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Could this be an allergic reaction to hand sanitizer?

I have used hand sanitizer all my life with no problems.
However, last Sunday I went to the optometrist office to make an appointment and used the hand sanitizer in the lobby. It was mango-scented and a brand I had not seen before, and it squeezed out a bit more than I wanted so after rubbing my hands I patted the rest on my neck.
20 minutes later I had an itchy rash in the shape of my hand on my neck.
This had never happened before, and I thought maybe it was something in that specific brand.
The rash went away very quickly, it only lasted about 30 minutes or so and vanished.
But then yesterday I used the Purell hand sanitizer on my desk that I always use, and after 20 minutes my hands were red and blotchy. I washed off my hands with soap and the rash went away within minutes.
Could this be an allergic reaction that just developed suddenly?
Can allergies appear out of nowhere and disappear within minutes without any medication?
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Allergies can change constantly. It could also be that the amount of alcohol that was used was too strong. If your skin was very dry before using it, this could have caused it to become super dry for a bit.
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Look at corn it is in everything and I had the same reaction by handling a shopping cart that someone use the sanitize cloths on. My hands itched and burned. Praise the Lord I did not touch my face. So investigate corn!
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