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Coping with Mint allergy/sensitivity

Am I the only one who reacts badly to anything mint?  Cause I'm sure feeling lonely...

It wouldn't be so bad, except... Mint is EVERYWHERE!   I have to order expensive toothpaste because the normal stuff stings like crazy and makes me nauseous.  Cherry tastes like medicine.  And I can only tollerate cinnamon in very small doses (like what's mixed in the sugar for cinnamon toast small).  I have yet to discover a brand of mouthwash that does not contain mint in some form or other - or else the cinnamon kind makes first burns then makes my mouth go numb.  Ditto for breath mint alternatives.  (I can't even handle a Tic-Tac in my mouth for more than a few seconds, much less chew on it or swallow it.)

Face clensers with menthol stung, and also left my face feeling greasy.  But not in the haven't washed my face often enough way.

I don't know how much money I've wasted on cough drops/throat lozenges, chapstick, lotions, etc, only to discover after application that, you got, there is mint of some sort in it.  

And sadly, avoidance seems to have only made reactions worse.  Just the smell of other people's mints (breath mints, candy mints, peppermint sticks) makes me feel ill.  And the first time I consumed any in eight years, it was an accident, had half of a mint Brussells cookie, and a stomach ache for a good twenty minutes.

Anyone else here that *look* when you tell others you and mint don't get along?  Care to share your symptoms?  Your coping/mint alternatives?  

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And its not just mint consumption. I only need be in the same room as gum or anything mint and my throat starts to close. My throat reacts before I even smell the mint! People think I'm crazy and will chew gum and blow it in my face. I work in a restaurant where customers and staff always have gum or mints and we sell mint beverages. I can't get away from it. I've had to get out of cabs because they chew gum. Its depressing... Especially because I actually love the taste of mint. My favorite icecream WAS mint chocolate chip. Ugh.
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Hi everyone!! I am 24 and I never tasted a chewing gum/bubble gum in my life. I hate it.. I hate the smell it has.. I hate it when someone else starts chewing bubblegum/chewing gum or anything alike.. I run away from that place where gum business is going on.. I feel like crying.. I feel like vomiting and then i clear my nose.. i rinse my mouth and throat with water.. I really cannot tolerate it.. Everyone in my family think that I am over-reacting or doing a drama.. and that one day I'll eat it.. but.. they simply dont understand my condition... I also have the toothpaste problem and I used Forhans and then colgate original.. but it should not go in my throat.. i will do vomits and my eyes will go red.. Aaarghh.. I hate bubblegums and chewing gums... and I am the only one in my whole family.. Now I use miswak.. miswak is the best..
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Not crazy at all!  I have a long list of food allergies and celiac disease to boot.  I NEVER eat out, with friends, or at parties anymore.  Sounds sad, but it is wonderful because I am getting healthy.

I have a friend, a young mother, who is allergic to mint.  She gets nausea and sometimes ill.  Her daughter is also allergic to mint, only slightly more severe.  She is a small child and mint makes her so sick that her body acts like it is going to shut down... mostly because it is.  She will develop a patchy rash all over, her mouth and skin will itch, she will become dizzy and lethargic.

Food allergies can be slight and only cause nausea or they can be severe and life threatening.  

If you have one food allergy, there is a chance you might have others as well.  

It sounds weird but, you can go in for testing for one allergy and find out that you are actually allergic to another thing that is throwing off your entire immune system!  That would be a good thing to know because the human immune system is extremely complex and if someone in a situation like that cuts what is throwing off their entire immune system (THE root cause) their food allergies can disappear.  It happens and people are often left wondering how they could be allergic to something their entire life, eat a certain food their entire life, think that how they feel is normal for them...etc. just to find out that their perception of 'normal self-health' wasn't true to begin with.  It is a life-changing experience!
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When I use mint tooth paste no matter what flavor it is, it burns my tongue real bad I have looked for tooth paste with no flavoring at wal mart, and they do not have any without flavoring.   Does anyone no of any tooth paste with no flavoring but still with fluoride
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When I use mint tooth paste no matter what flavor it is, it burns my tongue real bad I have looked for tooth paste with no flavoring at wal mart, and they do not have any without flavoring.   Does anyone no of any tooth paste with no flavoring but still with fluoride.
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HI, I and my kids have the same problem with mint and toothpaste.  I found that Natural Dentist's Orange zest (mint free) toothpaste works very well for us.  I also feel over Peelu that is mint free and has no flavorings.  Check the brands here: http://sale.dentist.net/t/categories/toothpaste/mint-free-toothpaste but on this site be wary of the expiration dates. Shop around...

Good luck with the toothpaste hunt.
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I use Squigle Tooth Builder toothpaste. No mint or any other flavors.

I have both mint allergy and cinnamon allergy so there's not a whole lot of oral products I can use. Still haven't found a mouthwash that won't make the whole inside of my mouth peel off in sheets.
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Ever since I was little if I am around mint, it feels as if my throat is closing up and I cough so badly I cant get a breath in. I dont even have to smell it. I have a small senistivity to tooth paste and use cinnamin crest because of it. Any kind of mint does the trick. Makes me cough until I get away from it. the smell of it coming frome someone elses breath (like candy) makes my thraot feel ichy and uncomfortable, like I have to clear my throat. it *****. I usually look at ingrediants in any thing new i try before buying it.
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I have been having a terrible time at work being exposed to mint by several different sources resulting in 3 trips to the ER for anaphalitic symptoms.  I carry my epi pen everywhere.  I went to the allergist and was told that there was nothing that could be done for me but to avoid mint.  Has anyone found an allergist that can help?? I am afraid that I am going to lose my job over this.
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I have the exact issue with anything mint related. Just made the mistake of using Rohto Hydra Lubricant, yep you guessed it, has menthol in it. Talk about a serious issue with stinging pain when I was in need of outdoor allergy relief. Not happy. Glad to know that I am not the only one with this issue. Man people look at me oddly when I tell them like, hmm never heard that before and yeah right. Luckily my college classes made it that anything mint was banded when I was in class since it disrupted my learning. I was always nice and brought an abundance of bubble gum or fruit flavored chewing gum without any mint in it for those that needed it. Others asked for other things to avoid at that time like perfume, etc.
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I am also allergic to mint. In my case I'm extremely sensitive to the most common types of spearmint found in most food/drinks/products. Peppermint and menthol do not affect me and I am fine with aspirin. Luckily as some of the other people who posted before I didn't realise I had an allergy for some time so I thought I just strongly disliked some minty products, until I realised the ones I didn't mind were actually peppermint or menthol and the ones I had nasty reactions to were all spearmint. I generally detect it right away, if not before consumption when there's a large amount because I can smell it. When I don't smell it, the taste makes me gag and I stop eating. As such I haven't had any violent reactions but I am making sure to stay away from it to avoid the symptoms getting worse.

Currently I get nausea, dizziness and feel faint as soon as I even inhale it through the nose, so I get the issue of transports with mint gum and having to politely ask co-workers not to consume it near me.

I have been able to find toothpaste without mint, check some homeopathic compatible pastes. I have successfully used Vademecum with no mint and at least one of the Sensodyne toothpastes. I have seen at other people's Cinnamon toothpaste and a rare salty toothpaste with sunflower seed. If you manage to get your hands on this one can help if your mint allergy has put you off using toothpastes because it breaks with the usually sweet/minty pattern and smell. I am still looking for it as the taste was way better than any I've tried so far.

I've met two other people with mint allergy and another with a similarly rare allergy so I've been aware of it for some time now, but originally it was also a problem for me to explain I really couldn't stand it. I still get the weird looks from people when I say I am allergic, one of my colleagues even thought I was 'trolling' him about chewing gum near me.

I realised it wasn't just dislike the day I was served a very nice soup which had a minute amount of mint in it: one leaf to flavour the whole pot. The taste was amazing and I couldn't taste or smell the mint at all, however after a few spoonfuls I started feeling faint and nauseous so I stopped eating. I was still quite young and people thought I was being fussy about eating vegetables, I tried to explain that I actually loved the taste of the soup but somehow knew I couldn't hold it down. In the end I said, "its as if you put mint in it" Obviously there was, and my family was so surprised I managed to detect it that they never questioned the intolerance/allergy again. I've had a few similar incidents since where very tiny amounts of spearmint won't go undetected by me even if nobody else can taste or smell it and was then verified to be present in traces or small percentage. As soon as I start feeling queasy and faint I know I'm in contact with it somehow.

I think it helps understanding that you're intolerant to it, sometimes it's a chemical, salycilate or linalol can be the culprits, and you might find yourself allergic to a bunch of plants from the same family, sometimes its a protein in the plant. I would guess I'm reacting to a protein which is present in spearmint but not in peppermint. I haven't tested any of the others but I eat food with many seasoning and so far I don't recall reacting this way to other herbs and spices, though by association I'm always wary of food that comes smells of anything that is a little "minty" like thyme in case it's hiding spearmint too haha

Mint kind of pops up when you least expect it, because its an uncommon allergy people just assume its fine to add it and you wouldn't always think about asking when you go out to eat because they'll put it on stuff like... oh hey lets decorate your guava juice with some mint! So now I'm more and more often finding that I have to ask in restaurants if there's any mint in the dish even just for looks.
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Wow,never heard of this before.

I am allergic to even very small amounts of mint, tree fruit (apples, pears, plums etc), root veggies (carrots, celery, onions etc), citrus, grains (rye, oats, barley) and dairy.
Will have to look this up, thanks!
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I am the as me as you. I cannot be around people who eat mints, chew gum or use cough lozenges and remedies that contain menthol. I am salycilate sensative but struggling for a diagnoses. I use fennel no fluoride toothpaste by kingfisher as it has no salycilates.
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I have not read all of these but I have found out that Mint bothered me, gave me rashes on my face when I make mojitoes and then I found out that Lavender was jacking me up bad... they are in the same family. I got rid of all my lavender products and I am fine now.
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I'm not one to really get headaches, but being around mint I can feel it start bringing a headache on. At one point being closed up in a room with someone chewing mint gum I had to go home and go to sleep because it felt like the top half of my head was going to explode. I guess it must be something like a migraine. I've gotten to where I'm not really crazy about flying anymore, which I have to do periodically for work, and it's not because I'm afraid of flying. It's because there's no place to go when people are chewing mint gum on the plane.
For some reason people seem to think it's a joke and want to test it too because it's so unusual. So they purposely bring it around to see if I notice. I love those people. Can I take their diabetes meds from them, or their nitro pills? Wouldn't that be a hoot!
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When ever I eat mint my right ear bleeds (I had a ruptured eardrum decades ago, don't know if it never heals or what) my throat swells, gets completely raw like when I had strep throat, my sinuses also bleed.  My husband thinks I'm crazy, of course I'm not.  I'm just wondering why this developed after 30+ years of not being allergic to mint.  Peppermint is the worst, immediate reaction, spearmint (which I love) takes a little longer to cause a reaction.  I'm wondering if (and I know this sounds strange) could it be that I have a germ of sorts that needs to be cured?  The reason I ask is that sometimes when you cleanse there is a healing crisis due to the uck being flushed out of the body.  I ask this only because as a child I had no reaction to mint...just wondering...any comments?  Blessings to All :)
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Mint really is everywhere and although I personally do not have the allergy, someone that means so very much to me does. It scares me that schools dont do a well enough job in preventing it. Skyward Access shows which students have allergies and what they are allergic to, but some teachers just do not care. It's the worst around Christmas time. I havent had mint in a very long time just for the fear of sending her into anyphylaxis. There needs to be a change.
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I use Earthpaste lemon flavored toothpaste. It's expensive as far as toothpastes go, but the ingredients are all natural.  You don't have the standard "tingle" after brushing like other toothpastes, but I'll live with it to avoid the mint!
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I use Earthpaste lemon flavored toothpaste. It's expensive as far as toothpastes go, but the ingredients are all natural.  You don't get the standard "tingle" when brushing like other toothpastes, but I'll live with it to avoid the mint!
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I, too, mourned the loss of my Lemon Ice. I switched to Crest Whitening Orange Flavor, but it still tastes very minty to me. Orange Listerine is way too strong. I have recently tried Earthpaste lemon flavor toothpaste. The taste is great but my mouth doesn't feel as clean. I am finding a lot of great toothpaste and mouthwash suggestions on this board that I am anxious to try.
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I have been allergic to mint/spearmint/peppermint/wintergreen/mint extracts  as long as i can remember. Within the past few years (at least since high school) it has extended into menthol also.Like most I get ill, nausea, migraine, vomiting just from extended exposure to the smell of mint. However whenever any of the products come in contact with my skin or mouth (tongue/gums etc) the skin falls off and leaves raw exposed flesh underneath (for the more severe allergies for the less severe it is simply a bad rash). I had recently been trying those new NEOS chapsticks but stayed far away from the green mint one. I was upset to discover that this chapstick tore my lips apart and now two weeks later they are still very sore, swollen and chapped/irritated. I discovered its active ingredient linalool is derived from mint plant. Anybody else have there skin tear off wherever mint/menthol touches them? If so any suggestion on products to help speed the healing process. Currently just using straight vaseline as it is the most sensitive product.
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can mint affect epilepsy or trigger it because i have a friend and her brother every time he has anything mint it makes him fit so is it true? cause i also have epilepsy and a lot of triggers for it  
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My 14 year old daugher has a severe reaction to any form of mint. She can just smell it and it over.  I just don't now what to do.   When she smells mint she will loses feeling in her limbs, gets very dizzy, sometimes she will go blind.  Her tongue will go numb, her face wll drawal to one side.  She will get a migraine and throw up uncontrollable.  She is still going to public school, but it is becoming more and more challenging to keep her there.  Her team of teachers and principal have been amazing.  The students on the other hand, just don't get it! They think she is faking.  Some students try to blow mint in her face just see what will happen.  I honestly just don't know what more to do.  My husband and I are considering home schooling her.  She is a very active teen, softball, dance choir, volleyball, fellowship of christian athletes.   We need help.  Every reaction seems to have longer and more signifcate reactions. Is there anything out there that you have found that helps the onset of a reaction?  I so afraid the next reaction, might be her last.  Any thoughts
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What a relief to know I am not the only sufferer especially with an unsympathetic family!  I have suffered for 50+ years, and they still don't get it!  I use baking soda with which to brush.  However, because of root sensitivity, my dentist (who orders in non-mint products specially because of me), wants me to start using a de-sensitizing toothpaste.  Except I have not yet found one which is non-mint.  Any suggestions?

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For years my bottom lip would swell up to the size of Angelina Jolie's lips and then my bottom lip would split like I had gotten punched in the mouth. My top lip would get numb and to me have a plastic feeling. I would also sometimes get hives starting usually on the back of hand or on my leg and spread. All of this was very uncomfortable.

After getting sent from a regular doctor to a dermatologist who cauterized my lip sever times with silver nitrate, my family and I ended up at a allergist. I was stumping my allergist with the whole lip thing all the allergy test came back negative. He decided to try the products I was using at the time. The indicator was some mint soap I had. Then after getting tested for all the ingredients in that soap…Mint came out the winner. And I wasn't just allergic to mint. Its mint, spearmint, peppermint, wintergreen, and menthol. I also have to be careful around lavender, basil, rosemary, and catnip (I have a cat). because they are also in the same family of plant that mint belongs to.

I have tried to be Mint Free for 6 years now. Accidents occur, especially around the holidays. And it is a big headache to find tooth paste, soap, lotion, gum, shaving cream, and even medicine without some form of mint or mint related byproduct. I carry around an Epi Pen as well as Allegra and Benadryl with me everywhere. I can get a skin allergic reaction by shaking someone's hand who had just put on mint lotion.

So I guess what I am trying to say, is if you have a sensitively, go get allergy tested.
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I have been using kids tooth paste for years because of my mint allergy. I have finally found an adult toothpaste  that does not contain mint. its called Peelu natural toothpaste. It doesn't taste good..but it easy to get used to. But it makes your mouth feel clean!!
Here is the Amazon link. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00016R41G/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

I hope that helps….Best wishes on the most annoying allergy in the world.
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I am personally allergic specifically to menthol and mine are severe allergic reactions. I can't breath at all. My throat just swells and I start choking and gasping for breath. The reactions is pretty fast and I get allergic reaction from mint presence even in the air around me. If I touch it, there is an angry burn there where I touched and then I would become unable to breath at all. If I ingest then my throat and stomach burns and then I can't breath. If I breath it in, I can't breath. Sometimes I would get an allergic reaction and I wouldn't even be smelling mint. And then after being led out into open air and given benadryl someone would find out that there was mint somewhere in that room or in some product or even just leftovers from when they had mint on them (like they had mint gum in their purse and then it ended but enough mint scent was left over and then they open their purse and I am done). I couldn't ride subway or walk outside and my mom and sister love mint too much to say no to it completely so I would have to wait for them to clean out bathroom before I could use it every single time.  (you'd think they would find that too much work but they love mint too much) I had to get small doses of antihistamine nasal spray everyday 2x now because mint is unavoidable for me (my reaction is too severe and there is too much of it everywhere). Anyway it's pretty rough and it's true that many people look at me like I am crazy when I tell them I am allergic to mint. Sometimes they only believe after they personally had to epi-pen me after I had a close call.  It ***** how so many products have mint in them (especially food) and companies aren't obligated to put it in list of ingredients and can just write them as flavoring. As for toothpaste: I used to use baking soda but then I contacted multiple toothpaste companies and just made sure to ask them for full list of toothpastes that contained no mint(menthol) and was surprised by how many companies replied that they had none. In fact most cinnamon and even kids strawberry and banana and even grape ones contain mint anyway even if they don't taste or smell like they do (and I don't have to taste or smell it to get an allergic reaction. Any contact of it with my body and I am a gasping heap on the floor). Tom's of Maine though had a nice list of 7 (!!!) different flavors of toothpaste that contained absolutely no mint and 3 of those were adult toothpastes. I liked fennel one and also cinnamon clove and also kid's orange mango. BTW their kid's and adult toothpaste doesn't have much difference in ingredients at all. In fact I think just the packaging is a bit different and kid's have more fruity flavors. Anyway I couldn't find any mouthwash that contained no mint. No one makes one. And since I get reaction even from a tiny amount I really can't come into contact with menthol no matter how little. Then there is mint gum chewing epidemic (and I live in NEW YORK CITY) millions of people everywhere who chew gum. It's like one giant death-trap. Then there is obsessions with things like too much axe all over and other products that contain mint, fragrances, soaps and overall if you notice just how much mint is out there... people are obsessed with it and they don't know it. And I don't have an opportunity to move at all. I had to break-up with multiple boyfriends before because they couldn't understand that "allergic to mint" IS a thing and it IS dangerous. I also had to go to hospital and just overall loose consciousness (too little air) way too often. It's a very rough allergy to have and I think so many people are just insensitive to it. I can't eat outside anywhere and I cook for myself with carefully picked ingridients. I can barely handle public transportation. I had to run out of building without explanation multiple times when there was mint around. I remember back in high school I would just stand up and run out of the classroom in the middle of the lesson if someone opened their bag and there was mint in it or someone sprayed minty something on themselves or was chewing gum or having mint cookies or candies or anything mint. I even got a detention a few times and had to explain extensively to all my teachers why it's unfair and why I ran out (I was even asked to bring a doctor's note to prove it was a condition that did exist because most teachers thought I was being dramatic and just disliked the smell). There was 2 important exams I had to run out on. And once I ran out during an SAT and had to pay to take it again next time it was around. Not like they can stop exam and some nice person was sharing his new pack of gum with everyone who wanted which might as well have been the whole room. Problem with mint allergies is that they usually get worse the more you have them. Like at first it's only 1 type of mint, then another then all of them, then you start reacting to smaller and smaller amounts, then other plants related to mint family and before you know it: the world is one giant deathtrap.
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I am sensitive to mint. Even the next day after using tooth whitening gel with mint I feel an irritation in my windpipe and throat and lungs.
I brush with plain baking soda, which works great.
I tried Wen shampoo but it stung my scalp so much hours after the shampoo, that I had to wash my hair again to get it off my scalp. It has menthol in it.
I can't tolerate mint lip balm so I use locally made lip balm made with organic coconut oil, organic unrefined beeswax & organic castor oil that I purchase from Whole Foods.
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Wow, this is so great to hear I'm not the only one with this reaction!! My family pretty much thinks I'm making it up, which is unfortunate... My whole family are big gum chewers and it's hard to go on car trips with them where the air just keeps getting mintier and I start having trouble breathing and feeling sick.  I use tom's of Maine silly strawberry flavor toothpaste, which is for kids but tastes great. I recommend it especially if you don't like the cinnamon flavor. It's only a little more expensive than regular mint, I think it's worth it.    
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I have a contact allergy to mint. Earth Paste is what I use. There are both mint and non-mint varieties. I use the cinnamon flavor, yummy. Also, I use a home mixture of organic coconut oil ond baking soda. It tastes a little weird but works very well; it cleans and whitens my teeth. I hope this was helpful. Watch out for unnamed "flavoring" or "perfumes"! Many products have mint in them in disguise; I have found out the hard way several times.
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I have a mint allergy too.But its weird.My throat burns,my stomach burns and I vomit.I wish some people would think about us mint allergy people!
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hi, i actually have the same problem. allergy to anything that smells like mint, and it makes my lungs and throat burn like crazy, sometimes it makes me nauseas, dizzy, sick, or outright unable to breath.
when friends come over chewing mint gum and bring it into my closed space of a house i have to make them throw it outside in the trash.  (and it's not like i don't tell them every single time.  most of my friends just brush off my allergy,

but the friends that have seen me literally cry while i brush my teeth with mint toothpaste, and literally almost choke to death, they treat my allergy with caution because they've seen just how much it interrupts with my daily life. but i have gingivitis, so i don't get a lot of choice of toothpaste.
even non-mint toothpastes, they make it so hard to breath it almost hurts to the point of tears, but i'm not gonna stop brushing my teeth.  
i have an allergy to all of the lamiaceae family as far as i know. this allergy is
i know i'm allergic to mint, sage, lavender, nettle, chia seeds, & cinnamon (when in large amounts)..  
but mint, menthol, and peppermint, spearmint, fresh mint, etc. they're practically a poison for me. one time i tried a face lotion with mint, and i checked, on the label, no mint. on the site for the product? the ingredients list was longer. with mint in it.

another time, someone at school had smelly feet and put mint oil in their shoes to cover i. i almost blacked out from lack of oxygen because my throat was swelling up so much, because it took me a few minutes to notice the smell of mint because they were more than 10 feet across the room.  the school nurse wanted to send me to the hospital.  escalated heart rate, shallow breathing, nausea, dizziness, swollen throat.
after calling both my parents, my doctor, and giving me some generic allergy meds, she eventually let me go to my next class, and I ALWAYS FEEL BAD ABOUT MY ALLERGY. she got her sandals confiscated by the school (they gave her some flipflops to use till school was over).

medically the lamiaceae family is considered an 'herb family' so when they say "natural flavors" or "natural ingredients" they don't have to say on toothpaste if it's got mint because technically you're not "ingesting it" because they have the excuse that you're "Brushing your teeth with it, not eating it" they use it because it's so overpowering off every other flavor.

so many people seem to enjoy mint it makes me feel bad for having to ask them to get rid of it. it makes me feel like i'm a spoiled king that no one likes what they demant. :(
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My girlfriend is allergic to mints... Her throat closes up. I'm not sure what the cause is but I came here looking for an answer... It seems that, even in 7+ years, no one really knows whats wrong and why it happens... She was 7 when she found out about her allergy, it almost killed her. and now 11 years later she cant even touch the tip of her tongue to a mint without it numbing that part of her tongue. However, mint toothpaste and mouthwash dont bother her, but thats probably because she doesn't swallow those things.
Why is the mint allergy so harsh? I have other allergies but mint is everywhere and at Christmas that smell I can react over a block away.
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I hope people find this helpfull but I actually contacted multiple toothpaste companies asking for toothpaste that does not contain mint/menthol. so far the ONLY company to offer adult toothpaste that has no mint and I found not to be sickly sweet is Tom's of Maine. Specifically their fennel flavored toothpaste is very pleasent and is completely mint-free. But I will copy and paste here all of the options that they offer that contain absolutely no mint. Here is what they wrote:
"Thanks for your email! We do have a number of mint-free options.
Toothpastes with fluoride:
Whole Care Cinnamon Clove
Children's Silly Strawberry
Children's Outrageous Orange Mango
Toothpastes without fluoride:
Propolis & Myrrh Fennel
Antiplaque and Whitening Fennel
Children's Silly Strawberry"
Good luck on mouthwash because I haven't found any yet.
I actually am on the far side of the allergy where even breathing in a higher concentration of mint makes my throat close up and I can't breath. I have allergic asthma due to mint allergies basically. Ingesting sends me to anaphylactic shock, coming in contact with gives me bad burn-like rashes on my skin and breathing in high enough concentrations gives me asthma attacks, stuffy nose, coughing fits and swells my throat. In fact if someone chews a fresh stick of mint gum near me it can trigger any of my symptoms and so if some stranger on a subway is chewing gum I ask them to stop. I get these looks like: "What gives you the right to ask this of me you spoiled brat" and it makes me feel like a horrible person. But once I got unlucky and got on a subway car where it was a lot of people chewing gum and this one person actually sharing with her friends. It took 5 minutes to get to the next stop but by then I passed out and stopped breathing. I woke up in a hospital later :( Honestly not being able to breath is the scariest feeling in the world. So now I would rather be seen as a bad spoiled person than risk dying.
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5 minute whitening gel from plus white has no menthol at all.
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I am so sorry to hear that. I also developed my allergy gradually. I used to actually love mint as a kid until around age of 5 but the older I got the worse it became. Every reaction just got worse and worse. Now at 22 I got to the point where I recently had a big scare and stopped breathing altogether. I got on a subway and the cart was full of people chewing mint gum. It took 5 minutes to get to the next stop but by then I lost consciousness and wasn't breathing. Sadly people really do not take the allergy seriously. Not just kids but many adults. I slowly became a recluse because of my allergy. I try not to go out too much and also work from home. It's a serious condition but sadly not at all taken seriously :( My advice would be the following: make sure that there isn't any mint products at home. These often include cosmetics, toothpaste, food with vague ingredient: Flavoring, seasonings, heating pads, all kinds of medical cough remedies and warming remedies. Painkillers often have mint as well. Then try to limit who your daughter comes in contact with. Teach her early on that each person who doesn't respect the fact that she has a serious medical condition is in fact an enemy. They can kill her with ignorance. It's not a joke. I wish I was homeschooled but my parent's didn't take my allergy too seriously until it got so bad that I developed allergic asthma and I started fainting often. That only happened once I was in first year of high school and by then I already got used to dealing with people and them disrespecting my allergies so I had all kinds of avoidance techniques. But it would have saved me many years of grieve before that and my allergies might not have gotten as bad if I wasn't in constant contact with my allergen. To this day I wish I had never attended public school and met many people who just wanted to see what would happen. I had a few times when I almost didn't graduate due to low attendance from 7-8th grade because there were kids who thought it was funny to hide minty things in my school lunch and drop some in my bookbag and breath minty breath into my face. After those days I would be sluggish, sick and have my whole body ache so badly I couldn't lift my head off my bed and would sleep for 16-18 hours day for 2-3 days. Being sluggish even when awake. I think that's when my parents faced that I really do have an allergy but they didn't take it seriously like "She can actually die from this" until high school. Anyway. There is plenty of activities to do outside of school for an active child even if she is homeschooled. You can find multitude of clubs and such things for her to participate in. So don't worry about her not being near people her age if she is homeschooled. And the big plus you can always take her out of any club or group if you find them to be disrespectful and harmful. No commitment required unlike school clubs.
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I've read this whole thread but haven't found anyone with what I seem to be experiencing.  At one point, I chewed gum on regular basis and developed a dryness on the inside of one cheek to the point that my dentist even commented on it after visiting her.  She referred me to my GP who thought it was a mechanical issue as I had a tooth pulled from the other side and was chewing on the "dry side" all the time.  I decided to stop chewing gum, and it went away.  Well recently, I started to eat mints, (Tic Tacs and Mentos peppermint) and the inside of my mouth is now raw and swollen, as well as really sensitive while eating.  Last night the toothpaste really burned.  This led me to this site to try to find an answer.  And like you, I am relieved that I am not crazy.  I've never had a problem before that.  I am 53 years old and not allergic to anything.  Anyone ever experience this?
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I have a 4 year old daughter that i havent had checked yet but will be very soon everytime she eats anything mint or even very little mint as possible she wakes up the next morning with really bad stomach aches and puking and diarrea? Im so lost on what to do do i keep her away from all mint.. will it get worse??
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HALLELUJAH I'M NOT ALONE! I'M NOT CRAZY! I first noticed it after I ate an entire box of candy canes when I was 12. (I know, that was dumb!) I've never had a reaction to toothpaste, but I have to mouthwash.When I was a smoker, I never had a reaction to menthol cigarettes. I avoid everything else minty. Even my boyfriend will not eat anything with mint when I'm around. I even get a small tightening of my throat just walking past a display of mints at the store. Christmas candy and treats are a nightmare for me! I have to ask every time if something contains mint flavoring.
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I have a mint allergy and also go into anaphylactic shock. Colgate puts out Watermelon tooth paste and it is the only they make without a mint product in it...I call Colgate find out if they have changed the product ingredient and then go buy 7 containers of the toothpaste...I have also had cross contamination foods getting hard ice cream cone at a restraint they use the same scoop and unless it's from an brand new container I can't get it...it ***** I'm so very nerves around Christmas because there is a lot of MINT out there.
Im the same way. I use Dr. Bonners cinnamon toothpaste Frys has it...zero mint flavor or Toms natural toothpaste has a cinnamon that tastes like frosting...its hard to find though.
I use Tom’s cinnamon too, but it’s only in one local grocery store where I live (and a little pricier since it’s a “natural” food store).
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I realize this is somewhat of an old post started years ago, but it never occurred to me to search the internet because I thought, like many of you did, that I was alone in this.  Every doctor I ever spoke too never heard of anyone being allergic to mint - even all the dentists I've seen over the years who try to give me free mint toothpaste or want me to rinse with mint mouthwash or use mint flavored fluoride during the cleaning never heard of it either.  As we all know, mint/menthol is in just about every oral care product out there - even floss!   And like some of you, it took me years to figure out what was causing my episodes of swelling/itchiness/pain.  One doctor even thought it was because of a heart condition (because my hands kept swelling up) and you wouldn't believe the amount of time and money wasted on scans and tests only to find out my heart and circulation were just fine.   Eventually, after years of suffering, I finally made the connection that I was only swelling up after I ate something with mint  - which for me, use to be fairly often - mint chocolate chip ice cream was my favorite ice cream, York Peppermint Patties was my favorite candy, and Keebler Grasshopper mint cookies was my favorite cookie - so yes, I suffered a lot.  But then one day it all clicked - I realized I only suffered on those days when I ate mint!  So I put my theory to the test by avoiding mint, no swelling, and then one day I ate mint on purpose, bang - I ballooned up like I use to.  And then something one of my dentists told me suddenly made sense because he looked in my mouth one day and said something was wrong because my gums and tissue are all red and swollen as if I was having an allergic reaction.  At that time I switched from regular Listerine (which has a very tiny amount of menthol in it) to mint flavored Listerine (which as more in it).  So it seems that I can tolerate small quantities as found in Listerine Regular flavor and Citrus flavor.  Anyway, the toothpaste I use is Crest regular flavor - I have no idea if there's mint in it, but I don't seem to suffer from it and my new dentist hasn't commented on my gums and tissue being red and swollen.  I also use Walmart's Equate brand Citrus flavor mouthwash - which DOES contain a small amount of menthol in it - but I don't use it often.   I mainly use Crest ACT cinnamon fluoride mouthwash as recommended by my dentist.  I was able to find non-mint floss picks at the dollar store (not Walmart - they only had mint floss).  I realize this isn't much help for those of you who cannot tolerate even the smallest amount of mint, but I thought I would share my experience for those of you who can tolerate a tiny amount as I can.  I don't know if it's true, but I've since heard that sometimes allergies that come on later in life as mine did (when I was in my late 30's), they sometimes go away as well.  I haven't swollen up in many years now (I'm 53 now) and I'm getting to the point where I'm considering testing it just to see what happens.  Oh, and one more thing, I'm not allergic to artificial mint, only real mint/menthol.  I found that out once at a Christmas party when I ate a cookie that didn't appear to be mint and had no obvious mint smell to it, but once I ate it, it sure tasted like it had mint in it so I quickly found the person who brought them and asked about it and at first she said yes, it had mint in it but then she added she had used imitation mint flavor - and after a few hours had passed with no reaction, I realized imitation mint was okay.
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What the hell right?! If I go anywhere near mint my mouth and tongue start swelling and my throat starts closing!!! Actual pieces of mint are fine but it's just the fake flavouring. I need a new toothpaste. Any advice?! I'm so scared to try a new one!!!!
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I have the same problem. I can't even stand to be in the toothpaste aisle or chewing gum stands for more than a few seconds. The scent is overwhelming. I have to use Crest original, or citrus flavoured toothpaste. I also ban anyone coming into my office chewing gum. Doublemint Wrigleys's used to guide be a reading headache, and these modern funds like Orbit make me want to throw up. I've always put it down to olfactory hyper-responsiveness. I've never known anyone to share my aversion to mint. People think in weird.    
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I have the same problem. I cannot even stand to be in the toothpaste aisle or chewing gum stands for more than a few seconds. The scent is overwhelming. I have to use Crest original, or citrus flavoured toothpaste. I also ban anyone coming into my office chewing gum. Doublemint Wrigley's used to give me a raging headache, and these modern gums like Orbit make me want to throw up. I've always put it down to olfactory hyper-responsiveness. I've never known anyone to share my aversion to mint. People think I'm weird.    
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Hi guys Ive had this issue as long as I can remember Ive passed out in pharmacies waiting behind people who had vapor rub on. Any mention of menthol is to much to handle . I have ehlers danlos type 3 which is a muscle syndrome and it causes my muscles to not retract or loosen as they should and I regularly dislocate my joints knees elbows wrist anywhere I bend. All medication for this issue contain menthol or mint. If anyone has any ideas please email me ***@**** or Sarah newmons on facebook anything could be worth a try. Good luck with your endeavors!
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Hi, Tiffany, No, you are not alone.  I could be your twin.  I can't do lozenges, cherry medicines, cinammon, peppermint/wintergreen chewing gum, peppermint candy, or tic-tacs. I am having trouble finding the right kind of toothpaste, and I can't stand mouthwashes.   The only minty things I can tolerate and enjoy are spearmint gum, Clorets gum (discontinued unfortunately for me), mint ice cream, Andes candies, and Xmas peppermint Kisses (which taste more like spearmint to me). I like the smell of Mentholatum, but not Vicks. I do like the taste of mint leaves in food. And I love the taste of the polishing paste my dental hygenist uses after a cleaning.  You are right, mint is everywhere, and depending on the type, it can be a source of fresh delight or a trigger mechanism for the gag reflex.
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I don't have a physical reaction to mint, like swelling or hives, but I HATE, HATE, HATE it! I can't be in the same room as anyone chewing or eating mint. I have a panic attack and can feel the blood boiling, it makes me angry and I have to run. My family have to get up earlier than me to brush their teeth. I use Euythmol toothpaste which tastes like germaline.

I have a very strong sense of smell and I have Dyspraxia, I often wonder if his has a link, after searching on the net I have found this to be true. I would be interested to hear if any of you are also Dyspraxic?
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I am allergic to mint and most things in the mint family.  I honestly love mint but I cannot have it or be near anyone who has it.  
My main symptoms are respiratory, hard to breath, tightness in chest, and even swallow, but I also break out in hives.  
In my case it it hereditary, my mother is also allergic, but hers is only to the actual plant.  She can be around the smell.
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I’m not deathly in pain or allergic to mint. But this only happens when I brush my teeth; if it’s 100% mint toothpaste or mint mouthwash, my tongue burns like crazy. I experience such bad pain that I have to rinse my mouth with cold water. And this is mouthwash with or without alcohol (alcohol is worse in pain by a little). My “solution” has been using Tom’s cinnamon toothpaste (which is extremely hard to find) and Crest cinnamon toothpaste (which is a small bit better than normal mint), which is rare but I found it in one of my local grocery stores and Walmart. But I don’t like strong mint gum either, I only chew fruity gum. I was really upset when vanilla toothpaste was discontinued- even the chocolate mint Crest had one time was tolerable.  
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I have a pretty severe reaction to spearmint. It started as just a skin irritation but as ive grown older my reaction to it has worsened. I cannot injest it or i go into anaphylactic shock. It causes a burning, swollen, rash with contact.
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