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Dark eyelids

I had been suffering from a skin allergy around my eyes that made my skin extrrmely dry, itchy and flaky. After using a million ointments, i was prescribed DESONIDE LOTION by my doctor. The allergy reduced considerbly, however, the skin around my eyes has become quite dark. It makes my eyes look worn out and dull. The colour of my eyelids is uneven with certain areas darker than the other. Is there anything i can do about it? Please help me out.
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Hi AsKr,

I just finished reading your comments. I also see you recently joined Med help. Welcome to the Allergy forum. By doctor, do you mean a dermatologist.
If by doctor you mean your family doctor, I would consider asking your doctor for a referral to a dermatologist. Where I live, a doctor makes the referral to a dermatologist. If you have a certain dermatologist in mind, I would tell your doctor the name of that dermatologist. That's what I did the last time I needed to see a dermatologist.  I also wanted to ask you a couple of questions. What product do you use to clean your face ?  Do you wear make up ?  If so, do you wear eye shadow or mascara or both ?  I used to wear both eye shadow and mascara till I got a really bad allergic reaction to the eye shadow I was wearing.  The thing was the eye shadow I got the allergic reaction from is supposed to be hypo allergenic. Needless to say I don't wear eye shadow any more . I also stopped putting on mascara.
If you haven't seen a dermatologist, I would definitely consider seeing one as this is , of course, a skin issue. It's always good to get a second opinion.
After all, a dermatologist is a skin specialist. Wishing you well.  Eve
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Thankyou so much for the help. :) yes i have seen a couple of dermatologists. One of them told me to continue using Desonide Lotion all around my eyes twice a day. I have been doing this since a month but it doesnt seem to be working. I had also used Mometose before but that didnt work either. I can never apply an eyeshadow because my eyes are so dark, the actual colour of the eyeshadow is hardly visible. I just use a lakme eye liner once or twice a month and i use a medicated anti acne face wash to clean my face. No eye shadow or mascara ever. The darkness is so prominent that people ask me if its a brown eye shadow that i have applied. I really dont know how to get rid of it.
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