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Are allergies making you miserable too?

I'm pretty much allergic to everything in my environment, and my home. My symptoms are not severe, but they do make me feel miserable.

To be specific (SKIP IF YOU'D LIKE) : The doctor said I am allergic to "Trees, White Ash, Birch Mix, Elm American, Oak Mix, Maple, Cottonwood, sycamore american, walnut tree, willow black, hickory, grass, kentucky blue, orchard, bermuda, red top, timothy, ragweed, giant ragweed, short ragweed, english plaintain, redroot pigweed, lamb quater, mold, candida albieans, dust&animals,housedust&dustmite, mixed feathers, dog hair, cat hair, cat pelt, cockroach mix."

I am only 14, and my life has been very miserable lately with my allergies. It is making me suicidal, and caused my depression.

I wake up every morning with swollen eyes, swollen face, numb lips, lots of eye bags, numb fingers, feeling like I didn't get enough sleep, and sometimes chest tightness. When I am outside, I can't open my eyes and it hurts because my allergies are that bad. I feel like crap every single day...

Here are some steps I have already tried bur didnt 100%work :
-I'm currently taking allergy shots and its been 4 months.
-I've only encased my mattress and my pillow, but NOT my blanket. Am i supposed to buy a new blanket too? I really can't find any good ones online...
-I take allergy medicines and eye drops but theyre really not helping a lot, just a little.

I still wake up with these allergy symptoms, and feel them outside...
it is making me feel terrible that i cant enjoy my own natural beauty.
a lot of the times, i feel like killing myself.
has any one else ever experienced this much pain as i did?
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My heart goes out to you...how awful.

Although I suffer from many allergies, nothing seems to compare to what you are going through.

Have you talked to your doctor about the suicidal thoughts? If not, you should.
Perhaps anti-depressants may be in order.

Has your family invested in an air purifier yet? It may be of some help indoors.
There are many different types, styles, etc...perhaps one might work for you. Many claim to rid your house of most of the dust mites, by use of static. Some of them are quite expensive, but some of the "cheaper ones" can be just as effective.
A new blanket may be in order as well...or a top sheet that goes between you and the blanket. ( If you don't already use one. )
There are also many stores that carry blanket covers...just pop it in and zip it up. Much like the pillow covers.
There are many sites that can tell you how bad the pollen is in your area on a daily basis as well...then you could avoid or prepare yourself ( wear a mask, etc. ) on those days.
I'm assuming that a "move" to an area free of those specific allergens is not in order?
We had to move away from the mountains because of my one son's allergies...but then it brought ME to an area full of allergens. But better me than him.
If you're looking for alternative therapies, we have a great forum for that too!
Complementary medicine may be of use to you as well.
It also wouldn't hurt to pop into the depression forums.
There are many helpful people in these forums, who may be able to help you further.
As far as your medicines go...they all seem to be hit and miss...sometimes you need to try different combinations in order to find one that works for you.
I find that the cheap Wal-mart brand works better for me than the prescription ones. The RX ones always make me drowzy...some have knocked me out.
You should consult with your doctor to find a combination that works for you...especially since you say that the shots aren't helping all that much after 4 months.
I wish you the best, and please keep us posted with your progress.
Don't forget to check out those other forums...they contain some very knowledgeable people who have had no luck with RX medications, etc.
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