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Breathed in black mold

I came in contact with black mold, and now my nose, throat, and broncial tube is burning. What should I do and do I need to be worried?
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i think that is what happened to me , i can't breath can someone help me.
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I work in a Drs office that has mold.  It is comming through the wall paper and the place smells of mold could you please tll me if the employees and the people comming thru the building are at risk of becomming sick and if so how server?  Coul you also please let me know what we need to do to get this problem fixed so we do not have to smell the mold all day long.  Some of us already feel tired and dizzie and lightheaded and just overall not well please advise Thank you in advance  
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What you need to do to take care of the initial mold problem is this. You need to get a ozone machine and blast the moldy area with ozone. But make sure there is no one in the building while it is running. Go to the mall or the movies or something for a couple hours and let this run. Or for the office, let it run overnight.

The thing with mold though is it sounds like you have a problem with water leaking somewhere which is causing mold to grow. I've seen this happen many times. Mold needs nourishment just like we do, so when it has water, oxygen and something to grow on, it thrives. Take away the water though and you no longer have an environment where the mold can grow.

As for the smell and the effect of the mold, I'd look into getting a whole house filter with a UV light. I've had this problem before and putting in a whole house filter did the trick to get rid of the bad smell. I did some research on it and found that how it works makes sense next to normal filters. The UV light also is really neat because it will actually neutralize the particles of mold as they pass through in you duct system.

I found the best price for these one www.airlifeone.com. I've never had a problem talking with them either if I had a question. I hope this works for you all like it did for me. Dealing with black mold is just nasty, and you have to kill it before it spreads. But if you go to a specialist, all they'll do is blast it with ozone anyway before they take it out.

So, I hope this helps.
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