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Burning skin sensation

In 1990 I began suffering an extreme burning and prickly sensation on my skin. The burning is like a bad sunburn or chemical burn, and the skin seems hypersensitive. I investigated and found the air filter in my apt had not been changed in years and felt this could be the culprit. Getting out of that environment helped but my clothing continued to cause the same issues, unless I was out of the environment, had washed up really well, and wore clothing which had not been in my apt. Unfortunately, whenever I moved to a new place the problem came along with me with my belongings and into the new place, eventually spreading though the ventilation system and the problem started all over again. The same was (is) true for my car from wearing the clothes that are kept in the house closet, etc., so I've had to trade it out sooner than needed.

I finally got rid of almost everything I owned, moved into a house with hardwood floors, and put away things that belonged to my new wife (that bothered me from our previous house) and things got much better, but never totally gone. When she was getting these old things out and ready to give away I again noticed the symptoms return in a dramatic fashion, which has caused sleep problems, increased the anviety levels, etc.
With the way it seems to come along with my belongings into my different spaces I believe it to be an airborne substance but have no clue as what it could be, since no one else seems to have any issues with it.

Has anyone had such symptoms or clues as to what it may be or what might be done to rid myself of, or treat, the problem?
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      How are you? Burning and prickly sensation in skin all over the body exhibiting flare ups and remissions could be due to psychological stressors, structural or inflammatory disorders of the brain and cervical spine, fibromyalgia, thyroid dysfunction, B12 deficiency and certain rheumatological conditions etc.
I would suggest that you get a complete work up done for the above mentioned causes to come to a conclusion on this.
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Hi Dr. Veena. I'm still having issues with these burning/stinging sensations while in the areas that I have occupied the most (house, car and work space), but I am able to find relief once I can get away from the areas, that seem to have whatever it is that's causing this, and cleaned up away from the house. Since the old belongings that had previously been a big issue were laundered in the house, the drier has also contributed in getting my clothes "recontaminated", but if I find something to wear that hasn't been through it I'm okay. I've also had the itchy sensations a few times, especially on my face and inside my ears, when opening a old book in a book store, so that may lead to something. It seems I'm best while outside in the fresh air.
I'm seeing my regular doctor this week and will check into a dermatologist to see if he/she can help figure out what is causing these reactions. It is definitely something that doesn't cause problems if I'm away from those areas that cause these issues, so it's really baffling.
Thanks for your response. :-)
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It is probably a mold toxin.  Look up trichothecene.  From what we have experienced it stays with your stuff.  Ammonia is the only thing that will stop it.  We sprayed it all throughout our cars and it helped stop the burning.
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@ Gary123
Your description is a good match for what I have been suffering since 2007. I characterize my problem as follows:

- Prickly and burning pain occurring when near to certain objects or in certain rooms.
- The problem can spread to new locations, for example after an affected object is transported to a previously problem-free location.
- Washing affected clothes does not completely rid them of the problem.
- Neither stress nor diet affect the problem.
- Humidity does affect the problem.
- There are few or no visible signs, but blood IgE's (an indicator of immune defense) are elevated.
- Family and friends are symptom-free.

In my case, my doctor suspects this is an unusual allergic response to a microorganism. My eczema may play a role.

I am trying to get in touch with others who have this problem. I encourage anyone with similar symptoms to send me a message. (Select My MedHelp / Inbox from the menu above.) Together we may be able to learn a little more about this thing.
Hi @Gary123 this site might help you. https://tiltresearch.org/media/

I had the same thing happen after moving into a newly built home last January. Never had seasonal allergies nor allergic reactions to anything before. After seeing a bunch of different specialist including a toxicologist and getting tested for everything you could think of, I was finally told to have my house air quality checked. I did and my formaldehyde levels and VOC levels were elevated. Which obviously they were way higher when we moved in. By this time it was 9mths after my bazaar symptoms started. By this time I was diagnosed with asthma, Angioedema, Vocal Cord Disease, chronic sinusitis & rhinitis and allergic reaction to chemicals. I've had to do away with fragrances, everything I use is nontoxic, organic,etc. Even what I eat. I have use a steamer, a vacuum that picks up particles that are 3 times smaller than a hair and 2 Airpura purifiers that have helped save my life. They are heavy duty medical grade that ckean over 2k chemicals, mold particles and formaldehyde.  Since I work from home and being home pretty much 24/7 it affected me the worst. My husband and son not as much but they leave the house during the week. Anyway I have to carry an EpiPen at all time. I've used 2 in the last 6 mths. There is no cure for it at this time, the only thing I can do is limit my exposure. I found a lot of good info on that site, I hope it helps you.  
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After years of misery my Prickly, Crawly, Insanely itchy skin has been diagnosed as Mastocytosis (I saw an Allergist/Immunologist). It's rare and definitely was not good news since there is no cure and the long term prognosis is similar to Lupus. I am currently taking a combination of allergy medications and getting Xolair injections which help with the itching some.Cold Packs also seem to give me temporary relief when things get really bad.The positive thing about finally getting a correct diagnosis is knowing that a variety of health issues I've suffered from have a cause and I'm not a hypochondriac or neurotic.
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I had this burning skin sensation last October fora 3 weeks. I also had watery stinging eyes and sore throat. Went to allergist,acupuncture and Primary who gave me Pregnisone which made me crazy. Even tried herbal treatments and had blood Work. One day it disappeared.
But thisO it returned again. I was pissed ,not an Dby whim went to drug store and got Claritin
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