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Desperate to identify the problem. If not my dog what can it be.

I had a few allergy tests and all negative for dog allergy but positive for pollen and mold allergy. I have a 100 pound poodle with 1/4 inch fur. (shaved) The dog has a smell that only I can smell. It is a dog smell. Triggers asthma, burning - dry eyes, throat gets sore and sticky. He goes out side 5 times a day for walks. Is that enough to collect enough pollen to do this to me after 3 days? Bathing the dog every Mon, Wed, Fri is getting too much. Should I sew up dog clothing for when he goes out side to keep pollen off the dog? Desperate not to give him up after 10 years. Never allergic to him before last year. Is this a pet allergy? My allergist doesn't think is a dog allergy.

Do you think I am allergic to the dog or stuff collecting on him.
Could dust mites spread all over the house in 3 days from dog dander?
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I got rid of his puppy bed and gave him a rubber foam pad to sleep on so it can't hold his dog smell. His bedding was a huge issue.
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There is no dog breed that is truly non-allergenic (not allergy causing) because all dogs produce dander (shed skin cells), saliva, and urine. You can be allergic to the dog dander, dog saliva, or both. Urine is less of a problem since dogs usually potty outside. Pet hair itself is not an allergen, but it can collect dander, dust, and pollen.

To test the effect of household pets on your quality of life, remove them from your home for at least two months and clean thoroughly every week. After two months, if you still want pets, bring the pet into the house. Measure the change in your symptoms, and then decide if the change in your symptoms is worth keeping the pet.

A frequent and very thorough cleaning of your house is important during this time because animal allergens are sticky and adhere to walls, clothing and other surfaces. Remove all pet items from your house, vacuum or wash all surfaces including walls, and remove or steam clean your carpets. Animal allergens will not lose their strength for a long time. It can take months or even years to free your house of pet allergens. These particles also stay suspended in the air for long periods of time, so it's important to open windows and to air your home thoroughly.


You should not allow dogs in your bedroom or the area where you spend most of your time and you can also try spraying areas where your dogs spend their time (carpets, sofas) with an anti allergen spray.

You might be allergic to dust mites also. Dust mites are microscopic insects that live in house dust, under mattresses, and deep down in carpeting. The droppings of these tiny mites cause nasal allergies. Dust mites feed on dead human skin scales and inhaling their waste products can trigger a runny nose and sneezing. Waste products of cockroaches can also cause nasal allergies to flare.

In case you need any more information, then pls post us.

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How do you know its the dog? did they do an allergy check, could be other things around I wouldnt give up your life long friend ,Find out more.I am allergic to differants things and have tried to do it one thing at a time ,sometimes we have to live with some of it, allergys are hard arent they I am battling Hives it drives you nuts.
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It's definitely related to the dog. Just walking with in 10 feet of the dog causes chest discomfort and asthma, red itchy eyes, choking, mucus, ect.  The affects are fast and bad. If the dog sleeps on something and I move the towel or something he was sleeping on the allergy response is severe. I can also with my allergy detect a smell from the dog that is as strong as some over powering perfumes. If I take enough antihistamine I don't smell this smell nearly as much until it starts to wear off.

After bathing the dog and a air out and vacuuming my allergies get better. Going near the dog does not set off my allergies until the next day after a bath. It is not terrible but getting bad. Day 2 after the dogs bath is much worst. Day 3 will trigger asthma, Day 4 I get asthma anywhere in the home and going near the dog produces a terrible affect with my allergies.

Also going near the dog affects my allergies like standing around a camp fire. The closer I get the more I feel it. It's not just my dog I nearly collapsed after breathing in a few times near someones cat bedding.

There is no question that the "dog" is responsible for my allergies but I don't know how to fix this. He is a member of the family for over 10 years. Can't give him away.
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I do know this.  The dog sometimes get fleas. My allergies EXPLODES and I have to leave the house. I will stop breathing 100% if I stay in the house. I treat him for fleas now regardless to prevent it. He smells much worst when he has fleas. Well it's actually my allergy detecting it and I receive the detection as an oder with no one else can smell. So I don't know if this helps?
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My last thought was maybe he is just collecting pollen out side at night walking around in the yard? I was thinking of dressing him in some dog shirts when he goes out side and removing them at the door when he comes in. My gut feeling is that the allergy test the doctors ran on me were not for Poodles. Maybe this test can not identify my breed of dog? But the doctors seem to think it is not my dog but something like dust mites on the dog or something. So this is why I am here to look for help identifying ways to remove this allergen.

I vacuum all the time and it does help. Wash everything and bathe the dog on a tight schedule. Yet my allergies are worst in side the home because the dog is here. If it is not the dog it is something on the dog. There has to be a way to keep the dog and remove the allergens.

My allergy tests show positive 4+ for all pollens, molds and mites. None for dogs. Strange.
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Yes. Removing the dog does help reduce the allergies. :(
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If it is his skin might there be a lotion that would stop his dander from falling off in between bathes? I am being treated for all my other allergies and hoping that when the other ones get better I will be able to cope with my dog better. However I will not be getting any more pets besides fish after this.
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I started breathing in and out around my dog and noticed areas that were minimal and severe for my allergy. The worst place was the top part of his back. The least place was face and lower areas of sides. I'm wondering if he is getting attacked by bugs or sunburned causing more dander in those areas.

I am going to buy him a rain coat today and use it as a bug/sun shield when ever he goes out side. I'll try that for a few days.

If it continues to get worst I may need to find him a new home as much as it breaks my heart because I can't live with uncontrolled asthma.
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