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Are my chapped lips from a yeast infection on a new allergy?

I have been on Roaccutane twice the first cycle 6 months 40mg twice a day (April 2015) and 80mg twice a day for 2 months on the second (April 2016).  When I first began Roaccutane I was fully aware of the side effects of the medication so I always used lip balms to hydrate my lips (mainly carmex) that worked perfectly fine.  Whilst I was on my second round of R my lips became extremely chapped to the point were thick layers of skin were hanging off the top and bottom lip whilst I was using a carmex medi plus.  Immediately I stopped the medication and began using bepathen lip cream, which was advised by my dermatologist, but there were no improvements.   I noticed after my second round of Roaccutane the balms were not helping but only adding to the problem, my lips got more severe the more I applied.  The skin inside my lips also began to peel.  I have tried most commercial balms; Aquaphor, Blistex, plain vaseline, beeswax which were all fine before this problem began but now have an opposite effect.  I do use coconut oil, olive oil and honey (when I am at home) but it doesn't fix the root of the problem.  I noticed when I use products containing Lanolin the dead skin becomes white and moist; my lips feel like they are sweating.  When I use plain Vaseline mixed with coconut oil my lips burn as if I've put acid on them, since then I noticed small red bumps had formed.   I was exfoliating the dead skin but it would only expose raw skin underneath so I stopped because I felt it was only prolonging the healing process.  

Medication I am currently using:
I am using Clotrimazol again (past 12 days) and Triamcinolone (past 2 days) and it is helping.

Previously:  hydrocortizone, Clotrimazol (used together in June for 3 weeks) no improvements.   Clioquinol (July - 2 weeks) no improvements and Ampho-moronal lozenges ( October 1 week) which stopped the peeling inside of the mouth.

I have been following the Candida diet for 4 weeks cutting out as much sugar and carbs as possible (maybe had a cookie here and there ;) )

I also did the candida-spit test, which showed positive for candida (if that’s even reliable) but the antifungal creams aren't really working/repairing and it's ruining my life.  Please help!!!
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I put my display picture to a recent photo of my lips as I can't upload on to the post.  (as far as I am aware)
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