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Dangers of Snoring

I'm so worried! I snore in my sleep ,and unfortunately my breath almost stops. As a result of this, I find myself awakened, all of a sudden, with a stopped breath and very weak heart beat.Then, things get back to normal after a few minutes!!! Please, I want to find out about the dangers of this situation,and a quick remedy for this symptom. Thank you so much indeed.
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You could be suffering from Sleep apnea which is a common disorder but it can be serious also.
Some of the symptoms of sleep apnea are snoring (usually noticed by others!), day time sleepiness, fatigue, headaches etc.
The causes of sleep apnea can be being overweight, airway abnormalities, medications, central cause (neurological) etc.

Sleep apnea can lead to cardiac and neurological complications and hence it is important to get yourself evaluated by your doctor for the causes so that treatment can be started right away.

In the meanwhile, you can try some of the following: improving your sleeping environment, avoiding stress, having a healthy diet.

Do write in if you need more information.

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