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Chronic Erythema nodusm and bone pain

Hello I am a 30 year old female who’s been having weird symptoms and am really scared. I want to start off by saying, that lm a woman who likes to work out, and about 9 months ago I started lifting heavy weights, usually squatting or deadlifting . But around June 2022, I noticed that I started having some slight knee pain plus heel pain, I didn’t put much attention, thinking it was probably due to my heavy workouts. I would give myself about 3 days to rest and continued lifting weights twice a week. Fast forward to July 2022 I noticed a red lump on my thigh and had it checked out by my dr. who said it was a lipoma. It went away on its own, but in the begining of October 2022 I suddenly had around 6 red lumps in my calf’s which were very painful and red rash on my knees. At first my dr thought they were bug bites, but I convinced her to send me to a dermatologist. The dermatologist did a biopsy and diagnosed me with  ERYTHEMA NODUSM, around November 2022 I started having very bad knee pain, to the point where I began to limp. I was given prednisone to help with the pain, meanwhile they figure out what’s causing it. Now it’s December 2022 and I am having joint pain in my knees, left elbow, and lower back.  Ive had a CBC w/dif, ESR, INFLAMMATORY MARKERS,ANA W/dif,  C-REACTIVE PROTEIN TESTS DONE  in which everything came back normal. Except for my hemoglobin 11.5. And I did test positive for ASO which I was treated with amoxicillin. I’ve had an X-ray in the knees and it was normal. My dr. Will be ordering additional tests, but based on this information, what can be causing this ? I feel the pain is inside my bones, idk how to describe the pain and the erythema nodusm gets worse when I try working out even if it’s a lite workout. Thank you for your feedback
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