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Coffee Allergie

Hi everyone,
I have developed very strange coffee allergie about 4 years ago what feels like panic attacks,
this is very strange, 3 years ago I thought I was going insane, where I would get these strange overwhelming tension around my throught I would get neck pains, I would have chest pains, difficulty breathing , my eyes would hurt , I had blurry vision and looking at light was very uncomfortable.
I also would accelerate with my speach and rapid thinking as I was going to die or something....
I had never ever before have any allergies I was always healthy, and clear minded, went to see a doc , he advised me to try to lose some weight as I was about 30 pounds overweighted,
he suggested to quit drinking pop and coffee, well I did so and slowely started feeling better,
I lost about 40 pounds as I went on a diet, well after 3 years my weight is back up but I am feeling very good, I thought that losing weight had nothing to do with the way I felt, so the other day for the first time I had a cup of coffee and in 10 minutes my symptoms of panic and all the symptoms I mentioned above came back, I was shaking and had a hard time breathing, my jaw would clunch,
I had dizziness, my heart felt like it was gonna pop out of my chest, I had tingly sensation over my arms.
Well it took about 5 hours and plenty of water to start feeling better, I figured I am allergic to caffeine or coffee, I am scheduling now an appointment with my doc for food allergies test,
can someone tell me how does the food allergie test look like,
also advice to people with panic attacks and enxiety it just maybe something as simple as the stupid coffee.


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I had an arm test for all allergies (food and outdoor allergies)
They ***** you lower arm with a small saturated amount of allergen
then if that doesn't react too badly - they test your upper arm with
a slightly more potent dose...they can test tea and coffee...
and yes, you can be allergic to it and it can be sudden too...
it doesn't have to be the caffiene but, could be the coffee bean...
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From your syptoms I would lean more towards an allergy to caffeine since it is a stimulant drug and your syptoms are similar to that of someone who has taken a caffeine overdose!

Perhaps you are just hypersensitive to caffeine, if so try decaffinated coffee

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Thank you guys,
Has anyone have some similar symptoms from drinking coffee ??
Here at work some people have up to 4 cups, here I was freaking out just of having not even half a cup.  I am gonna have to get those allergie tests done.

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um i'm gonna recommend seeing a doctor  or such in any case and to take a break for id say 1 month of coffeee and drink somthing else
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Hi Andrew I have been experiencing very similar symptoms from decaf cofffee and it would seem that I have a Type I hypersensitivity to mercapto compounds through a combination of exposure to powdered latex gloves and exposure to mercapto compounds in my workplace. The symptoms only surfaced a few years ago, I am 48 now, and angioedema and associated drop in blood pressure leaves occurs about 20 min after drinking all types of coffee. This accounts for nausea, dizziness, confusion, bloating, swelling of face and neck causing ear pain and swelling of  the larynx making voice hoarse. Also my heart rate increases and I feel shaky this may be the efffects of caffeine. The tension in the throat and neck pains is due to internal swelling and can be very dangerous. I use piriton to relieve the symptoms.

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It's interesting, because sometimes I get this from coffee and even decaf, other times not. And I can be okay with coffee, so have one a day for a few months and then, out of the blue, I get it again. So all I can deduce is it's something to do with the stimulants in caffeine, and that my body has become more vulnerable to these over time. Also, when your immune system is in bad condition, stimulants have a greater effect, hence the heart palpitations, sweating, etc. Steer clear of coffee and all stimulants and see if it makes any difference.
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