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Can allergies cause low grade fever

I've been suffering with chronic sinusitis for almost a year and a half - long story short, I ended up with sinus surgery and having tonsils removed.  Bad, bad situation - couldn't swallow, couldn't eat, lost a ton of weight etc., etc.  I've been doing better but I just can't get my appetite back and my stomach is contantly sick.  Dr. says that all will heal in time but it is frustrating.  I've had allergy tests and came back with moderate allergy to dust, dust mites and mild reaction to cat.  I continue to get sick off and on....I think it is going away and I start to feel normal then out of nowhere it hits me again.  I'm running a low grade fever - can this be cause by allergies.  Can this constant post nasal drip be allergies and if so, why am I so sick from it?  
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Thanks for writing to the forum!
Post nasal drip can be due to sinusitis, salivary glands infection, pharyngitis or strep infection. The other cause is GERD or acid reflux. This could be the reason why you feel constantly sick at stomach. Omeprazole is a good drug to combat this. Along with it you can try over the counter antacids. However I would recommend you see a doctor and take medication under a doctor’s supervision. Post nasal drip also causes bad taste in mouth and can make you feel sick. Foreign body in nose, deviated nasal septum, nasal polyps should all be looked for.
Wearing a mask, especially designed for people with dust and pollen allergy will help filter a lot of allergens. This will help reduce your allergies a lot.
I am providing you with a few links that may help you. Cleaning comes second. First is to avoid anything that collects dust and is not easy to clean.

Hope this helps. I think you should discuss these possibilities with your ENT doctor. It is difficult to comment beyond this without examining. A comprehensive investigation is required keeping all the points in mind. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!
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August and sept are high Pollen months.Especially ragweed,this time of year.  HAY fever.. ever wonder why the FEVER is in hay fever??? HHHmmmm.  I noticed just recently the past couple months that I get a low grade fever like 99.1 to 99.7 and my skin itches and i get short on breath.ANd I sneeze alot as well. Headaches are common for me tooo... Never had this happen before, I want to call my doctor this week and set up an appt to see if I can get a RAST test. Its a blood test of Ige in the blood. which would tell if I have allergies.  Although allergy testing isnt always accurate,it can be at times and it can help.  I heard magnesium rich foods, such as black beans and spinach can help lessen allergies. As well as massive Vit C.....  Guess Ill try it and see what happens.
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Any updates on this???  I have the exact same issue without the surgery and after four specialist, no one can give me a straight answer.  They always blame allergies, but extensive allergy test show cats and dust mites.  Since I don't have a cat and I clean my home (that doesn't even have carpet), I'm not buying the allergy problem.

I also have swollen lymph nodes and they tell me I have asthma.
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Hello! I have a problem with low grade fever, which used to occur for 6 years in spring and summer-time (April-August), but now I have it constantly for the last two years. Quite detailed blood tests seem fine apart from elevated IgE (1000), no visible signs of allergy, but I developed lately post nasal drip. Anyone heard what may cause such symptoms and how to cure them? Thank you!
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