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Did you feel sick after Titanium implants?

About two years ago I had the misfortune of thinking about dental implants  after some dentist messed up my front upper fixed bridge. This took place at the Mount Sinai Hospital Dental Department in New York City. As one of their dentists-in-training cracked my own teeth the head of that department agreed  to repair what had been a disaster. The first Dentist not only cracked my teeth but also damaged  somewhat my bone. So after a very painful operation for a bone graft I had to wait months before  two of their ever changing surgeons opened up again and inserted 5 Titanium implants. They sutured all up and  let me go .
Over the following months I had many x-rays  and I was told to wait for what they call bone integration of the titanium  to continue with the permanent bridge. After the dental titanium implants I started to feel strange then it progressed into extreme pain in my stomach and the biliary tract. I went to NYU Hospital for a check up and found nothing wrong but they injected medications to stabilize me.
I decided to go for a trip  South and spend some time there.  I still had pain from the original operation because the surgeon who first performed the initial operation for the bone graft had not injected enough Novocaine all around the area to be operated upon and had not waited enough time for the agent (Novocaine) to produce a strong nerve block and right away he started cutting my gum. Needless to say I jumped in pain several times!  
Now I'm in the South and one night I felt that my body was going into convulsion, all shacking up, with extreme muscle pain. Then as time passed things went from painful to a horrible nightmare, real horror,sore throat,pinching all over then burning in my back and itching,
Then progressed with terrible stomach/bowels pain and and just a feeling of  weakness. I immediately though that I had eaten some rotten food at a local fast food restaurant or had been intoxicated by something,maybe the well water, I thought.
The second day was even worse and I decided to go to the Hospital which was about 20 miles away from where I was staying.
At the Hospital, they took me fast and after a small talk  with  a Doctor she ordered all the test necessary to find out what was making me so miserable. I went trough total body MRI, blood tests,stool tests,and I don't remember what else.
Nurses came and  checked me up then another one came and injected some medication to stop the pain and shacking. After several hours,and I mean it, several hours, the original Doctor  told me that all the tests done didn't show anything and gave me some pills to take for the muscle spasms and pain.
Over the next few days it got worse and lost weight. My wife had already returned to New York  by air plane because she had to do something. I  felt very bad and I didn't think that it was a good idea to get in the car and drive hundreds of miles back to NYC.
Finally, a morning I got up and drove almost non-stop to NYC. My personal Doctor in NYC performed other tests and all were negative. But I started with this metal taste in my mouth,real bad taste and I  somehow I  put two and two together and I connected the bad,bitter metal taste with the Titanium implants.
That's what  really gave me the answer that no Doctor was able to give me or not willing to give it out to protect the other Doctors!!!
At that point I returned to the dentists at Mount Sinai Hospital and told them to remove this poison from my mouth because the Titanium was causing all my miseries. Doctor John Pfail kept saying that it was not possible that Titanium was responsible for my physical problems when he/they only had to do was go online and find out from the thousands who have had my same side effects to the Titanium and Nickel in the Titanium.
There are many case studies too that Titanium causes not only allergies and numerous immuno responses to people but this metal is a known toxic metal which according to Dr. Mercola  of Mercola.com releases toxic ions in the body 24-hour a day!!! This metal, Titanium is also associated with Parkinson disease/Altzeimer and tumors.
The Doctors kept saying that Titanium was safe and they had never seen a case of allergic reaction and that allergy to Titanium is "Rare"!
After numerous trips to incompetent allergists who had no knowledge about metal allergy, finally  I  found out  the Melisa Laboratory in South Amboy, in New Jersey which specializes in metal allergies including the Titanium and Nickel.
In order to be tested,however, I had to find a New Jersey Doctor who accepted me as patient and he called Melisa Laboratory to request a kit for the Titanium blood test. When the kit arrived I received a call to travel back to have the blood drawn. The kit was placed into a special provided envelope and I had to rush to a FedEx store to be sent back to the laboratory. The results of the test were clear: I was allergic to Titanium and Nickel, the Nickel is in the Titanium.
In addition I spoke with the research scientist Dr. Elizabeth Valentine-Thon who is in charge of the laboratory and she told me that all the symptoms enumerated by me can be associated to the Titanium implants and her advice in all these cases is the removal of the implants.

With this clear evidence the Dental Department at Mount Sinai Hospital has finally agreed to remove the implants. And this after months of suffering when they could have removed them when I first complained about what I was going through but they didn't  while keeping lying that Titanium was a "Safe" metal.
Please don't make the same mistake I made and so many others are making. There are safer alternatives to Titanium if you need dental implants.
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