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Continuous sinus nose pressure after 2nd child?

I literally had to blow my nose all through my second pregnancy. After the birth I’ve had constant nose pressure that causes migraines, sinus headaches, neck stiffness, fatigue, swelling of my glands and sinus infections. Mostly during the summer time. I’ve been to both a allergist and primary but just wanted to see if I was the only one with this issue...
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Did they give you any treatment ideas?  Does allergy medication help?  Have you gone through allergy testing to see what exactly you might be allergic to?  Pregnancy, gosh.  I am surprised that it would create new allergies for you.  But our bodies are so weird after pregnancy.  My husband has had sinus issues off and on.  When they are acting up, he has all of your symptoms.  He had surgery once several years ago (like a couple of decades ago).  When he was working with an ENT after his last bad time period of it, they noted he had a missing bone in his frontal lobe (never noted before) so surgery wasn't an option any longer.  He took ibuprofen and nasal spray and waited it out.  Took 7 months to get better.  That was a non allergy situation causing your symptoms I thought I'd mention.  Have you been to an ENT?  That would be my next stop.
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The only thing that helps is excedrin and ClaritinD. Decongestants seem to work better. I got tested for allergies and I am allergic to some things but it had been the worst this year! Thank you so much for replying and the advice. I really think my next stop is to an ENT as well! Glad your husband is doing better.
Yes, see an ENT.   Let me know what they say.  That pressure stinks!  Especially for moms like us that are too busy not to feel good!

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