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Bug Bites

I was not sure which topic to ask this under so if anybody else has a better place for me to post it tell me. I just got these bug bites I think they were from a type of fly that was flying around. And I have a bunch on my legs and some on my arms and one on my hand. They are red and slightly raised. They itch and hurt. When I scratch them they get bigger and red and inflamed. I have cleaned them with cold water and soap which seemed to help for a little and I have also put different creams and things on the bites:
Itch relief cream (diphenhydramine hydrochloride 2%)
Benadryl cream (diphenhydramine hydrochloride 1% and Zinc acetate 0.1%)
Benadryl (the pill)
Hydrocortisone Cream 1%
Zyrtec (I take one each day for allergies to other things)
Ice helps a lot but I have to leave it on each bite for a long time and after the cold goes away it itches again. I don’t know if it is allergy or if it is some type of poison from the bug. Is there a way to treat it or make it less mild or do I just wait? Thank you for anybodies help.
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Also they are roughly the same color as a bruise except lighter and red. Also the bumps appear on my knee, next to my knee, above my knee, inner thigh, upper part of my lower leg. All the bites are near to my knee on both legs. On my arms they are near the elbow and on one arm the wrist. There are about 27 bumps in total ranging from the size of the top of a pen top to a quarter depending on inflammation. But when they are not inflamed that much they still are very different sizes.

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I do get little nat bites like this, but it sounds like possibly a rash too, ie hives.

As far as the cause I don't know. But... Scratching them makes it worst! Don't scratch. I usually put and rub gently for about 30-60 seconds, 91% isopropyl alcohol on them right after contact or bite to clean it. This stops the itch for about 2 minutes. Let it air dry and then apply 2% benedryl cream or similar brand with same ingredients. After you apply the cream you need to leave it, not wash it off. That usually keeps it good on me for a few hours then I have to wash it off, reapply. For a very large area an internal antihistamine is an alternative but might not relieve the full itch. You can also try Calamine cream (pink stuff) if benedryl cream doesn't work.

But if you start scratching it your going to make it itch worst and even creams might not stop the itch until it settles down.

Another thing that I do is run the irritated area under hot water (only for bug bites not rashes) until it stops itching which is about 10 minutes for me. While under hot water it might itch 10x worst, don't scratch it. They will help after you remove it from the hot water. Repeat this 3-4 times a day for 10 minutes; in the shower works well. It should be better by the end of the day.

Another alt to get some relief is cold water compresses on the area. This won't help but it will calm the itch.

If none of it goes away I don't know. Maybe someone else has solutions. Careful how many creams you put on as they contain medications too.
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I use the benedryl 2% cream. Stops the itch in seconds.
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How are you? Is this the first time you experienced this type of "bumps"? Do you have family or personal history of allergies? What are your other allergies that make you use Zyrtec? Hives, also known as urticaria, are batches of raised, red or white itchy welts (wheals) of various sizes that appear and disappear.While the underlying cause is usually not identified, treatment can help with symptoms. However,  you should visit your doctor for proper evaluation of the "bumps" or rash and work with him to find the medication that works best for you.Certain allergy medications work better for some people than others. In your case, having tried  a lot of medications that don't work makes it more important for you to seek the advice of medical professional.

Make sure you avoid irritating affected areas.Cool the affected area with a shower, fan, cool cloth or soothing lotion.  Wearing loose, light clothing and minimizing vigorous activity, which can release more irritants into your skin can also help.

I hope this helps. Take care and keep us posted.
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