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Coughing up blood

Hi guys. Sorry for this long post but i would really much appreciate some advice from someone who knows about this problem. I am 35 years old male, smoker for 17 years, and this year started pretty tornado like for me. Problems started with blood running from my left nostril that i barely stopped. It was in march. After that i got sinus like symptoms, short duration pressure on my teeth, and above eyes which i stopped with painkillers. I got sent to sinus and chest x ray. Chest came clear, sinus - a shadowing of left maxillary sinus due to allergy. At this time i could breath during the day, but when i lay down my left side of the nose is paralyzed. So i was waking up with my throat dry as i was mouth breathing. the problem continued through fortcoming months. On and off, right side of my nose would bleed, but not bleeding like dropping out, instead it was bloody mucus inside the nostril. Ocassionaly i would cough up some blood, normally just a tiny red spot. I went to the hospital a month ago, done a chest x ray again, it came clear, done colonoscopy, gastroscopy, and upper endoscopy which said my membrane is vulnerable with spotty bleeding at touch, but it didnt explain blood in mucus. So after that i went to a Sinus and nasopharynx MSCT scan. it showed that my left maxillary sinus is complety full of tissue, which was spreading to the nasopharynx and theres a mass 3cm large and 2.5 wide...they said CT didnt show a tumor or metastases. Anyway , 3 weeks ago i started getting little nosebleeds from using Olynth H and Operil , again in the right nostril...and i started coughing small amounts of blood....today was worse...as i coughed up 3 times (maybe violently) but there was blood in it...and also when i blow my nose....also when i spit normally the first spit is normal, second one is little orangish, and after that blood...they said it could be gum problem. so please if anyone can give me some advice? i am scheduled to go to a capital city hospital to see better ENT doctor who ll tell me about my sinus and nasopharynx problems..also scheduled for allergy test.thank you all for reading this...
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