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Burning copper smell

Over the years I have been smelling this burnt copper smell. I used to think that it was my electronics. Lately it's getting overpowering. Everywhere I go it is present so I know it isn't my electronics. I think that I read somewhere that there is a fungus that gives off a coppery smell when burned. I wonder if that could have something to do with what I am experiencing?
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sounds like your smelling blood.
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It sounds like phantosmia or parosmia.  Most likely phantosmia.  I would strongly recommend that you make an apointment with a respected ENT in your area, research those two subjects, print out articles that you think are relevent and then take them to your ENT visit.  Few doctors actually know about these conditions and even fewer have any idea of what causes them or how to treat them.

Some typical causes are thought to be fungal infections (treatment with statins might help) or ole factory nerve damage, or in rare cases tumors.  Dental infections have also been known to cause the condition.  The good news is that the ole factory nerve does regenerate so if that is the problem healing is possible.

Good luck with your search and I hope you find some answers.  Keep us posted.
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