter has recently been diagnosed with severe latex allergy and needs an epi pen and med bracet. I have made the decision to take away all polyester as well because she says it makes her skin hot and crawl like when a latex balloon touches her hand. I'm completely overwhelmed, often waking up from nightmares that her toothpaste tube will kill her while I'm gone. I know it seems silly but latex is just in soooo many things. Have any informative links or advice to how to get through this beginning?
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I have had a polyester allergy since H.S. I can detect it through other fabrics. It begins with feeling heat and growing uncomfortable. Like 50/50 or any proportion, even if the Polyester fiber is in the center of a thread, wrapped with pure cotton I can tell in the dark or with my eyes closed. Just touching it.

Nylon is safe. Wool is safe. I love cotton. I think now (50 y.o. male) I sm developing a vinyl allergy which I am testing for presently. No problems with latex or polyurathane.

It was first noticed when my older brother gave me a tennis shirt for a present. I loved it. Blue and yellow striped polo shirt. When waring it, within 15 minutes my skin was hot and body odor was pervasive. Even when removed, eithin a day red spots emerged and then pimples (acne).  I am a polyester detector now. I can tell just by touching it. I can detect other Allerhalogens now
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Looking at the link, mine is not contact dermatitus. (Also, how do you edit an entry here? ) anyway...

I can detect other allergins too. I consider it a super-sensitivity. The pimples are classic pimples. The odor is clear and to be avoided. I gave a comparable reaction to silk. Most synthetics were developed to mimic silk. I think it may have genetic underpinnings.

I am a supersensor. Once aware of the feeling of exposure to something I am reactive to, I can sense it with my eyes closed
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I've been aware of the same reactive symptoms since I was a child; when "Dacron" became (I think) the first polyester-blend fabric used in women's clothing, and I was constantly desperate to get out of my clothes (this didn't ever happen while wearing all-cotton or silk, or even nylon/rayon).

Clothes shopping gets worse and worse, now that nearly all garments contain poly. At least I ought to be able to sleep at night. However, I am now trying to find an all-cotton mattress cover for my new bed, and every single one I see that advertises "100% cotton" (even "organic" cotton) is FILLED with polyester!  Suggestions welcome!  (No, I don't own a sewing machine…not yet anyway).
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After decades of trying to figure out what was going on, someone reminded me of my allergy (discovered about 5 years ago) to latex. It never occurred to me that elastic (such as underwear) is latex.

For years, I have been told the rashes I experience all over my "below the waist" area were yeast problems and have used various creams and powders. My issues involved shiny red itchy skin, open sores/wounds, wet areas, etc. (Nasty and painful)

Recently I was having a similar outbreak and noticed when I changed from one pair of sweat pants to another, the symptoms got better / almost gone. Then, for some reason, I went back to the original pair and it came back. I went back to check the fabrics on the label, and found them to be Polyester (one was 50% -- better, the one I couldn't wear was 100%)

Yesterday, while wearing jeans in a store, I noticed that I was noticing pain in areas where I normally breakout, like where the creases of the legs meet the rest of your torso. My underwear doesn't even reach those areas.

When I got home, I check the label, and noticed that the jeans (Signature by Levis) not only contain 2% latex but 17% polyester. From all my research, it appears these two are the culprit. I'm relieved to have an answer, and can't wait to buy 100% cotton denim jeans.

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Does  anyone  relate to  this?  I use a lot of Fixodent tooth  powder for my dentures which are in and out several times a day.   Lousy fit. Noticed the zinc warnings on the package.  Have developed an almost all over body itch.  Worse  at night.  With slight rash that comes and goes. My back is the worst. Anyone think the zinc could be the culprit?  Eager to hear from y'all.
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I have the same issue.  How does one find bras,  shirts and pillows that are cotton only?  Thank you,  Petuly
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Wow I am pretty sure I am allergic to polyester. I know I am allergic to nickel and I get the same type of reactions to clothing with polyester. My contact dermatitis looks more like acne bumps but is extremely itchy. I have problems with glycol in skincare products as well... Which is actually what polyester is made from I believe?? I bought a high neck sweatshirt that was 100% polyester and I have never had such a bad rash.  I have had allergies since I was a baby but they became extremely worse in 2005 when I was in a car accident and the airbags went off. My face was always pretty clear up until that point and then any products I used just irrated it soo bad. I can only use chemical free products. Hair dye is out if the question. I try to avoid all chemicals and polyester but it's hard. Any tips you can give me would be greatly appreciated.
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Hi, I have noticed in one of your posts that you seems to know about the immune system and allergins. Five years ago, my doctor gave me the wrong prescription and it has affected my skin in negative ways. I am now allergic to the sun, I have hyperpigmentation, I cant even go outdoors without a rashlike reddish mark appearing on my skin. What do you suggest I doÉé I truly miss all the outdoors activities with my family. There is so much I can do indoors, you know.
I do know that 100% cotton is the best for the skin, I know this because of my own allergic reaction to clothing on my skin. So cotton is breathable also and I do not have any allergic reaction when wearing cotton fabric on my body. so...
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Thank you for the advice. I will try to wear polyester again after I get over my sickness.
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My contact allergy started 6 months into my 2nd pregnancy 2.5 years ago. After seeing several skin specialists I am allergic to nickel, fragrance mix, cinnamon, cinnam aldehyde and cinnamyl alcohol. I react mostly on neck and chest. I wonder about the long term effects of glycol which I didnt know comes from polyester. I believe I have an allergic to polyester. I certainly cannot wear it and scratch immediately when I touch it. How do they test for an allergy to polyester? My doctor has given me a steroid but it burns when I apply it. He is going to do a skin biopsy soon and can't understand why none of the skin specialists I have seen haven't already done this. I wish I had some useful information for you. I feel like I am going crazy. Thanks for your post.
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I cannot believe what I've read here. I thought I was alone with this until talking to my niece who's also dealing with it. This allergy has absolutely ruined my life. After buying a new mattress I started to experience insomnia, sinus problems, headaches, skin rashes, burning eyes, waking up spaced out and nauseous and my immune system just began to completely fail. Once the mattress made broken my immune system down I began to severely react to all of my polyester clothing. Body hair falling out, burning lips when I wore a polyester shirt, excessive urinating and uncontrollable hypoglycemic episodes! My face became so swollen I looked like an old alien. Everything made of polyester, latex and PVC vinyl became my enemy. Shower curtain liner, interior of my new car, carpets, water bottled in plastic, "hypoallergenic" pillows, all my brand new faux leather furniture.... when I walked in the room I would get severe stomach cramps, ringing in my head and dizzy. At first I thought it was chemicals but after cleaning many times with vinegar it became undeniable it was the material. I couldn't sit anywhere near those couches. I always knew polyester and I didn't get along (at Christmas those Santa hats would always break my head out badly) so I avoided it but not so stringently. After that mattress  I had to buy a 100% organic cotton mattress and I use a cotton quilt I got at Bed Bath & Beyond as a mattress pad. And 100% organic cotton pillows ive made myself. That mattress would affect me from the next room! I have to wash all of my cotton clothing in vinegar and baking soda only or it triggers me bad and I get severe cramps (from histamine Ive figured out) and feel weak. THIS IS CRAZY!!!! If every member of my family wasn't suffering with this I'd think I was crazy.  But my brother, mother and niece all suffer from it. I'm anxious to read how others are coping with it. because I'm at the end of my rope.
Recently received a new Saatva mattress, we purchased one from them before and it was wonderful.  It states 100% organic cotton.  However, I could not sleep on the one we just received yesterday. My entire body got hot like a bad sunburn.  I think there must be poly something inside.  I cannot tolerate polyester or polyurethane, nothing in that family.  So my question to you is what mattress do you use?  I have to sleep on something this will drive me crazy
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Oh yeah. I forgot to mention the overwhelmingly disgusting body odor that seems to appear as soon as I get out of the shower if I wear elastic underwear or stand barefoot on carpeting, or drink liquids out of plastic bottles etc... and these miserably inflamed sinuses.... I'm flat out exhausted from trying to avoid these materials. I'm also a guitarist and the inside of every guitar case is.... wait for it.... polyester fun fur. JOY! Everytime I go to play those hairs get up in my sinuses and the misery begins. I'm frustrated and lost.  
I'm living there too! I am allergic to all man-made fibers, plastics, products. Gotten worse for 10 yrs. I now make my own clothes, incl. Bras, undies, coats. (cotton,silk,wool only) cotton thread too. No elastic, not even 1% spandex.
I make my own shampoo, toothpaste, detergent, deodorant, cleaning products, faux-cortisone, band aids, mattress, etc. Not complicated & products are best I've ever had. Glad 2 share if u want recipes. Sophi
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Sometimes I feel like I'm allergic to the world.  It started in my 20's when I wore a pair of brand new keds years ago and my feet were covered all over with blisters.  Over ten years later I broke out all over my body.  The first dermatologist/idiot I went to just said I was allergic to rubber and thirmerosol.  She gave me the patch test and made me feel like a freak show by parading people into the office to look at the extent of my reactions (there was definitely more than two).   It took me two years to seek out another dermatologist.  He sent me to one of the specialist in the area and I finally felt like I was about to see someone who wouldn't make me feel like a circus act.  Well I will admit that I was still paraded around the office, but she asked first.  She said that she had never seen that many reactions on one person before.  I am allergic to rubber (not latex), reactive dyes used on synthetic material, and thimerosol used in some shots.  This basically means I'm allergic to all synthetic material (nylon, polyester, spandex, ect), elastic, and glues used in shoes.  This means wearing bags on my feet inside my shoes, drawstring bras and underwear, and  only clothing made with natural materials.  It's taken years, but I finally feel like I've gotten things under control.  I admit it still ***** and I miss being able to just go shopping.  I especially miss girly undergarments!  It's important for people like me to know that usually when someone is allergic to rubber (mercapto mix & thiuram) they are usually allergic to the black dye used on synthetics.  Anyways... just thought I would put my info out there in case anyone else has these issues and wants some info.    
Halp! Can we please communicate. My skin is totally out of control and i am not sure what to do at this point. I cannot take much more. I was diagnosed with rubber allergies but i think theres more to it. My email is mndi.***@****. thanks!
I am allergic to all man-made fibers, plastics, products. Gotten worse for 10 yrs. I now make my own clothes, incl. Bras, undies, coats. (cotton,silk,wool only) cotton thread too. No elastic, not even 1% spandex.
I make my own shampoo, toothpaste, detergent, deodorant, cleaning products, faux-cortisone, band aids, etc. Not complicated & products are best I've ever had. Glad 2 share if u want recipes. Sophi
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Wow!  I am still not sure what my allergy is.  I tested positive to mixed diakyl thioureas and entire body broke out during test but that was only positive on patch of 80 allergens that was positive. This chemical is found in neoprene and no idea where else. Everything went down hill after testing.    Going on four years and since patch testing and seem to be reacting to all kinds of plastics now.  Eyeglass frames and hair clips cause my head to itch and tingle, bra line and straps leave itchy rash, back of thighs always covered in rash, hips and sometimes where my jean pockets sit on my upper thigh!  I also get rashes on back of hands. I noticed when in my car a lot or sitting on certain cushions reactions are much worse (Mercedes my tek)  Any ideas? This week I pulled several couches apart to determine why one itches and another does not.  The bad one is polyurethane foam cushion, the good (non itchy one) is down!!!! Any ideas or doctors that specialize would be great!  My allergist and dermatologist just look at me like I'm crazy!!!!
I have problems with cushions.  I was told by my doctor it's the chemicals in there. I have a cotton towel for my car and blanket for my couch as a barrier between me and them.  But know that if you wash them they can't be used again because the chemicals don't wash out and get all over the items. Also, you may be allergic to the dyes in your clothes (the stitching on your pockets).  The stuff found in neoprene also have chemicals it cross-reacts with.
All foam, polyester, plastic is BAD. Chemical composition begins with muriatic acid. Immune system reacts with rash, nausea, headaches to warn you away from those products.
The softer (silicone, foam) & warmer: the more fumes it releases. 6" is a safe distance, but fumes without ventilation will reach you eventually.
Your mattress, your clothes, your car interior all emit toxic fumes. Some people are more sensitive to it.
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I found this topic and I must say it was a little bit of a surprise. I find myself allergic or have a sensitivity to polyester. When I wear a hoodie my neck tightens up so bad it kills. And my asthma gets really bad. So when it's near my mouth I get a bad reaction. And I can't wear dri fit clothes for working out. I am highly allergic to polyurethane as well. It is horrible!!
I think I may be allergic to polyester... never had itchy skin starting wearing a work coat made of 100% polyester and Ive broke out and it's super itchy and red..
My chemical sensitivity started the same way. With polyester. It has escalated to all man-made products, plastic, Fabrics. Chemicals in this world, are very very bad. Do your best to avoid them in your environment and your foods.  
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You guys may find that making a change to your diet can help... try avoiding red meat and dairy.   All mammalian products contain a kind of sugar called non-human sialic acid that our bodies treat as an antigen.  Since us humans cant metabolize it, this sugar gets taken up by all the cells in our bodies and we produce antibodies against it.  Some peoples immune systems may overreact to it's presence and attack the cells containing it causing inflammation, especially if other allergens like polyester are also present.
Can you send me more info about the red meat and dsiry or recommend a place to read more about it.
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